VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
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by A. HASTINGS Date Added: Sunday 09 February, 2014
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
This is the best gun I have ever had, and it's better than most of my friends. The main the thing I like about it is that, where we play, and can almost be used as a sniper. I have a scope for it and it makes it deadly accurate. High rate of fire too.

Super accurate.
hi rate of fire.
High Fps, but under 400, which is good for some fields
full metal
Looks very realistic

I dropped it once (on concrete) and the stock came off, but I think it might of been loose anyways.
Not really anything else. The spring on the hop up cover is starting to get a little stiff.
Nothing else, great gun.
by V. OLSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
Full metal body, flip up iron sights front and rear, three rail covers, crane stock, operational bolt catch and release, standard m4 length inner barrel, standard plastic hop up unit, three modes of fire: safe, semi, auto; removable orange flash hider to put the black metal one on that comes with gun, no battery, high-cap mag.

Good FPS
Good Range
Good ROF
Works great with LiPo, both 7.4 and 11.1
Great feel, very tactical
Good Trigger response
Very Realistic feel and weight
Overall a Great gun

Stock wiggles a little
Motor starts to heat up especially with an 11.1v (duh) but its a nice feature when it's cold
Doesn't work with all mag types
Difficult to fit batteries in stock
Orange tip is a bear to remove
Front pin was difficult to remove at first
by V. OLSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 22 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
Great gun, straight out of box. Not too shabby ROF, very nice with a Lipo, although the motor can get hot after a while. It has a great weight to it, letting you know its there but not tiring you out. Flip up sights are great, and small sight on top of the front sight while in the down position is great for quick aiming. The metal body is awesome and adds realistic feel to the gun, as well as the charging handle. This is a great gun for the money. VFC definitely knows what they're doing.

Good ROF
Good FPS
Range is about normal for m4, some hop-up adjustments cure that!
Runs great with Lipos, mainly 7.4v
Great metal construction
Rail systems are very tactical

Motor overheats after a while of some heavy use
Stock wiggles on buffer tube
Orange tip is pain in the rear to remove
by S. KITCHEN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 19 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
Just bought this gun and as soon as i took it out of the box i noticed that this gun is one of the beat looking M4s for the price. The quality of this gun is superb. The crane stock where the battery is held is really good quality and has a good amount of room for my 9.6 v nunchuck batterys. ( not aure anout any other batterys but mine fits good) The metal buffer tube is nice and has 5 positions for the crane stock, nice sling adapter. Has a really good sounding bolt catch and release and a nice full-metal body. The rail system is nice and good for all my acceraories and a nice metal outer barrel. this gun comes with a black flash hider in the box. The gun has nice flip up sights and the mag is not that good. The gun also has a thing pistol grip which is a cool feature

Fps is around 390-400 which is good in some ways
external finish
Sling adapter
Bolt catch and release
Rail system
Flip up sights

Metal flash hider in box
Nice trades
Decent accuracy with stock barrel
Good rate or fire

Mag sucks
Orange flashhider is glued on and hard to get off
Hop up sucks and inner barrel isnt that good
Stock wable
by R. KIRKPATRICK Date Added: Wednesday 01 May, 2013
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
First, I'd be listed as a "Verified Buyer" except that my wife and son got me this rifle for Christmas from ASGI; I didn't actually buy it. But I did do the research and select this VFC Tactical M4. I wanted to get something high quality and as cosmetically similar to my modified Stag Model 1 as possible. The point here is to train/play with a gun that will ingrain my muscle memory with the same messages as I would use with the "real steel" model. Mission accomplished! The only difference, side by side, is that the VFC outer barrel is not quite the full 16" barrel on the Stag. Other than that, the exterior is gorgeous. I don't remember if I thought the working charging handle elevated the VFC above any other models I looked at in November but the easy access to the hop-up adjustment, under the dust cover, could be pretty handy for quick adjustments. I've pulled the "bolt" back a few times but this action did not change the hop-up as others have noted so no problem there.

