ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
[02914 / M180C2]
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by C. LISTUL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 July, 2014
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ACM M180C2 LE Stock Shotgun Airsoft Gun, awesome,awesome FPS, great

light weight
comes with red-dot
speed loader
sliding stock

red-dot it bad
one shell does not shoot
by L. RHYNER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 25 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great shotgun for starters, did come with flashlight, red dot sight, and sling. (I know I am not the first to say) It comes with a decent amount of ammo, and 30 shots per mag is pretty good for CQB, is you did decide to bring it. It is nice, feels good in your hands and is a good gun all together.

Magazine Size

FPS (Can be changed with some work)
Amount of Ammo
Ammo Quality
Sling Is Not The Best Quality
by B. RIDER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I had just received my shotgun today and i love it!!! its powerful and its a bang for your buck. one thing i was a little disappointed with was the fact that two of my for mags broke but im just gonna order more which is no issue for me. a plus to something i like is that its easy to cock the gun back.

easy to pump the gun
bang for your buck
powerful with range.

2 magazines broke but cheap to buy another set of 4
by A. SCHJOLL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
first of all this gun DID come with the red dot and flash light. second, the red dot is not trash, dont throw it away. the other reviewer said it was trash because it's all plastic. even though the flashlight and the red dot scope are plastic, they actually work quite well. they do feel cheap, but then again, they work like their suppose to. over all i am pleased with this shotgun. the fps is a little low but it's 22$ what can you say?

you get way more than what you paid for.
looks great

feels like cheap plastic but it works just fine.
fps (doesnt shoot through the bottom of a can.)
pretty light but can also be a pro if you run around a lot.
the sling you have to assemble yourself but just look at your back pack or something and you'll figure it out eventually.
by J. MAY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 24 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is an excellent weapon!! Great for the price!! The gun shoots at an okay 270 FPS. It looks stylish.
Many rails. Decent accuracy.The shotgun feels very good in your hand. It is much bigger than it looks. The air soft gun comes a screwdriver, red-dot sight, flashlight, 100 pack of BBs, BB loader, strap,shells, shell holster, and the gun itself. Overall I would recommend the ACM M180C2 LE Stock Shotgun!!

Good for the price
Feels sturdy
Comes with many accessories
Somewhat strong
Loads via shells

Red-dot sight can tend to be inaccurate
When cocking the weapon back the thing you put the shells in can release and drop the shell out
In semi-rare cases it will not shoot every BB and will sometimes not shoot when the pellet is in the shell
by D. FISCHER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 17 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A while ago I worte a review on my initial feeling of this product. Up front it seems fairly good, bu tlets have alook at it's innards:

1: There is ample lubrication on the inside of the gun, similar to Vasoline.
2: All of the internal parts (except the inner barrel and screws) are made from plastic, although the company went to great lengths to see that you thought they weren't.
3: This gun doesn't come apart easily lik emroe expensive guns, and this makes repairing it near to impossible. I have to slice through the orange cap and break the glued in front piece to access it's guts.
4: You might say "The innards are solid steel, I can feel the weight and when I pur a magnet next to the gun I can feel the metal" Don't believe it. TO make it feel better then TSD threw a few chunks of cold rolled steel into the barrel, grip, and stock to make it feel nicer then it is. Without the scrap metal inside it feels like a cap gun.
5: The barrel is cheap, and it peel apart.
6: Many componants are merely glued in place and can ot be replaced if they break.
7: The stock is poorly constructed and will break if force is pushed suddenly on the butte of the rifle while the stock is extended.
8: This is a spring rifle, and the spring is actually very decent. (While it says that this is and air rifle, that is only partly true, a spring is used to shov ea blast of air at the BB)


Great feel in your hand

Lots of accessories.

Good for begginers

Cheap construction

Engineering short cuts

by J. MAY verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 15 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is an excellent weapon! This gun comes in a cardboard box. When you open it up it contains: The gun, 100 precision 0.20 gram BBs,and a cleaning rod. There is a small compartment in the box which is labeled ACCESSORIES. This compartment contains: 4 1x14 shotgun shells, the red dot and flashlight,speedloader,screwdriver,and a strap and shell holster. The gun is bigger than it seems.
It is very well weighted, and looks stylish with all the accessories on.

