(Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
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by J. MERK verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 09 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is by far one of Classic Army's best guns on the market. Airsoft GI chronoed mine shooting at 380 fps with a .20 gram BB.

Looks: It looks amazing, the finish on the gun is a nice flat black. The laser etched trade marks are also a very nice touch to the gun. The olive drab gives a nice mixture of color to the gun when fighting in a woodland enviroment.

Feel: This gun is absolutley solid. My stock has no wobbling nor does any part of the gun. The front grip is a nice thick ABS plastic that would be very hard to crack. However, I would be careful with the stock as it has been known to be a weak point. It is a good wieght-about 7 pounds with the battery in.

Performance: My performance test was done in the evening with no winds at all. My target was a cardboard cutout of a human at ~180 feet. On single shot, I could get 7 out of 10 shots on target. Not bad for a stock Classic Army (CA has been known for bad hopup buckings) On full auto though, accuracy diminishes. I gave a 10 round burst and about 5 hit the target with the rest flying off the the left and right. (good if there are lots of enemies) However, this problem will easily be solved with a tightbore and a new bucking. Now don't let the accuracy test discourage you. 7 out of 10 shots at 180 feet for a stock gun is outstnding. Now this gun can easily shoot out to 200 feet if not more, however, this will not be very effective. Also, the rate of fire is quite amazing. If I were to guess, I would say somewhere in the high 900's. (RPM) Overall, the performance of this gun is very good.

I definitely recommend buying this gun. It complements a Flecktarn loudout quite nicely as well.

-Buy a tightbore (I got a Prometheus 500mm length 6.03 barrel)
-Install new bucking ie, Systema, Prometheus
-Don't hold the trigger down for more than 2 seconds on full auto (Since it has such a high rate of fire, you can strip the piston/gears easily if not careful)

Looks (very nice finish)
Feel (nice weight, feels solid)
Performance (7/10 shots hit a man sized target at 180 feet plus high rate of fire and range)
Can be turned into a DMR rifle

(All very minor)
Possible weak stock
Battery can be a slight annoyance to get in
Not many attachments can be added to gun
by D. GALARNEAU verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 01 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Well... When It came in I was so excited. When I opened it I was amazed about it. The problem that caught my attention was that the stock had already been broken. So I called GI and they are sending me a new one. So I haven't really gotten to shoot it but I'm hoping the stock will come in thursday and I can use it at this OP. coming up saturday. But, I will give you my over all review when everything is set in stone


by S. THOMAS Date Added: Friday 20 November, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this gun suks ive only had problems with it.Dont buy it, Buy a KWA A.E.G, Their awesome.

Aluminum piston
OD Finish

Un Accurate
low fps(264)
It sucks
Its overpriced for what u get
by E. SILGUERA verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 25 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
SAR M41 SG (G3A3)

So I've bought this gun over the summer and it's still going strong eveer since now.
the gun itself just looks sexy, and it's the perfect rifle for any rifleman or Designated Marksman.

* Features *

this gun has that somewhat 'dreaded' drum rear sight, which actually helps a lot when aiming. the rear sight consists of 1 open sight, and 3 different elevation preferences.
setting 1 = open sight, 2 = high, 3 = medium, and 4 = low. I was shooting at my backyard, using the 3rd sight option and i was missing almost completely; until i switched to the 4th sight option, where i was hitting the target almost everytime.
so this gun can out range most guns by a long run.

The charging handle has the same action as on the real-steel, except the fact it doesn't chamber the first round because it's an airsoft gun lol.
pulling back the handle reveals the hop-up. pulling back the handle all the way back and getting it into the notch locks it back; slap it down for a satisfying 'clack' lol.

The gun comes with a 500 rd. Hi-cap, which is pretty nice since i bought another one from CA for around $30 just in case. The mags load differently compared to an M4 / M16, and takes getting used to.


CA says they preupgraded this gun with a high performance motor, and yeah, they did. The sound of the gun firing sounds really smooth; with smooth trigger operation, and a distinctive selector switch. It has a nice ROF, which is pretty damn nice for a rifle that outranges most guns.

The battery is housed in the stock, and I can fit a large 8.4 4200 maH battery in it, no cramming necessary.

* Looks and Feel *

The olive drab furnishings look nice on the black body, and it helps blend in a bit.

The gun itself is a bit long, but it's actually slender, compared to an M16 with a fat handguard.

A SOLID gun, no creaks or wobbles, no matter how much i shake the gun.

Shouldering this gun just feels natural, where the weight is well balanced; it almost feels sexy

A pretty damn-sexy gun.

* Performance *

ASGI chronoed mine before they shipped it to me at about 400 fps with 20 g. bb's; I use 25 g's so i'm not sure how much fps i have right now.

The Range on this gun is AMAZING, with an awesome ROF and more than decent accuracy for being stock. The operation itself is pretty smooth.

* VERY SOLID build, no creaks or wobbles

* Out-ranges most guns by a long run

* 'MP5 SLAPDOWN' charging handle :D

* Very smooth sound when firing

* Long gun, but slender throughout

* Magazine loading style is different than M4 / M16 (con for some, pro for me.)

