JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
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by A. SPELLMAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off, let me say that this gun is better than any I have purchased in the past. It's a very sturdy gun, has plenty of metal pieces, and can hit targets almost everytime with out modifications. However, it has it's cons. The orange tip is way to big, and jams your barrel. No problem though, all you have to do is saw it off and put orange tape around the outerbarrel. Also, the battery casing pin likes to wiggle itself out so your constantly pushing it back in.Finally, if you don't get the selector exactly on the setting you want, it wont shoot, it will just spin the gears.

Sturdy model.
Plenty of metal
Very accurate

Orange tip is rediculously big
O.T. Jams your barrel.
Battery casing pin wiggles out
Selector is picky
by A. SPELLMAN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 14 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I've had this gun for some time now. It is a very sturdy, rugged model and will last you a LONG time....if you know how to take care of it. The barrel, like any other gun, gets dirty quick. So after a game or two, or even a full day of playing, clean your barrel. If not, it will mess this gun up a lot.The orange tip...will jam your barrel. Take it off immediately and replace it with a flash hider from ASGI. Umm, another thing that was wrong with it is that you don't want to stack the mags, the clips will break off easily. All in all, this is a very good gun, I would recommend buying it.

Sturdy and Rugged
Will last a long time
Accurate as hell
Comes with a high cap :D

Orange tip will jam the barrel (At least it did mine)
Barrel gets dirty quick
Clips for stacking break easily
by A. ERICSON Date Added: Monday 28 June, 2010
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I've had this gun for almost a year and it is great its still pretty much the since i pulled out of the box. i love the iron sights for it. one problem is if you shoot it on semi it will not work every once in a while.

the iron sights
nice feel to it
foldable stock

semi sometimes does not work
small battery
by W. MAY Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
For a starter gun, this gun is great. Everything fells solid and I dont think it will break soon. straight out of the box this gun was extremely accurate. useing a .25 bb I could hit my opponent at almost 300ft! This gun is very versatile it is short enough to play cqb but when you need the accuracy it can hit targets just short of sniper range. Overall the gun is very well built, the only manufacturing problem I found is the extra amount of play with the fire selector. If you take care of this gun it will take care of you.

awesome looks

the stock internals are extremely greasy
the stock barrel was dirty and excessively greasy
by J. WILL Date Added: Saturday 13 March, 2010
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is my second aeg, and it's not too bad. The rate of fire is about 14 or 15 bps, and the velocity is 380fps. I'm pretty sure the battery is 1100 mah, which should last you some hours. The range is good, about 110 feet. I don't really mind the ABS plastic, but it is durable.

High-Cap Mag
Folding Stock
Great gun for the price

Big Orange Tip
The battery was hard to put in at first, but you'll get used to it.
by R. WALLACE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a decent gun. It is a good deal. The Plastic is O.K. It's not great like G&G. Not gonna break unless you jump on it a couple of times though. This gun looks alot better than the MK36C (G36C) and it feels so much better. The ROF is O.K. About 13-15 R.P.S. (8.4V)..Not bad.The selector switch is wierd sometimes. When i'm running, and i'm on full auto sometimes it will switch to Semi auto. Its annoying but not too bad. Battery installation is easy after the first few times. The magazine Pisses me off big time. For 15 winds you get about 30 shots!!! THAT IS HORRIBLE. It is so annoying when you are about to get a kill and you just remember that you didn't wind the mag! You have to wind it ALL THE TIME. Next, the hanguard makes me alittle angry too. It isn't straight. It goes off to the side so the barrel looks bent. I'm into realism, so this bothers me alot. Next the Flashhider is glued on, but mine wasn't glued on right! It was about to fall of, but it WOULD NOT COME OFF. After lots of struggle, i got it off. But now the dumb flashhider won't stay on right. I tried taping it but that didn't work. Super glue doesn't work either. FPS is about 380 at first but after a couple thousand rounds it drops to 360. The accuracy is very poor. ALOT of Flyers! They usually go off to the right. WAY to the right. But I have a tightbore and a new bucking on the way. I Hear the internals are O.K.

Good FPS
Decent Plastic
Comfortable in hands
Flodable stock (Very useful)
Ambidextrious selector switch
Sights are O.K.
Clampable mags!!! EXTREMELY USEFUL
O.K. Internals

Crappy flash hider
Lousy mags
Off center handguard
Mag Clamps break easy
Plastic Spring guide
Wierd Selector Switch

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GUN. It is ok, but there are better deals. Try the KS E90 (P90) long barrel. Very good gun. If you can afford it, get the G&G affordable series GR-16. BEST GUN EVER.
by R. PFEIL verified buyer Date Added: Monday 07 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i was really stressing on what gun to get. and once i settled to getting an "mk36" it was tough to decide on which "mk36" to get now im extreamly glad i got this one. with a 470 high cap mag, folding stock and a rail on the bottom of the handguard for bipods, flashlights, ext how could u go wrong. pluse with the extreamly bad ass feeling you get from an g36. this felt like it came with upgrades already in it. and thats without the upgades i put into it later. it was extreamly accurate on the first shots i fired. the only problem is the one screw holding the handguard to the gun comes off very easily the first time i brouth the gun outside it went missing. but dont let that turn u from this gun that is an easy fix. just put some thing in there. like an extra screw or something. it actually took the shape of the screw i put in there. and the thing holding the chargig handel in place comes loose sometimes but just push it back in, easy.
and i always prefer the K over the C becuase the k is more accurate and with the stock folded its just about as good as the C in CQB.

