Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
[01102 / MB XM204HP]
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by J. HAMBLEY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 29 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Product Information:
I got this grenade shell a while back and I'll tell you now, the shear dread everyone shows when they know I'm coming is the greatest thing ever. This bad boy has a heck of a kick when fired and very loud. it has a huge range and good spread. It's also good for clearing out bunkers and small shacks full of enemy units. A very spooky ambush weapon since all you hear is a loud BANG then it's all over. At first I was a bit scared it would blow the rail off my gun but it works fine, it's a beauty to have as well as to fire.

Long range for a grenade shell
Huge payload
Good for clearing bunkers and shacks
Spooky ambush weapon
uses CO2 which give it more power

A bit heavy when loaded into the launcher but the fire power it gives is well worth it.
by M. POWLEY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 21 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Product Information:
i just got this grenade in yesterday and i gotta say its pretty amazing.

ill tell you this before i write this review - i've not very much experience with airsoft and this is my first grenade ive bought. keep that in my mind when reading what i have to say about it.

to start off with, it comes in a box just big enough to house the grenade. it was quite a bit smaller than what i had imagined it to be. i really like the goldish yellow color the top half has to it. one of my friends reffered to it as being gold plated almsot. the instructions inside are very simple, they just lay out the basic steps to fill the bb's and reset the grenade. by the way there is a little bit of funny engrish in the manual which i liked.

one important thing to note when shopping for grenades, this grenade is the longest of any grenade out there. i have a dboys 3 in 1 launcher, and it just barely fits inside it

i would definitely recommend buying a speed loader if you dont already have one because loading 204 bb's one at a time is a complete pain. im thinking about getting a larger speed loader for the reason that my speed loader is a 100 rounder, and i have to refill it 3 times in order to completely fill this grenade. just like other grenades, there's a tiny rubber piece that holds all the bb's in so that they dont fall out after you load it. i have heard from somewhere that , that little rubber piece acts sort of like a hop up which would explain the large spread.

this grenade came in before my co2 charger had come in, so i first fired it with propane/green gas. i fired it first without any bb's in it just to hear the report. i was totally shocked at how loud it was firing it the first time, which startled me quite a bit. i loaded the grenade a few times and test fired it while just holding it in my hand (by the way the instructions tell you nor to activate it with your finger on the bottom, but i did anyway and im still here so...). the spread was really good, but only good enough for CQB in my opinion. i did not measure it, mostly because its almost impossible to but, it fired a good 40 ft. and the spread probably reached 20 ft. wide.

ALL this changed however whenever i got my co2 charger. the one i bought is the madbull charger that does not have the regulator on it. supposedly you're supposed to charge it to 600 psi for full power, but i dont know how much i was charging it. i held the charger into the grenade for about a second, maybe 1.2 seconds. i was definitely afraid of overcharging it. i guess a small side note/recommendation would be to get the co2 charger with the regulator. the one without the regulator will do me fine for now, but i think i will eventually have to bite the bullet and buy the more expensive one.

i did the same firing tests with co2 that i did with propane. i fired it without bb's and it made an extremely loud BANG when it fired. it was definitely much louder and had much more kick to it. i then filled it and fired it, and my shooting results were almost doubled from when i shot it with propane.

i guess i should mention that i was using .12 second chance bb's from walmart. i didnt want to use my bb's i use with my AEG's since it fires so many at one time.

the distance this covered easily reached 70 ft. if i were to measure it i would go as far as to say it can reach out to 100 ft.! the spread was at least 50 ft if not more!

being that this has such a much larger capacity and has MUCH better seals that work with co2, this grenade has immense power and range for its class!

great capacity
great for CQB with green gas
HUGE range and spread with co2
really, really loud
extremely intimidating

may be too long for most launchers
no instructions in the manual on how to lube it
field refs might want you to use propane with it since co2 is extremely powerful!
by J. ROBINSON Date Added: Wednesday 21 July, 2010
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Product Information:
First impression. Solid,

First shot impression. "HOLY F****" Running C02, this thing is loud. Really loud. Power, lots of power. Range, lots of it.

