D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05630 / BI-5781M]
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by G. ROSENBERG verified buyer Date Added: Monday 19 May, 2014
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The D Boy Full Metal RASII CQB AEG Airsoft Gun is my first airsoft gun. Having it for the day it arrived, I immediately fell in love. The full metal makes it durable, and feel really nice when you're holding it, but not being extremely heavy. It includes (1) Full Metal High-Cap Magazine, as well as a battery and charger, (2) Rail Covers, (1) Vertical Grip, and (1) 1-point sling. The battery being stored in a comfy, and stylish crane stock is a nice addition, and makes the gun look badass. Serving as the sight is a standard front triangle sight, and a rear peep-hole back flip-up sight, which I personally don't like and will be drilling a larger hole inside of it. Sometimes the trigger will lock up, as if it's in safety when in the semi-auto position. Also, the mag it comes with is extremely difficult to lock into the gun, and can fall out if not secured in correctly. Overall this is an amazing gun for a low price considering the quality, and with only a few problems. I highly recommend this gun for beginners, I love it!

Full Metal (besides stock which is normal)
Included Battery and Charger
Included Vertical Grip and 1-Point Sling
Feels good when carried
400+ FPS
Raised rail for a sight

Trigger locks up sometimes in semi-auto (fixed by switching to full-auto and firing once)
Mag is tedious to get inside and can fall, as well as being wobbly (this is only for the mag it comes with, tried it with another mag and had a nice fit and seemed good)
Rear flip-up sight is peep hole and has limited vision (easily fixed)
Included magazine rarely doesn't feed correctly
by K. RACITI Date Added: Sunday 02 February, 2014
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is awesome and the full metal makes it feel really nice. The iron sights are not very good and I would suggest to get a sight or to use one you already have. The crane stock makes it look really nice because you do not need the battery box. The mag has some wobble but it does not really affect it. when I got mine the charging handle is crooked, but it does not affect the function of it. Overall this is a great gun and it is all around great quality.

Full metal
Feels really nice
comes with a good for-grip
Crane stock makes it look nicer
easy to use
great starter

My charging handle was a little messed up (probably not all will be like that)
mag wobble (this is in almost any gun)
iron sights are awful (Its true)
by J. PIERANNUNZI verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 14 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
full metal cqb m4, really fun gun to shoot. good for both indoor and out door playing fields. I haven't had a single problem with this aeg. I love and plan on adding to it, as my primary weapon. by far the most reliable aeg I have ever used.

solid construction
great feel
shoots hard and fast
hi cap magazine
shoots at a lovely 400fps
easy to maneuver

plastic flash hider
raddling of battery when in motion
by J. WEST verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 16 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun as an early Christmas present and I just love it. When i took it out of the box to check it out I fell in love with it immedietly. My partents want to wrap it so I can open it on Christmas but i told them if that happens it will be over my dead body. The gun is hard hitting and has a great feel to it. This gun in VERY accurate and has great sights on it. I highly reccomend this gun to beggining and intermediate players.

Great price
Full metal (It is rather heavy, but it gives it a good realism)
Nice Solid and Comfortable Feel
400+ FPS
Full rail system
Package Includes: Grip, 1-point Sling, Good Battery and Charger, and a Metal Mag
Good RoF
Great Internals

Flash hider came broken (Not to bad though it comes with an extra)
Mag wiggles a little bit
Charging Handle wont open the dust cover so I have to pry it open.

Overall, This is a great gun and I cant wait until I can use it on the field. When I do, I will post another Comment.
by A. SAKAI verified buyer Date Added: Friday 26 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
When It comes to a full metal AEG, this has to be one of the biggest bank for buck guns out there. Full metal gun that comes with a sling and sling mount, and a 9.6 battery, and a fore grip on top of being RIS with the RAS II mount with rail covers, just awesome.

Note out of the box this thing shoots way over 400+, if your playing CQB with a strict FPS limit, definitely consider throwing in a down graded spring with your purchase. Magazine is also metal too which is a plus because it adds to realism, buy extra mags though cause this one broke on me two months in. The body is very durable and just looks awesome. Plus with the 9.6 battery it comes with, this has a killing rate of fire!. Note for the guys who are looking for realism though, this gun has no trades what so ever.

Crane stock is polymer, and will fit most crane stock batteries but only the butterfly type cause it uses two tubes in side to hold the cells. Also note that the base for the threads (for the screw driver) on the crane stock came out on me one time, but do not worry, a little locktight will fix that.

One thing that really disappointed me though was the fact that the whole barrel assembly is a little misaligned so if you turn the triangle sight up right, the hop up doesn't align with the mag and vise versa when you align the hop up. But I'd rather take advantage of the RAS II mount and get a sick looking red dot instead so its not really a problem. I also realized that the wiring in the crane stock is a little excessive so the wires bind when trying to put it in the smallest position. If you're a smaller player you might want to weight until your arms grow a bit XD.

