UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
[1506 / SOFT-M324SG-B]
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by R. MCMILLAN Date Added: Wednesday 03 September, 2014
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
This sniper is my first airsoft gun, and it is amazing. I have tried my friends' guns and they don't even compare to this weapon. I chose a sniper because I often play airsoft just in someone's woods with little cover, so it's easy to take them out. I put .32 gram bbs in it and it's amazing. The rail is wiggly and will come off if you don't tighten it, mine fell off in the field and I had to go in to get a new screw. Just make sure you don't put it off like I did. I have no regrets whatsoever with this purchase. I put a gillie suit on and just wreck guys on the field.

ACCURATE! I can hit someone from about 100 meters away with .32 bbs
Fairly low FPS so you don't have much of a limit when playing on a field.
Nice rail.
Lower rail for a bipod is sturdy out of the box.
I heard that you shouldn't trust sling mounts on these guns, but I never had a problem with mine.
It's really cheap for a gun this good, I got it because of the price and quality because I want an AR aswell, I am ordering it now.

Can't take off the orange tip, but many fields will make you put something on the tip anyways, at least around here they do.
Upper rail is loose out of the box, just take an allen wrench to it and it'll work just fine.
Bipod isn't the best quality. Mine fell apart and I lost the spring for it. But if you play like I do, you're moving around the enemy enough to the point where you won't even want to use it.
No scope, but you can easily get a cheap one, that's what I did. Don't go without a scope.
by D. LANG Date Added: Tuesday 30 July, 2013
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
i've only had this for a day BUT I bought this on the 24th of july and got it the 30th, ground shipping across the country, when i got it came with a bipod, sling, a bag of .20 gram bb's, 2 magazines, a speed loader, and a VERY nice NcStar 3.9x40 scope and of course this amazing rifle. Bought for $140 the UTG m324 gen. 5 scope/bb package was a great deal, i got the od version and im glad i did, looks great!

The rifle itself is ABS plastic stock, with the rest seeming to be metal, rubberized texture on the bolt grip is very handy, the bolt flips up and down very easily (not so easy to randomly flop up and down when running or even holding upside-down however, it takes a bit of effort to pull the bolt back but that gets easier with more and more shots put down range.

The bipod is all metal, but it has a slight swivel to it that i dont really like, other than that its great. The sling is well made also as well as the sling mounts on the gun, overall very sturdy.

The NcStar 3-9x40 scope is soo nice, i love it, great reticule (4 mil-dot type lines) and the magnification is awesome also however as of right now i'm only using the .20g bb's and the curve up... A LOT, about 3-4 mil-dots up at 50ft. Heavier bb's WILL fix this but im waiting till i run out of .20's. It also comes with adjustable windage and elevation.(1/4th of an inch at 100yrds IIRC)

The magazines and speed loader are pretty study ABS plastic, no wobbling on any of the parts and the feel sturdy which is pretty surprising to me.

Overall this is a well built sturdy rifle that will get you into the field of airsoft sniping for pretty cheap. I would and do recommend this to someone who wants a nice beginner and intermediate sniper rifle for relatively cheap. One thing that i have a problem with so far is that the back screw (there are two) that hold the rail ontop of the rifle has stripped the hole that it sits in so its pretty much useless, however this is probly just a one time thing. Someone probably accidentally tightened it too much and stripped it, i plan on glueing it back into place tomorrow so its steady.

Good FPS
Consistant accuracy (shot an egg from about 50' 2/10 times and a coke can @ 50' 6/10 times and a 1'x1' cardboard square 10/10 times @ 75')
Good weight, not too heavy
crisp trigger pull

Stripped screw threads on optic mount rail
too powerful for .20g BB's (not really a con)
by T. BULLINS Date Added: Saturday 24 July, 2010
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
This is a great gun know joke. I have had it for almost a year and i use it all the time i have a ares m110 as well and i still use this gun just as much. this is a great gun for anyone looking to get started in the wonderful game of airsoft. if u have about $150 dollars buy this gun and a nice scope and you wont be disapointed.

good fps (feet per second)
metal berral
nice plastic for the stock
rubber buttplates for better grip
nice grip on bolt
accuracy is ok

the bipod and scope need to be tightend wonce in a while
the bipod is not that great i suggest buying a good one
orange tip isnt removable
by A. BONERT Date Added: Wednesday 15 July, 2009
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
this item is perfect i had it for six mounths now and shot about 10000 thousand bbs through it and it works perfect the bipod is nice and the scope i boought with it rock it is accurate up to about 120 ft with .12 bbs and it hurts like hell close range but od is very ugly

good fps
good range
good accuracy
nice bipod

the bolt gets hard to pull back and feels like theres sand in it but cleaned it spotless and oiled it with silicone spray
by R. PALLOTTI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 26 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
Well this gun is a pretty good sniper. I'll give it 4 stars for these reasons. If you use a TBB and .25-.3 bb's this gun will peform great. I can easily hit a target at 175 ft with a TBB. I have a cheap nc star scope for 27 bucks and it performs perfectly on this gun. I've had this gun for atleast 6 or 7 months now so im not just giving it a good review because i just got it. The bolt cover i guess you could call it falls off but my friend just put a screw in it so i actually use it again.
Overall a pretty good sniper would reccomend l96 friend has one and uses .3s and it shoots harder straighter and faster
4/5 stars