The stock is different out of necessity, the nunchuk batteries go inside the Crane-style stock (and a very clever system it is!). The rail system is very nice and similar to what I have installed on the Stag. The back-up iron sights fold down and seamlessly blend in with the hand guard rail in the front and a nice metal rear sight is attached to the rear of the upper, both nicer than I have on the Stag! All I have to do for field play is pop off my EOTech 517 and mount it on the VFC. Presto, change-o! For all practical purposes, I'm handling a real rifle! An interesting point here is that the 517, sighted in on the Stag, was also sighted in for the VFC; no adjustment necessary! Your milage may vary but that little detail, whether by luck or by design, made me very happy. Both rifles have the Magpul AFG on them. Whether or not you like a vertical grip you might want to try one of these, it is the perfect accessory for any M4-style gun with a bottom rail.

Is the magazine a little loose? Yes. Is the included magazine easily compressed by finger strength (what some might call "flimsy")? Yes. Is the stock a little loose? Yes. But none of these are anything that should trouble you in use or even be noticeable. And if you want extra, sturdier mags just buy the KWA M4 6-pack, they work great in the VFC and carry a good capacity for mid-cap mags! I don't know if I can go along with gooping up the mag well by putting tape in there. Just live with it.

The QC tag in the box said that ASGI tested the rifle at 374fps. But with a full battery charge it tested at the field right at 400fps. The difference could also be attributed to differences in the chronometers. Either way, it seems to maintain a consistent velocity and has been nothing but reliable AND accurate (enough) right out of the box. Throw in a battery and go play!

Incredibly realistic appearance.
Beautiful trademark.
Outstanding value; you could spend much more but would you GET much more? Save your money and address the issues YOU care about, tighter barrel or whatever.
An excellent performing rifle right out of the box.
Looks and feels like the real thing, the perfect tactical trainer!

Multi-point slings could be a problem. It only comes with the single-point sling bracket mounted over the buffer tube at the rear of the lower receiver. Maybe ASGI has sling mounts that would work? You'd have to check to see if any after-market sling mounts from, say, Brownell's or MidwayUSA would fit. Since I'm a single-point sling guy this would never have occurred to me as a "Con" until I read some other reviews.

Remember that any politician who is not a friend of the Second Amendment is also not a friend of Airsoft. Makes them easy to spot.
by J. BROOKS Date Added: Monday 13 May, 2013
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing I have had it a little over a week and could not be happier. I see alot of people complaining about the stock just buy a battery bag its 15 bucks! my only problem is that the handgrip gets a little warm but i do use an 11.1v 20c tenergy lipo and it gives me a great rps and fps no exact chrono but right around the 400 fps and 20+ rps

Great quality
Cool trademarks
The RIS rails
Great FPS and RPS
Lipo ready
Flip up sights
Buy it now!

Mag that comes with it doesnn't lock very well
hand grip gets warm but its just because of my battery not to bad
No battery that comes with it but neither does KWA so no big deal
NO major cons at all!
by D. LYONS Date Added: Tuesday 21 September, 2010
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
great gun. good FPS good ROF. great accuracy.this gun is what you would exspect it to be. i just had a couple problems. first off the bolt catch does work but every time you release the bolt the slide pushes the hop up back down to zero so you might consider removing that. and the second problem was after a day of playing the motor screw became loose and my motor was grinding the gears. so i tightened it back up and put some lock tight on it and problem solved. i dont like crane stock myslef because they get in the way, so i put a full stock on it that i had from my m16 and it looks sexy. and i can put my large type 9.6 5000 MAH battery in it. and it will never die.