-folding stock CQB
-Nice feel to it, looks cool
- G36 iron sights are the best iron sights ive seen

-just those 2 screws come loose some times
-the battery is a pain in the ass to get in.
by C. EGGLESTON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Gun feels very solid and durable, though a little front heavy with all the rails on.
The gearbox is supposed to be very durable and reliable.
The box came with the gun, cleaning/unjamming rod, trickle charger, 1100mAh battery, metal rails, and hi-cap magazine.
There are 3 sling attachment points on the gun, and the flash hider is solid metal.
On the front of the box the FPS is listed as 338fps, but the AirsoftGI testing form states that they chronographed the gun at 380fps. This is good and bad for me, because the power is nice but it also puts me over the FPS limit at one of the airsoft fields.

I chose this model over the model with the scoped carry handle because I felt it would be more versatile in both CQB and longer range use with the iron sights or any choice of optics.

Very durable- stock has no wobble in folded or extended positions.
Metal parts (especially rails) feel like they are made of good quality metal.
Comes with full rail system.
Comes with a hi-cap magazine.
Magazines stack together.
Battery seems to hold and accept charge well.
Hop-up works well- it can be tuned perfectly for .20 or .25g bbs.
Hop-up chamber is easily accessed via ambidextrous charging handle.
Accuracy and ROF are good.
Power is good- it feels like an upgraded gun out of the box.
Version 3 gearbox.
Shim job was already good, but internals were generally overlubed.
Price is great for what I got.

Barrel was slightly dirty when I received it.
Stacked magazines can get in the way of folding the stock.
Metal flash hider was completely orange, inside and out.
Trademarks on right side of gun look to have been removed.
Front sight hood had burrs on the inside.
Front assembly is difficult to put back on with a battery- don't count on changing this during a game.
Top sight rail appears to be plastic.
Selector switch clicks audibly in each position, but you can't feel anything click into place.
by K. HITACHIIN Date Added: Friday 14 August, 2009
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Well, Ive owned this gun for almost a year now and lemme tell you it is my best purchase ever. I currently own this gun with the front sling mount removed, skeleton stock now has a reinforced pin, front metal sight is removed, G&P Aimpoint replica Red/Green dot scope, Gemtech "Blackside" Barrel extension, NC Star Universal bi-pod (Mounted on the rail.), and 2 extra magazines. I guess Ill start explaining the front of the gun. Well first off the orange tip practicly screws off with just a set of pliers. The handguard pin will fall out if the battery is not in the handguard and if you are shaking it upside down. This gun really does look best with a Gemtech barrel extension. So if you are conteplating getting a barrel extension for this gun get one that is made by Madbull "Gemtech". Now to the battery, It is sometimes a pain to get in the gun, depending if your rushing it or taking your sweet time. But eventually you get it in there. The magwell is extremley easy to take off so Jg made a good job at that, especialy if you are planning on getting the Socom m4 magazine magwell. Magazines are extremley easy to change out, Im a pro at it now judging my friends timed me at .6 seconds on the feild. The top rail is very durable but is sadly not metal but it still will last quite awhile until replacing, mine is only scratched up and I've had it for almost a year. Inner barrel does need to be cleaned with silicone oil a cleaning rod and a small peice of cloth. Hop - Up does'nt need to be cleaned as often so I would'nt worry about that. The selector switch is metal, switches easily without problem, and the trigger on semi/fullauto is very touchy so if you hardly tap it it will start shooting. (Just a warning.) Skeleton stock has looks and is very durable but the pin that goes in verticly where the stock meets the gun, that pin fell out after a couple of monthes but I bought a reinforced one where I just used a mallet and hammered it in the gently and it has been perfect since. Rubber butt plate is easily removable, all you have to do is peel it off and the you have a akward looking skeleton stock. And thats my reveiw of the Jg G36.

-Lasts a good long time.
-14mm threads
-skeleton stock
-Full metal sights
-Sounds clean whenever firing
-Easy to upgrade (I still have yet to get the tightbore barrel)
-Amazing rof 15-17 bps (With 9.6v)
-Magazines easily click in the gun

-470 Round hi-cap gets noisy
-Has decent accuracy but not the best
-Stock pin fell out, so I had to buy a better one
-Jams if you dont clean the barrel often
-Top rail is'nt metal (But that would make the gun very cumbersum)

(The cons are only minor, if you want a good primary or seconday weapon then buy this.)
by M. WEIMER Date Added: Tuesday 11 August, 2009
For: JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is great i have had it for seven months now and it is still going strong. Two of my friends ordered guns around the same time and they both died. This gun's long barrel gives it good accuracy. It has a good weight and feel. The stock is solid with no wobble with a rubber butt pad. With the stock folded it stays in place and you do not have to worry about it coming unfolded in the middle of the fight. The magazine is great it is a high capacity, holds around 480 rounds. The rail on top is great for mounting a scope if you have one. The selector switch is ambidextrous which is nice. Also the trigger pull is really easy. The only down side that this gun has is the huge orange flash hider. It can just be fixed with some paint but make sure the orange tip is 1/4 in.

Amazing Velocity
HiCap magazine
ROF is great
Nice size
Solid Construction
Hop-Up is easily adjusted and works as it should

Large orange tip
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