UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by A. JANOS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 December, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I purchased this rifle around mid-September and received it about 2 weeks later. So far, it has been an AWESOME rifle! This was my first real airsoft gun purchase, so I did a ton of research on forums and other airsoft gun distributors before I bought it because I wanted to make sure that this rifle would be worth it; I hope to write this review with the assumption that you’re reading this review for the same reason. Here it is:

-I still consider myself a noob, but I am scientific enough to feel confident that I know what I am talking about.
-I have not had the balls to open up this rifle because I do not have the necessary knowledge about the internal workings of a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle to feel confident that I can put it back together.
-I use G&G 0.28g Biodegradable BB’s (3500 count @ $21.00) with this gun.
-I use a Leapers 3-9X40 STEALTH Rubber Armored Scope ($65.00) with this gun.
-I purchased this gun from Airsoftgi because I felt this website offered the best chance of ensuring the safe arrival of this gun, the website shows you at overall rating for the gun and the ratings that are used in determining the overall rating of the gun, and because it offered me a single place to get all the additional equipment I wanted with the rifle (in other words, the website had/has a wide variety of stuff).

Initial Impressions:
-HUGE (about 45’ in all).
-Heavy (I have not had the curiosity necessary to accurately weigh it for myself, but I estimate it to be around 10 – 12 lbs.
-Wicked looking.
-Horrible job “greasing” it up.
-A gift from Mars (Roman God of War)!

-Intimidating – my friends fear me, and this allows me to control the tide of the battle!
-Awesome looking!
-Consistently accurate – I can hit a pop can easily at about 100’. Unfortunately, I don’t have a field big enough to fully test its’ capabilities.
-Powerful – I can’t see the BBs soar and I can put holes in pop cans at 100’. I have not measured the FPS of my rifle.
-Comes with a speed loader – made of plastic
-Comes with Bi-pod - metal
-Comes with cleaning rod - plastic
-Comes with sling
-Comes with 2 magazines – they are metal and durable.
-Easy to access hop-up – it has to be broken in at first but I do recommend using it to increase accuracy and speed.
-Smooth bolt-action
-Easy to assemble
-No jams or misfeeds (so far)
-Quiet shot – important for those who wish to remain undetected (or difficult to locate) after shooting.
-The built-in pistol grip in the gun stock reduces hand cramps that can come with guns that do not have pistol grips.

-Whoever had the nerve to put less than satisfactory “grease” on this gun should be unemployed.
-As can be expected, the sling broke. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT using the sling, even if it is absolutely necessary. The clip on the sling broke and I was lucky to have my hand on my rifle (a habit) so I was able to prevent a devastating fall of my rifle.
-Cleaning rod sucks
- Bi-pod is a bit wobbly when it is locked inside of the gun. It has not tested my patience to the point where I have tried to correct the problem, but I have some ideas if you’re interested. Email me to ask for my ideas.
-Manual is terrible and it mentions nothing about how to safely disassemble and safely reassemble the rifle.
-Magazines DO NOT actually hold 30 rounds each. Each magazines holds around 18 – 22 BBs.
-Magazines sometimes (although rare) get stuck in the gun. I have not figured out how consistently get it out without damaging the gun or the magazine. Email me if you have ideas.
-No iron sights (you do not have to have a scope to be considered a sniper)
-NOT A BACKYARD OR AN IN-DOOR GUN!!!! Trust me, this thing can put a .28 gram BB through drywall and cheap closet doors! I know this because my brother and I tested it out…Mom wasn’t thrilled.
-It’s Heavy – around 10 – 12 lbs (with the Bi-pod and my scope). I would recommend carrying the Bi-pod in a pouch of some sort or not carry it at all to make the gun lighter.
-It’s Huge – around 45’.
-My gun shoots 0.28g BBs too high (from the perspective of my scope). When I shoot at a target 100 feet away, I have to use the 3rd mil-dot up from the center of the crosshairs to hit the target. I am thinking about buying some 0.30g BBs to see if that would correct the problem of shooting too high. Of course, the other problem could be that the hop-up is too high.
-The screws holding the rail down stripped easily when I tried to take them out. This happened because I wanted to take the rail off so I could insert a thing slip of metal under it to raise up the front end of the rail to try to correct the problem of shooting too high.