Great FPS, Range, and Accuracy.

motor screw loosens itsself. (locktight it)
bolt catch turns hop up off.
another problem i had that i forgot to mention before was the rails on the top of this gun are very skinny. my holo sight wobbles on this gun even with the screw tightened as far as it goes.
by J. PAMPALONE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
This is a really high quality gun. RPS,FPS, and sexy looks are everything one could expect. There are some things with this gun that should be made aware of. If research was not done, one might not know about the plastic hop up. If you want a metal hop up do your research the air nozzles of VFC's are not compatible with the madbull ultimate hop up. Magpull pmags can be pulled out of the mag well with little effort. Most mags have a little wobble. Check the gun before taking red tip off. This may cost a lot.
With my experience with this I can note and tell how to fix and prevent a couple problems. I fixed my mag wobble problems by placing electrical tape on the inside of the magwell. By changing the air nozzle the madbull hop up works. Check your gun before taking red tip off. My cylinder head was broken (60$ fix). When checking my gun the "mechanic," as I do not know what else to call him, noted some wires connected to the motor were swapped, this is common with all VFC's. It also took the mechanic an hour to take out the gearbox.
This gun is very good except for all the little problems. It looks very good, shoots well and fast, and-once the problems are fixed-is reliable. The problems with this gun drags it from a 4 to a 3 star gun. If you get this gun local most shops will take care of the problems for you free of charge. Buy this local, you can get something more consistent, like KWA, or Echo One online.
(I am also pissed at Aisoft GI for sending me the wrong gun before and taking a month total to get my correct gun to me. Bad AirsoftGI)

All you can expect and more in FPS, RPS, and looks

A large amount of tiny problems.
by J. HOKE Date Added: Saturday 14 August, 2010
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
AMAZING GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am a big KWA guy and i decided i wanted a gun that looked abit nicer on th eoutside because i usually spend alot of $ trying to make my KWAs looking good so i went with VFC. this gun feels and looks amazing. the finish on this gun is very realilistic. my cousin who was in the army and the marines said it was very close to the real thing. the thinner pistol grip feels nice in the hand and it is a very nice plastic the pistol grip is made out of. the funciontal bolt catch is very nice so i don thave to hold the charging handel back while adjusting my hopup. the just cover is thinner than im used to so its kinda weird and feels cheap to me.

the metal body has very beautifel trades on it and the ris is very nice as well, the front sights are good and the rear sight has adjustments for wind. the crane stock does have some wobble but it also has a very smart design to it.(most of my guns dont have cranse stocks so i dont know if this is unique 2 vfc) you can take out a section of the crane stock and have the wires run out the side for a batterybag instead of having to cut out a smalle section of the crane stock which is what i have 2 do for my KWAs.

the barrel has no wobble what so ever and it has a very nice finish on it. the flash hider included it metal and a kind of dark grayish color. the rail covers are very easy to get off. just push in on the tab and slide off. the magazine is made of verything metal so i feel like its going to break soon. the trigger gaurd looks very cool( shone in the pix of this gun with the surefire and ubr stock). i just want every1 to know because no1 else has stated this. this gun is lipo ready and i would advise usign a lipo. i chronoed mine at 24 bbs per sec with a lipo and only at 19 with a 9.6.

great finish
rear wired( i love usign batterybags cause my custom lipo wont fit in anything else)
nice iron sights
great rof( 24 bps)
trigger gaurd
thinner pistol grip
pretty light( about 5.5 pnds verse my KWAs which are about 7 or 8 pnds wishout any additions)
sling mount
rail covers
internals are very good some of the best i have ever seen
lipo ready

thin metal on dust cover and magazine
magazine feels cheap
stock wobble
range is only about 120 feet
dust cover is gray with a green tint( kinda weird)
pistol grip gets hot because it is thinner so theres not as much between ur hand and the motor

dont let these cons change ur mined about his gun it is a very well made gun and good for the price
by D. IZETT Date Added: Tuesday 11 May, 2010
For: VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (E Series)
Product Information:
this is an awesome gun on the outside great light weight and strong the stock wobble can be fixed by turning a screw in the buffertube comes with railcovers I have been using a 11.1 li-poly stick battery in the gun and it is still shooting fine the hop up is not very strong but easy to adjust this gun also comes with black netal flash hider and if you are aiming the gun turn the front flip up sight notch to the right and then pull the front sight up the rear sight has no lock

fps perfect around 400
nice looking
working bolt catch

mag wobble
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