Looks Good
Loads Nicely
Changeable Hop-up

Red dot is inaccurate
Sometimes it will not shoot every BB
Limited to BBs used
by I. LEAKE Date Added: Sunday 11 April, 2010
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
All in all, this is a relatively good shotgun for the price. I got mine from a friend after it 'stopped working'. In reality, it worked just fine, but he had dropped it once and the grip/stock broke and came off. I guess that's what you get for cheap plastic. I ended up taking it apart and making new bolts and etc for it, a cheap 1 or so dollar fix. A short part of the top rail broke off, which isn't much of a problem because stuff still fits on there perfectly fine. Otherwise, this gun is awesome. It has a nice loud cock, and a powerful shot. One thing I noticed which isn't necessarily a minus is that after cocking backwards, the gun leaves a tiny space between the pump and it's normal resting place. You have to force the pump back all the way forward to properly load the gun (This is why my friend thought it was broken.). I'm not sure if that's just my gun, because I haven't handle one of these new, or if it's a feature. Either way, I like it.
On to performance. In this regard, you kinda get a little more than you pay for. It shoots pretty accurately at relative short ranges (25-50 ft), obviously getting less accurate the further you shoot. I could accurately hit a torso-sized target at around 75 ft. I extremely enjoy the fact the it has an adjustable hop up - that is amazing for such a cheap gun. It works well too: you get more length when you push the 'button' towards the front (more hop up) and more accuracy when you pull it back (less hop up). I don't have any way to chrono this gun but from other guns I have, I can deduce that it shoots around 240-260 fps, around what the description says.

Pretty hard hitting for it's cost
Comparable to more expensive guns
Nice pistol grip feel
Extendable stock
Awesome cocking action
Nice look
Moderately accurate
Adjustable hop-up

Cheap, cheap plastic.

Well, really, that is kinda the only con I can think of. This gun will OBVIOUSLY not outshoot any of the higher priced ones, in accuracy or in FPS. But hey! This gun works wonders for how cheap it is. In short, if you're looking for a super inexpensive shotgun, this could be for you.
by M. YOUNG Date Added: Friday 05 March, 2010
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is pretty cheaply made. I mean if you are a beginner and don't mind the HUGE loss of fps and range that you sacrifice for getting a cheaper gun then this will be fine. The rails are a plus, as most shotguns do not come with them but the back rail can get kind of annoying when you are trying to aim and cock the gun at the same time (it hits you in the face). The only thing that has broken is the loading ladder at the bottom, but in other reviews I've read the same thing has happened and I've had it for about a year, and its taken some pretty bad abuse.

Somewhat realistic (with the shells)
can take a lot of abuse
acceptible accuracy
ok 4 backyard plinkers don't get this if you play field and are above the age of 10

Feels very cheap in hand
ENTIRELY made of plastic
ladder snaps off
shells sometimes jam (u have 2 take them out & slam them on something to get them to work again)
by D. FISCHER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180C2 Tactical Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Okay, the people who wrote in calling this gun a piece of **** don't know what they're talking about. yes, the gun is cheap, but you have to consider this for a moment. THINK: Obviously, this is not going to rival a six hundred dollar shotgun. DUH!! I mean, YOU CAN NOT POSSIBLY EXPECT A FULL METAL HEVAY DUTY INVINCIBLE SHOTGUN FOR TWENTY BUCKS. Consider what the gun isn't: It isn't metal. It isn't heavy duty. it isn't proffesional grade. it isn't perfect, and it isn't invincible. Airsoft GI does make invincible guns, but not for this price. CONSIDER WHAT THE GUN IS: Extreamly cheap. VERY sturdy. Accurate. Just plain COOL to hold in your hands. I tell ya, you point this at some unlucky guys head in the middle of a fight he will be scared. Espescially with the flashlight and red dot sight included. THIS IS AN INSANELY GOOD DEAL. I recieved the gun, four shells, a (small) bag of BB's, a leather shell holder, a flashlight, a red dot sight, a strap, a cleaning rod, and a fully extendable stock. ALL FOR 22 bucks!! This is a stel, I HIGHLY reccomend it to any beginer who wants a good starter pack at a decent price.



Confortable weight, heavy enough to feel powerful, light enough to be easy to use.

POWERFUL (this thing tears through cardboard)

LOTS of bonus excessories!! My friend sold the accesories alone on line for a total of thirty bucks.


5 individual mounting locations.

Mainly plastic, internal parts ar emetal *I THINK* just based on the weight, but the body is plastic; although even the strongest plastic isn't as good as metal.

Stock is a bit wobbly when fully extended.

Sometimes all of the BB's don't get fire, so when you eject the shell you may lose a few rounds. Not a major problem, but it is slightly annoying.

Grip is all plastic (rubber padding would be nice).

Unless you mount the flashlight underneath then when you cock the shotgun you will inadvertantly turn on the flashlight. This kills battery.

Speaking of batteries mine only came with five, but the scope and flashlight together need six.
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