* The gun's ergonomic pistol grip / selector switch is meant for right handed people (i just get used to it)

by M. KARA Date Added: Wednesday 26 August, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
when i first got this gun a absolutely loved it then the guy that works at the place where i bought it from...broke the stock....inhalf... aperintaly CA was haveing quality control issues with this gun cause the guy called the ca supplier up and they checked a few of them and alot of them were like that. hmm go figure. so they finally sent another that was not gona break and it worked fine. i got a large 8.4 battery for it from CA nd at first they worked really great. but as with all great things there now kinda well not holding a charge for long. eh time for some new ones. that being said i love hoe easy it is to do on the fly adjustments with the hop up. just did a test with it nd it can hit targets just shy of 120 feet accurately. nd this is stock. mags have some feeding issues but nothing alittle tape couldint fix to make it more snug. word to the wise thow the 2 small screws that attatch the buttstock to the plate with the pins... break them off plz and save yourself the hassel of haveing it happen to u down the road. then buy some super glue and glue nd tape that sucker up. when the glue dries take the tape off and whala!! it 10 times stronger. make shure to get a strap too cause it can be a pain to carry around. run the wires under the stock where theres alittle compartment so u can fit a battery in there easyer. then when u put it in twist the wires around nd then it should fit snug. to get to the battery u gota smack the rubber thingy off. it was hard at first but it gets easier. the ring sights r kinda useless cause they block ur perifial so i just use the open sights. if ur using it as an assault rifle keep the stock barrel. but if as a sniper get a persiotion one. rof is a little slow but i like that cause i don't go threw ammo so quick. i know they make box mags for it but there hard to come by. its kinda long. almost as long as my l96 sniper rifel. i think u can attach a silencer but i have int tried. idk if its just mine but it has some jamming issues and just recintally my selector switch for single got jammed now all i have is slow full auto on single or faster full auto on full....pisses me off cause a sniper don't use full auto and its a waste of ammo. its kinda loud but kinda not. cqb i give it a 3 out of 5 cause of how long it is. in fields its good for sniping i gave it a 5 out of 5 in wooded area it can be a pain sometimes to manuver in and outa trees but ive gone rambo and taken out 2 snipers buy flanking quietly so as long as u know what ur doing and its limitations in the woods id give it a 10 out of 5 because it is amazing. so all in all sept for a few minnor things like mag missfeeds crappy butt stock rather useless sights . i recomend a scope or even better a red dot sight. my selector switch callin it quits random lockups in singel or auto mode "just switch shoot and switch back" and hard to find accessorys like box mag rails etc its a very good gun and it has served me well in many skirmishes figher fights and sniping just take it easy on grandpa and itl treat u well.

soild construction sav for the buttstock
good rof
large battery compartment
smooth trigger action
its very slender
easy changing hop up "i love to do the H&K slap"
nd user friendlyness

random trigger jamming "just switch fire modes then switch back"
trigger selector failing
mag missfeeds. more so the mags falt but what ev's
non double sided strap
non ambydexterouse switch
pain in the butt butt stock pad "eh u get use to it"
and butt stock breaking "just break it urself and super glue it "the part where the plastic meets the metal and the 2 puny screws"

eh just buy it. its good stock but as a sniper it needs a tighter barrel ns prob a better spring.
by R. KRISS Date Added: Friday 08 August, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this airsoft gun just before winter last year and I've been impressed with it the whole time. I've fought in many skirmishes after I purchased this gun, and it still works as well as the day I bought it. The gun isn't very heavy and is very easy to handle.

This gun is incredibly accurate, especially if coupled with good bbs. You will hit what you aim for. This airsoft gun is also incredibly smooth when you fire it, and it just feels so right. When fired on full auto, there is little bb spread. The gun is also incredibly reliable, I have never had any problems with the internals since the day I got it. The gun is also incredibly sturdy and well built.

The sling mounts on this gun are just awful, or maybe it was the sling I was using... But putting the sling on and taking it back off is an incredible pain in the neck. Also, if there was any other major flaw in the gun, it would be the stock. Mine ended up snapping off (it fell pretty hard), but that was easily fixed with some carefully wound electrical tape.
by V. ARAIZA Date Added: Friday 27 June, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
this rifle is bad ass the best in sniping and mid range combat soon to upgrade
by A. MCLEAN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 31 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
I LOVE THIS RIFLE!!!!!!!!! It is super accurate and does great damage. I did buy the upgrade with it so mine soes shoot about 390-400 fps. It is great for med to long range scenarios and is not bad at all in CQC. Just got back from a CQC match the other day and it was one of the best weapons there and could out perfom just about any other rifle there.

P.S. When ever my brother and I play, he always asks, " Are you using your G3?" and when I say yes he says, "I AM ON YOUR TEAM!!!!!!"

GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!
by G. KRESSE Date Added: Wednesday 07 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is alright, it doesn't shoot as fast as the offizer which is better all around, however I do like the classic nature of this gun and the history behind the real one. Plus it just looks good.
by M. MAJKOWSKI verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 08 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Wow, what can I say bad about this gun....Uhh maybe your friends won't play with you anymore. This gun is amazing just stock. I put a precision barrel and a M120 spring and this gun is unstoppable from long range. A scope is almost unneeded on this gun. The adjustable rear sight is perfect for fast range changes. The only area this gun won't do the best in is CQB it is long but, instead of you clearing the rooms you can just be a guard. No reason not to buy this gun it is AMAZING.
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