Overall, I would recommend this gun to anyone looking to buy a sniper rifle!
I hope this has been helpful, I know it’s long, but it should provide you with some more information to allow you to make an excellent purchase.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can email me at [email protected] In the subject, mention SHADOW OPS sniper. I will not hesitate to answer ANY questions about this rifle.

“HEADSHOT: Those who can do it, do. Those who can’t, complain.”
by R. GRANH Date Added: Wednesday 26 November, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This rifle can not be beat for the price. The MK96 looks sleek and packs a pretty good punch with the stock internals even though they are mostly plastic. I suggest .28 gram bbs because anything lighter is just going to sail off after fifty feet. Overall this is a great beginner rifle and even a great base to build off of.

Bolt Action is Smooth
Compatible with a wide range of parts

Terrible bipod (highly suggest another one)
Plastic internals
by D. GOMEZ verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 November, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First i would like to say that this is one of UTGs best rifles. Ive had this rifle for about 5 months now and it has not failed me in any way. The feel of the rifle is very unique and the look is lifelike. It comes with 2 magazines, bipod adaptor, bipod, speedloader, unjaming rod, a few alan wrenches and a sling. when you first get the gun, it comes in two pieces. The triger assembly and the outer barrel is one, the other is the durable frame. it connects with two screws that are preset on the frame. I did not get it with a scope because i already had a 4x32 Leapers full size scope. The bipod adaptor comes with 3 picatinny rails to mount a flashlight or lazer. When i first got it, it was lubed up with a very smooth grease. If anyone knows where to get it message me at youtube"bigboss5251" overall I give it a 5 out of 5 Rating.

1.Very sturdy feel.
2. Bolt is extremely smooth.
3. Magazines are metal and very durable
4. Very easy to assemble
5. Easy to clean and maintain
6. Fieldstrip is simple
7. Upgradeable parts are easy to find.
8. Buttstock is made of rubber and plastic (Very comfortable to shoulder)

1.Bipod and bipod adaptor are metal, but they wobble a little.
by Z. HETZEL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 04 November, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This UTG MK96 Is amazing. Now normally people don't like to buy UTG weapons mainly because their parts go faulty after 6-8 months. Well this is a rifle that They Should be Proud to have made. I've owned my UTG MK96 for about 7 months now and it's still top notch. I Have taken it Onto more then 40 field battles dropped it a couple of times.

I use .30 gram bb's Surprisingly it's holding up considering it's completely stock. The accuracy if fantastic.
50 FT 10/10 .7 inch spread
100 FT 10/10 1.2 inch spread
150 FT 10/10 1.9 inch spread
200 FT 6/10 8.4 inch spread
NOTE: This is back yard shooting With NO WIND!!
I have tuned it to the point of a true sniper rifle. To do so all you have to do is a couple of simple things.
1. clean everything when you get the gun. Clean it after every battle.
2.(Do not use a scope for this step) when siting your rifle first adjust the hop up system so that the bb doesn't turn left or right. Their are 3 points you want to look the gun at when sighting it. One is the top look straight down the top of your rifle so that you will see the bb through the entire shot Adjust the hop up until you see as said.2 is through the left side of the barrel use this sight to fine tune the hop up so that the bb doesn't jump up or dive down. Adjust accordingly. NOTE:Do not use a scope for this part of the sighting, And the hop up is kinda sensitive so it may take awhile to get it perfect.
3. (This step is easy)
1. Now it's time for the scope to properly use the scope first you need to mount it so that you can see perfectly through it which means you can see no black borders inside the scope itself. make sure that it is mounted to your comfert zone of where you have your head rested on the chin peice.
NOTE: The chin piece is adjustable so it may take a couple of minutes before you get it to the proper height for you to mount your head on, but just a couple twists of the wrench.
2. ok Now here is the second part now that you have everything set nicely all you have to do is get your scope sighted with the gun obviously.Sounds hard but it really isn't. I personally like big scopes lol so i use this.... 1 x 4X32 Full Size Mil-Dot Scope. Now some scopes adjust differently then most. When your sighting your scope you will see a arrow pointing left or right and a word "right" or "left". on the line. This is adjusting your scope to sighting left or right. same with the top only up or down. Now when your sighting the arrow is telling you witch way do you want the bb to go when your aiming. if your bb is turning right then twist the side adjustment to the left and visa versa for the top part.