Fps (with TBB)
Range '' ''
Quiet/sound it makes
2 mags/speed loader/bipod

.25 bbs or higher (i used .2's for a while and i couldnt hit anything.)
durabilty bolt, and bi-pod rail wobbles a ton
exterior got scratched rather easily
by L. GONZALEZ verified buyer Date Added: Monday 27 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
Ive had this gun for a week now and had no problems with it. I love the sling because it has a rubber grip but the sling hook in the from is plastic. It has good FPS and the hop-up IS adjustable because in the description it doesn't say is it adjustable. The only plastic is the OD color, i mean the stock and foregrip. But it is composite material so very durable. the cocking handle is metal with rubber grip so it is very easy to cock, you just need to break it in a little bit. The barrel in and out is metal. most of the weight is in the stock to balance it out. Other than that is is very good.

High Fps
Not that loud
Adjustable Hop-up
Metal trigger
Metal Bipod
Upgraded bolt
Rubber grip on locking pole
Good Grip near trigger and bipod
Metal inner and outer barrel
Color is good for forest
Good sling

Kinda hard to pull back bolt the first couple times
plastic sling hook
by T. THORNING JR. verified buyer Date Added: Monday 16 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
I absolutely love this gun! I've had it for about 2 months and has proved to be one of the best on the battlefield. Whenever I bring out this gun in a war and start firing, my friends all run and hide. I've taken on 3 autos at once and beat them all. Also, it hurts! I left a huge welt on my friend from about 100 ft away. The OD is great for forested areas and hiding in trees. It also works well with a full camo army jacket. But keep extra ammo and a speed loader with you because 50 .2s run out quickly when your not thinking about it.

Shoots very accurate even with .12s and a CQB scope.
Scares people at close range and makes them surrender.
Long range.
Fires fast.
Bipod, 2 clips, extra butt-plates, and sling.
Easy to put together and to use.
Doesn't break easily.

Bolt comes loose (sometimes) but is easy to fix. Just tighten it with a 6-sided screwdriver.
No iron sights but easy to no-scope.
Sling was slightly small for me even extended all the way out and I'm 5' 5".
Big orange tip kind of gives you away.
by J. SAUER Date Added: Friday 25 July, 2008
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
Hello All,
This review will be very in-depht, and will truely help you decide wether you will buy this gun or not.
First off, will start with the accuracy. The M324 is a true airsoft sniper. The GEN 3 m324 has shown that UTG knows how to make airosft guns. THe M324 has an effective range of about 150 feet stock. Witha 2x20 scope it gives you a true view of the flight path of the bb.

Secondly, will tlak about build construction. This gun's body is a strong ABS plastic The metal parts include: outer barrel, trigger, scope rail, bolt, bolt handle, bipod and trigger guard. All of the inportant parts are metal. The ABS body is very strong and works well with spray paint for custom paintjobs. The buttstock is adjustable for your body ,3 different positions of the buttstock.

Now for the bolt review. The bolt is strong and has mabye a 15lbs pull. Dont worry, 15lbs is not much. The bolt is full metal and has a good ocnstruction. WARNING: Do not pull the bolt back with your entire force repedtly. The Bolt will break if to much force is applied to the bolt. Back to the review, the bolt feeds very well is you pace yourself.

MAG AND BIPOD: The mags are of plastic construction, and hold approx 25 rounds. I reccomend getting 2 more clips for quick reloading. To remove the clips you press a button on the underside of the gun and pull the clip out. THe bipod is full metal and is good construction. It has adjustable hieght andis super solid. There is no wobble on the bipod.

OTHER NOTES: The inner barrel is held in place by the orange tip, so you would need to get an adapter if youwish to add a silencer. What else...great gun, I definatly reccomend if for airsoft snipers.

Upgrade notes:
-To make this a true sniper, you should get the upgrade kit. It instantly increase the guns velocity and accuracy a ton.
-The teflon mod is not required and you owuld only need it for experiance and working on your gun. You can find the instructions for the teflon mod on Airsoftretreat.com
-I would strongly suggest getting the DBC 6.01 tightbore barrel too. It will be a tight fit but it will be worth it.
Clean the barrel of the gun everyday!

GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

FPS (~430 stock)
Upgrade compatibility
mag capacity
stock accuracy
bolt quality
overall preformance
bipod for free!
cost (with or without upgrades)

Mabye build construction (plastic body)
by W. BRACELAND Date Added: Tuesday 22 July, 2008
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
This gun is a decent gun for beginner snipers. I've had mine for 4 or 5 months now and haven't experienced a problem. Once the hopup is adjusted and scope sighted in, this gun can be devastating. I shot a few kids from 25-30ft away( they decided to come close and make it a cqb) they went home with big welts. Other then that it's only 85$, I've taken it apart and the workings of the gun are very nice. If your lucky enough and the bolt doesn't break(like other reviews have stated) it's a very nice and affordable gun.
by A. BARNES Date Added: Friday 13 June, 2008
For: UTG Gen. 5 M324S Pro Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
This gun was my first sniper i got a couple months ago. it was pretty good until the cocking thing broke. now no one else can use it because you have to mess with it for it to work. and this gun will break if you slam it on the ground trying to smash a coke can (found out hard way) it works when i need it most but i wouldn't recommend it.
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