Also note that there is no internal dust cover, plus the external dust cover is only held on by a tiny spring. If you constantly slam that thing back and forth like a SWAT team member, you'll break it no questions asked. I also noticed that the pistol grip got wobbly after a while. Definitely consider getting a new set of screws for the pistol grip because the stock ones SUCK.

All in all, if you desperately want a full metal gun and get the most out of your money when it comes to extra things that come with the gun, this is an option to consider. This gun is nice and will get the job done. The RAS looks really sick and the mount helps a lot for red dots (for those with masks you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!). Think about it this way, if you want something that gets the work done, this is an option. However say you really want something really nice really high quality with a wow factor in it, GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THESE CHINESE MANUFACTURERS MY FRIEND XD. Get a CM, ARES, Elite Force, or ICS, etc. you'll be a lot more satisfied.
Price Vs. quality : alright
Price versus what you get: Pretty good

-Comes with so much for so little
-gets the job done
-looks pretty sick
-Problems are little hairs that can be easily fixed

-wires cringe on small positions for the cane stock
-Barrel assembly might not line up (mine could've just been a fluke)
-Pistol grip got a little wobbly
-No internal dust cover and some what lacking external dust cover (just be careful)
by C. PRICE Date Added: Friday 14 May, 2010
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i have just recently got this gun and i must say its vary good most metel and it has a greay fps
it comes fully set up ready to use out of the box

good fps
fully metel
ready to use out of the box


im going to test the gun tommarow ill get back with a field test review
by T. FEDERICO verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 21 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i got this gun for my b day its a good gun hard hitting some what fast but it has a few flaws. it has no internal dust cover (at least on mine). the external dust cover flap fell apart and i lost the spring inside so it stays open unless taped. the stock wont go all the way down wen the batterie is in. there rear iron site is a a pin sight so i cant see shit. but those r minor things.just read my pros. if ur a biginer i suggest this gun.

full metal
great solid ras system
lots of high quality extras
around 400 fps
some what fast
great battery
hard hitting

no internal dust cover
external dust cover fell apart
mag wobbles a little bit not really a con
by K. CARUGATI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
when i ordered this gun i didnt have high expectations for it because it was made in china and it wasnt to expensive for a full metal. but i was SOOO mistakin this gun is absolutely amazing!! it shoots really hard and its very well built its very accurate to. if your looking for a gun deffinitly get this one

-full metal
-came with a 9.6 battery
-400+ fps
-comes with tons of stuff
-high rof
-great price

-orange tip came cracked and broken
-nothing else...so far its an amazing gun
by K. CARUGATI verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 17 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this is really a great gun. its very cheap especially for a full metal. and when they say full metal they mean full metal. so if you want a really good gun for a cheap price this is deffinitly what your looking for.

-full metal
-includes sling(a really good one to)
-extremely solid gun
-heavy (8-10 pounds)
-includes fore grip
-shoots hard (around 410 i think)
-very accurate

-orange tip came broken
-mag wobbles a little (not to bad tho)
-the mag doesnt always stay in when you put it in (you have to give it another shove to get it to stay)
- my rear flip up sight got stuck up and it wont go down so i just took it off

these cons are very little problems that might have just been my gun specifically but overall its an amazing gun deffinitly worth getting
by P. YANG Date Added: Monday 07 June, 2010
For: D Boy M4 RASII CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ive seen many m4 before and this one is really no difference. whats nice is the nun chuck battery is located in the stock. some non ras m4 have the battery in the hand guard and its a pain to get it in there. the full metal body feels real nice but is also really heavy. firing the gun feels really nice and the metal clanking when firing is also great.

compared to my cm ak47 and jg g36k this gun is way better.
catagory m4 ak47 g36k
accuracy 1st 3rd 2nd based on stock sights
grouping 1-2 4-5 2-3 inch radius at 50ft
sound 1st 2nd 3rd how real, loud, and powerful the gun sounds
sights 2nd 3rd 1st m4/ak47 iron sights, g36 3x scope. adjustablility
rof 1st 2nd 3rd based on what i hear when firing

this is what i got from the 3 guns me and my brothers own. all guns are stock. thought the m4 is my best pick it did cost $50 more than the g36 and $70 more than the ak47. you get what you pay for.

-cheapest full metal m4
-includes vertical grip (cheap but nice)
-adjustable stock
-battery located in stock
-includes ras with rails
-includes hand guard on rails
-great iron sights
-rubber cushion on stock
-loud and clanks when firing (sound real and nice)

-mag hard to get in (rock it back and forth until it locks)
-iron sights wont allow me to zero in the gun (maxed adjustment and gun shoot slightly to left still)
-screw under mag keeps loosening up. even after tightening. completely fell of once and i found it.
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