Highly Accurate
Realistic weight
take a beating

the back sling holder i would advise those wearing suits to take it off it can tear easly into the suit.
by K. WARWICK Date Added: Friday 22 August, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This rifle in short is amazing. Mine around 485-490 with .2 out of the box (I have not crono with .25 and heavier). I can hit a human size target from 200 feet away. I can keyhole shots from 100 feet away. I can’t put this rifle down, extremely fun to shoot. Munst buy

Fun to shoot
high FPS
bolt is easy to pull back
wieght its very sturdy
I actualy have fun cleaing this

To be really picky I could only think of three and they are minor.
Need to buy a scope at wally word 30$
sling is a peice
I do not like the Bipod.
like I said small minor stuff
by W. VAN AS Date Added: Monday 11 August, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok... I have had this gun for over a year now. I can not complain about anything. I added a 4X32 Full size AO scope to it and after about 5-10 minutes of adjusting i got this gun pin-point accurate. The only problem i have ever had with it is a jam with a bb and that took 2 minutes to fix. I highly recommend this gun to anyone. I got this gun as a beginner to airsoft, but out of all my friends snipers that i have used, this one is definitely my first choice. I would say that this gun is great for its price and i would never trade it for any other sniper. Only thing i recommend is a new bi-pod/tripod for this one is flimsy.

- Great accuracy over long ranges
- Great FPS
- Sturdy rail
- Comfortable cheek rest
- Comfortable grip
- Adjustable stock
- Easy to load magazine (with speed loader)
- Smooth and fast and easy to pull back bolt

- Flimsy bi-pod
- Strap is not very strong
by T. MEARS Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing! One thing I will recommend is that you get .25 gram bbs at a minimum I'd recommend higher then that though because it shoots strait for a while but right at the end when I try to hit my target with .20 grams it curves off because it's a spring. But don't get me wrong it's an amazing gun. Defiantly worth the price. Over all I'd give this gun a 6/5 if I could because it's really well put together and all the problems are small problems and all of them can be fixed with little effort.
People have complained about the wobbly bi-pod, this is not because it’s a bad bi-pod, it’s not the best but it’s still good, it wobbles so you can adjust your shot with ease.
Adjustable cheek plate.

