G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05592 / EGC-47P-STD-BNB-NCM]
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by J. WAYNE Date Added: Friday 18 October, 2013
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I am reviewing the G and G Combat Machine RK-47. This gun is very realaslistic. It has imatation wood and metal parts.

It has 400fps or feet per second. The gun itself is very sturdy. I would definly recamind this gun.

The magazine is a bit wobbly. The magazine is diffucult to load and only holds about 35 bb's. It also does not come with battery or charger.
by K. PATE Date Added: Saturday 29 June, 2013
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This was my first starting AEG. And ik for a fact tht G&G is a good company, but maybe im wrong or I just had bad luck. When I first got the gun I didn't know it didn't come with a battery even know it clearly states it on the website. So I never truly got to shoot the gun for another 2 weeks after I got it. When I did it was fairly good and I was happy. After the third war with it though it started acting weird. The bbs wouldn't feed into the gun or something and bbs were getting jammed up into the barrel, it was a complete mess. So when I took it to my local airsoft store they fixed something with piston or something. Then it was fine until the exact same thing happended to it again. /

This gun feels AMAZING in your hands. (G&G)
Full stock allows a large battery.
Solid internals
Light weight gun
Sling points
Great ROF with 9.6v battery
360fps when I choroned
Fairly accurate
Full metal magazine

Doesn't come with a battery
Probably just me but I had other problems
only 60rd magazine
FPS could be higher
by J. PRUITT verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 14 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A short description.

The gun is made of nylon fiber, while the hand grips/stock are made of a smoother varient of the nylon with a light rubber coating. The black looks very nice - and gives it a somewhat modern look.

The metal parts are made of a nice quality metal, well polished, no flash marks, no "weld points" that you see when chinese companies stick two pieces of pot metal together.

The threaded barrel is protected by a METAL orange tip

The front and rear sights, barrel, gas port/tube and ram rod are all metal. The sling mounts, butt plate, trigger guard, mag release, bolt, dust cover are metal. NOTE! If you have ever pulled the bolt back on a G&G proline AK, you will notice it has a more realistic feel because it has a fake piston and uses a much larger spring. This AK has a "JG/CYMA" bolt that it is just a thin strip of metal. Still, the report is nice, and the small spring is very stiff.

The mag is a 65 round mid cap, I recommend a Dboys or JG ak mag... or two lol... 1200 rounds is alot! MY mag came covered in a sticky grease, the rest of the gun was fine.

1000 bb's included, use them, dont throw them away.

FPS is solid and this makes for a great mid-range field rifle. The ROF on an 8.4 of poor quallity is outstanding, so imagine a great intellect or elite battery, or even a 9.6v. The 9.6 large may take some work, my intellect is slightly larger than a regular 9.6 so that may be why mine is hard to fit (lol)

Internally the gun is great, full metal hop up (On a "sportline" I KNOW RIGHT?!) And the internals are on par with the proline gearbox... well.. it is a proline gear box! minus a ball bearing spring guide and piston head... oh and ball bearing 8mm bushings. It does have a full metal spring guide and full metal copper bushings... this gun isnt going to wear out any time soon.

If you are into upgrading, or changing the battery, there is plenty of space for an 8.4 stick battery if you rewire the weapon to have its battery under the dust cover.

FPS for mine was personally chrono-ed at 370-380. Pretty consistent and higher fps than my G&G combat machine m4.

I highly recommend this gun over the JG or CYMA ak... they may have been great guns for the money then, but now that this thing has come out, this is the better deal. yeah you need a battery and charger, but chinese guns come with crap batteries and chargers anyways!

build quallity
pro-line gearbox
battery size

Mag capacity
My mag was nasty greasy lol
by W. WEATHERSBY Date Added: Friday 30 April, 2010
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
After receiving this gun I was surprised by how durable it felt. The plastic felt very strong unlike some other types of plastics. The orange tip is removable by pushing back on the rod above the flash hider in case you wanted to add a barrel extension or an amplifier. The mag feels very strong and is made of mettle and fits perfectly but after two airsoft fights it broke. Besides the body being great the rof is amazing. mine shoots at about 20 bb's a second with a 9.6 volt battery. also the hop up is very easy to get to. all in all this gun is definitely worth the 165 dollars.

light weight


Definitely buy this gun it is GREAT!
by S. SCOTT Date Added: Sunday 25 April, 2010
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I had a JG tactical ak for about 6 months. But then, like all other JGs, the internals got messed up and I had to wait for it to be fixed. In the meantime, i needed an AEG, and so i looked at G&Gs. Usually they are really expensive, but this was well within the price range. (i bought it off another site and got the faux wood one). It feels SO solid, unlike the JG, which felt like it was falling apart (which it was). The gun sounds pleasant to shoot, easy to use, accurate enough (shot get inconsistent at about 50-100 ft), has enough range (effective to 80-100ft, can go up to 120ft), and has enough power (370 fps is ok).The only real problem is that it comes with only a 60-round mag, and no battery/charger. I used the clips/batteries that i had for the old ak, so This wasn't a problem for me. The gun is average in every measurable trait, except for solidness and reliability, in which it excells. But remember: even if it is reliable, don't abuse it in full-auto and don't drop/bang into stuff with the gun.

ok fps
solid as hell
looks sweet (at least the wood one does)
great for price
ok accuracy
ok range
stock fits a wide variety of batteries
compatible with clips, batteries, etc. of other aks

fps could be better
range could be better
inconsistent accuracy after 50-100ft range (not a problem: use the hop-up or play CQB)
not good for attachments (I hate attachments really. But the gun has stuff built into the the left side so that you can put on an RIS)
doesn't come with battery, charger
only has a 60-round clip (the speed loader it comes with sucks)
by B. GAMBER Date Added: Friday 16 July, 2010
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
After shopping for guns, I looked at all my options in my price range and G&G was so impressive that I couldn't think of choosing another gun. When I got it I was very impressed of its quality of plastic. It doesn't seem like plastic at all. Shooting it was amazing. I never thought any airsoft would shoot so accurate as a G&G would shoot. Above all means I highly recommend this gun to anyone. Especially for the price range.....don't let this one get away.