My code name on the team is “Eagles Nest” just so you get the story better. And if you didn’t guess by now I’m the sniper of my team, but anyways it was a 5vs.8 we had 5 (me a sniper by my lonesome, and a 4 man squad) we where out numbered and out gunned but we we’re defiantly not out for the count. I was sitting up top of a hill that was covered in grass and weeds, sitting with my baby (the UTG MK96, I named her “Freedom”, don’t ask, another story for another time) but anyways, I was just watching the area, waiting for any movement so I could radio it down to the 4 man squad on my team that was waiting for some action to display, they where eager and waiting for that radio to sound so they could be 1 step ahead of the enemy and then they could make an awesome assault on the enemy. I waited for a good 10 minutes, then, one of the men in the squad radios me and says, “Rhino to Eagles Nest, Rhino to Eagles Nest, 2 of the men heard movement to the west of us, please scan that area and advise us on what to do, the men and I will stand down till further notice, Rhino out.” I excitedly turned my gun to the west and sure enough wouldn’t you know it, there where 2 of them coming over the hill doing a S.A.L.U.T.E. report (Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, Equipment… in other words they where scouting out 4 of my guys, they knew my teams position and they where just about to call for reinforcements to do an assault on my 4 guys I had to do something fast. So I radioed in to the squad, “Eagles Nest to Rhino, Eagles Nest to Rhino your men’s info on the movement to the west was correct, we have 2 tango’s moving on your position, and calling for back up, get your heads down and your guns ready, these gents look a bit sleepy, I’m gunna see if I can’t wake these fellas up, Eagles Nest out.” I put down my radio and so as soon as I saw “victim #1”(lol) pull out his radio I took my shot, BAM! Right in the side of his head. Beautiful kill, about 200 feet away, they had no idea where it came from, God I love the silent ness of “Freedom” (The UTG MK96, you’d know that of course if you where paying attention) Victim #2 hits the deck the second he sees his buddy fall to the ground (I later found out I hit him right where his ear was in his paintball mask, he said it sounded like someone hit him over his helmet with a hammer.) I then pull back the bolt, to get another shot ready for the next guy, right after I loaded the next bb in the gun I pick up my radio, “Eagles Nest to Rhino, Eagles Nest to Rhino, I hit one of em but there’s still one, I’m getting worried he’s gunna get smart and radio in your position to their HQ, I can barely see the tip of his head, I’m can only get a clear shot if he comes out, I need you boys to be like ferrets and scare this rabbit out of his hole understood? Eagles Nest out.” (God I love my cheesy military mumbo jumbo lol) Just as I put my radio down I decided to check on him with a quick look threw my scope, and just as I did I saw something that I new wasn’t going to be good, he picked up his dead friends radio and called for back up. I new what I had to do. Again I picked up my radio, “Eagles Nest to Rhino, Eagles Nest to Rhino, he’s called for back up get your sixes out of there now or your gunna be nothing more then 6 feet under understood, I repeat get out of there now! He has called for back up and it will be on its way shortly! Eagles Nest out!” I then put my eye into the scope(not literally of course) and saw what I had seen before, the tip of his head, I took my chance because I new that their team had 6 more men coming at most, so with this guy it would be 7vs4(not counting me) I don’t like those odds. I lifted my rifle to my shoulder, I felt a small breeze, and I adjusted my rifle to the wind…BAM! Oh my God! Luckiest shot ever! I hit him in the tip of his head. “Rhino to Eagles Nest, Rhino to Eagles Nest, where moving to the East, have you taken out that tango yet? Also we need to make sure we’re not heading into any worries get my point? Rhino out.” I quickly moved my rifle to the East, I saw my 4 man squad, and I moved my rifle further to the East, then I saw something that wouldn’t be good if the men kept moving, 3 soldiers from the other team heading right for them. “Eagles Nest to Rhino, Eagles Nest to Rhino, we got 3 tangos heading West from the East, they will be on your position in about 3 minutes I’d say, I suggest you ether get ready to fight or head a different direction, Eagles Nest out.” Just as I said that I thought to myself, “what if they’re surrounding them?!?” So I moved my rifle to the East and yup my hunch was correct, 3 more men coming from the East. I radioed in, “They’re planning to box you boys in! we got 3 from the west and 3 from the east, I suggest you turn your safeties off and get some cover!” The 3 men from the west where about 5 minutes away and the 3 men from the east where about no more then a minute away. I couldn’t get a shot from there they where about 200 yards away (600 feet, this guns only range is 300 feet at best, and that’s rare) so I did what I had to do… I crawled my life away. I crawled and crawled and crawled. Then I heard the sounds of AEGs in the distance. Finally after about 3 minutes I got in range of the men to the west. I saw that they hit 2 of our men, but we took 1 of theirs and now it was a cover fight (take cover, shoot, take cover, shoot) I quickly pulled up my rifle to my shoulder and… BAM! Hit on of em just as he came out of his cover to shoot at my boys, the last one was baffled; he didn’t know what to do. So I quickly tolled my men, “CHARGE NOW THERES ONLY 1 OF EM GO GO GO!” As soon as I said that they where off, they charged him and got him. Now they decided they where done running and they moved to the west to take out the 3 left. I crawled with them as fast as I could. Unfortunately they reached them before I could, they took out 1 of their guys and 2 remained, it was a 2vs.2 down there and with me, it was 2vs.3, we where in the lead. I pulled up my rifle, missed just barely, maybe and inch over his head as he ducked down because my men started firing, they don’t make it easy do they? So seeing as they had no idea I was shooting, I took another shot, BAM! Right in his arm. His buddy then stood up and saw the shinning scope on the hill as the clouds moved out of the way of the sun, he starts to shoot at me, I just laughed as the bbs fell over 50feet in front of me. I radioed in, “He’s got his eyes on me go now!” and just before I finished saying that it was almost as if they had a telepathic bond because they rushed him. We win, 3 survived, 2 died.