Plastic feels strong.
Great internals.
Quiet compared to other guns.

Flash hider is hard to get off. But really thats no big deal.
Perfect gun no imperfections. Buy it!
by S. BYER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 02 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I can't believe people aren't buying these things up very quickly. I finally decided to try out an AK after getting some H&K and Armalite guns. Deciding on an AK is a hard choice because of so many out there. I kept looking around at many different AKs, but I kept returning to this one. I kept putting off buying this, and I have no idea why. I should have bought this sooner. I absolutely love this AK, and I can't believe there aren't many reviews out there about this gun.
The feel of this rifle is awesome. The black furniture is rubberized and the body is a great, heavy duty, plastic. The upper receiver cover is metal, and you don't ever have to mess with it to get to the battery. I think the black furniture gives it a more modern and tactical look on an older gun without going over the top like some other AKs. This gun looks great plain with my green and tan PMC loadouts. I even played with it during an OP wearing woodland MARPAT and Coyote Brown gear. It looked great.
The gearbox is great quality. When it is fired, you can tell it is made in Taiwan and that is is not some Chinese clone.
I recently got a box of King Arms mid caps for it, and they fit and work great with it. I have tried an Echo1 hi cap, and it works well, also.
I was VERY surprised to see a metal hop up unit in this thing. It also looks like a stainless steel barrel. I was expecting a crappy plastic hop up with a brass barrel. I almost included a G&G metal hopup and tightbore in my order when I made it. I am glad I didn't!
There are only a few things I would change. I couldn't fit my Large 9.6v in the stock like shown in the video, but I have plenty of other mini 9.6v batteries to use. Also, the metal receiver cover has a little bit of play back and forth. Also, I had to drop some super glue into the forward sling mount to get it to stop moving around and making noise. But for only $156 I can ignore that stuff.

Rubberized furniture
Great ROF
Awesome accuracy with 0.2g and 0.25g BBs
Metal Hop up chamber
Appears to be a stainless steel barrel
VERY nice metal mid cap
Metal Bushings
G&G full gearbox
Smooth sounding gearbox
Crisp fire selector
All metal front gas tube and barrel and sights
Metal stock plate
Rear sling mount doesn't swing about and make noise
Metal trigger and trigger guard
Lightweight for long games

Unjamming rod broke, but I have about 20 extras
Upper metal receiver cover does not mesh perfectly with body
Still can't fit my Intellect Large 9.6v 4200mA/h battery in the stock
Front sling mount made noise until I dropped some super glue down into it
by E. JOHNSTON Date Added: Sunday 11 October, 2009
For: G&G Combat Machine CM RK-47 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a VERY nice gun from G&G/Combat Machine. When i first picked it up, i really thought that it was made mostly of metal. after skimming the gun i found that the gas release tube was plastic, but looked and felt like metal and was made VERY well. the rest of the barrel assembly is metal. the stock is made of very nice RUBBERIZED plastic, as is the pistol grip and foregrip. the magazine is very well made and fits into the mag well perfectly with almost no wobble and and was not a struggle like some AK's like some of the Echo1 Red Star AKM's. the body, as mentioned in ASGI's video, is made of plastic, but is G&G's REALLY nice, and when i say that I mean it is flawless and perfect, and is paired with a metal dust cover. the sights are full metal, as well as the trigger, trigger guard, flash hider, magazine, and the mock unjamming rod attached the underside of the outer barrel.
Overall this gun is a pleasure to handle. It looks very slick, and shoots at a whopping 385 fps, which is perfect for field players and fans of the AK because most affordable AK's shoot around 430 fps. The gun feels very nice when shouldered and will not fall apart on you any time close to ur purchase. It shoots very accurately and is very consistent with FPS, rate of fire, and accuracy.
After all this observation i have given this a 4.5/5

-Made of VERY nice plastic
-Plastic gives the gun a lighter weight which makes it great for extended play and lots of moving
-Mag fits in mag well flawlessly
-Pistol grip and foregrip are very nice to hold
-Sling mounts are conveniently placed on left side of barrel and left side on body near stock and does not wobble excessively
-selector switch locks into place perfectly and will not break off like other AK selector switches
-Very consistent performance (FPS, accuracy, ROF)
-upon opening it up i found that the gearbox is VERY VERY VERY nicely made and is made of perfect stainless steel.
-HUGE AMOUNT OF BATTERY SPACE (same size as TM/TM clone M14 with battery space mod)

-plastic body (translates to a pro though because of the VERY nice plastic it is made of)
-selector switch on mine was a little loose (I also held the version with imitation wood and the selctor switch was fine on that one, so consider the selector switch a pro)
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