Amazing range

Amazing accuracy, with the right bbs. get .25s at the least, I use .30s though and they do perfect

Soooo scary

free clip, bi-pod and sling


its a bolt action so it's fun

so worth the price!

Heavy, 12lbs, but it doesn't bother me none, and I'm only 140 lbs, and I can barley bench over a 100 lbs, yes im weak for 17, but hey I can carry this, a 10lb bag, a 10 lb S-system carbine, and a few other things so I lug 32 lbs at least, come on!

sling isn't the best, I haven't had mine break yet but it will, the sling adapter is plastic that's why it's cheap. But it's free remember that

Need to buy the scope. no biggy.

Can't find any upgrades for it, Can someone help me out here please???
by F. CAPILITAN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 28 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I'm a veteran of Airsoft. I've owned and handled over a hundred Airsoft guns, including my team's, and I'd have to say this is by far the best stock Sniper Rifle I've ever seen. Our team's two rifles performed so well and had such excellent build quality I decided to order my own. It's exceptionally accurate at up to 150 feet and still manages to push its range farther. It out-ranges most of our other Airsoft guns, even the upgraded Maruis and ICS. It gives it a serious advantage on the Airsoft field, allowing the player to operate in a safe range and take his time choosing a target to strike. Combined with a ghillie suit, this rifle is a monster. It's handled everything we've thrown at it and still manages to keep going. One note though, upgrade parts that work are uncommon and the inner barrel needs cleaning when you receive it. It improves the accuracy a lot if you clean it first. Otherwise, this is an almost flawless stock rifle. If you want a weapon that needs little upgrades and shoots very competitively out of the box, this is no doubt the rifle to get. It's for true marksmen and snipers. Full five stars.

Accuracy is very impressive up to 150ft
Excellent build quality
Simple to assemble
Affordable Price
Comes with the Bipod
Bolt is easy to handle
Very reliable
Almost perfect out of the box rifle
Comes with extras that prove handy for starters

Needs a scope, though a package deal comes with one
Inner barrel needs cleaning to improve accuracy
Upgrade parts are somewhat uncommon
Long (45") and somewhat heavy (Some people might have a problem with it. We don't)
by D. HAGEMANN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 22 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
this is my first sniper rifle. Im pretty experienced in airsoft. here are some pros and cons

Accuarate with .28 gram bbs
Realistic looking
Shoots very far
Easy to assemble

Heavy and long
Hard to cock at first
Hard to load

Overall rating: 8/10

I would highly recommend this rifle but i suggest a sidearm and Leapers 3-9x50 scope
by C. MAYDA Date Added: Sunday 20 July, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is the first airsoft gun I have ever owned. I have to say I am extremely pleased with this gun. It packs a real good punch if you are hit with it (It made my friend bleed from about 75ft away and left a scar where it hit him. It also left a welt about the size of a dime from about 150ft away.) It is pretty accurate and you can pretty much predict where it will land if you take one shot and see the curve. I didn't know how to zero my scope right but it was pretty much almost dead on with the crosshairs. If you are looking for a cheaper sniper that works like it should be priced around $200, this is the gun for you.
I used .28s. I tried .25s and they are less accurate. DO NOT USE .12 BBS. I COULD NOT SEE THEM WHEN I SHOT THEM SO THEY MUST REALLY BE GOING FAST.

Pretty accurate.
Does not feel cheap.
Pretty far range.
Comes with 2 magazines.

The fold able stock wiggles a bit but it can help at times.
The strap is a little cheap but it works.
Takes some getting used to with the bolt action.

Any questions?
Email me at [email protected]
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