Really something I found to be disappointing at first, but later found to be a "pro in hiding" was the fact these shells are so long, that when I load them into my ICS M203 long type launcher, the end remains in the breach of the tube while the base is still locked by the shell extractor. At first I was quite peeved at the idea of having to fumble with the extractor to remove the shell and reload. It seemed as if these shells would be...impossible to quickly reload with.

But alas, with simple pressure to the base of the shell *you push up and forward* the shell is able to slide forward enough that you may easily remove it from the breach.
MASSIVE PRO, you shell doesn't just flop out and land in the dirt when you want to reload. The motion is quick enough to be effective, yet you keep control over the shell while reloading. Which keep this thing from falling onto the concrete, dirt..w/e.

It is a beast.

People are going to get these now...and I do not look forward to getting blown away by one of these things. Seriously not looking forward to it. The prospect of coming around a corner or through some underbrush knowing that enemy is packing one of these. I would say...daunting.
by M. MCCLELLAND verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 11 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Product Information:
I got one of these a couple days ago and it is AWSOME! If you fill it up 1/3 to full of BBs it will shoot around 330 FPS and completely full around 300 FPS. It has I would say about a 10 ft. spread from about 30-40 ft away and the BBs went in a filled in circle pattern with .12 BBs. If you use the 88g Wal-Mart CO2 tanks then I recommend holding it down for 3 seconds to fill it. I highly recommend this Grenade, it is worth the money.

Fits in my Echo 1 2 in 1 long launcher
Looks really nice
Shoots a filled in circle not a ring
Holds a lot of BBs

None that I can think of
by D. SHAW Date Added: Monday 09 February, 2009
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Product Information:
I used one of these last week at a match and it was a BEAST!! This is one of those must-haves to be an effective grenadier. This is because it has far more range and power from what i'm guessing is the CO2 instead of Green Gas. With this shell a grenade launcher is actually useful! The best part about this is that it actually has a kick to it when fired! Be advised at close range because i have seen this embed bbs into tac vests. The only issue with it that i noticed is that the triggering pad at the bottom is relatively "touchy" so be careful when handling it.

Extremely Powerful
Has Recoil!!
Good Range
Makes a Launcher Useful
Very reliable
Takes CO2 which is much cheaper than Green Gas

Trigger Pad is kind of touchy
Not optimal for "safe" CQC situations
by F. CAPILITAN Date Added: Sunday 22 June, 2008
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
These grenade shells are very powerful and are at their best when using CO2. 400-500 PSI is about right, though I have used 600 on a few occasions. The .20 BBs easily fly to 40-50 yards when used with COs, but have much less range if you use propane or green gas. This shell will easily make your grenade launcher that much more intimidating and I highly recommend buying it over any other grenade shell.
by J. SAUER Date Added: Friday 23 May, 2008
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
A True Review:
First off, this is a must have for a grenade collection (artillary). It has the most capacity and is truely what I consider an airsoft grenade. The only down fall is loading. A 200 round speed loader is a must ($10). Other than the loading this is a great grenade. YOU MUST USE OVER 500 PSI FOR GOOD RANGE AND POWER. Less than 500 psi sucks. I have used 450 and the bbs went 30 feet. I used 550 psi and the bbs went over 100. I cant wait to try this baby out!!!

by R. BEEZLEY Date Added: Thursday 17 January, 2008
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
Great Grenade.... That said is is a pain in the neck to load. I find that I just use my other grenades more for the simple fact that I dont want to sit there and fill it up. When I fire it any one on the other side is not a happy person.
by S. POWERS Date Added: Tuesday 18 December, 2007
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
this grenade save me more than once. it is VERY powerful and has a wider spred than all the grenades i had.
by B. ABBOTT Date Added: Sunday 18 March, 2007
For: Madbull XM204HP King 204 rd. BB Grenade Shell (Black/Yellow)
This grenade is awsome! I use about 500-600psi of CO2. It shoots ALL 200+ BBs (20g) about 400-500ft. or 5-6 house lengths. I have used up to 950psi of CO2, but I DON'T recommend doing it!!! Anything over 650psi will cause the top valve to stick open and you will have to take it apart to fix it. Huge BANG when fired with less BB's. I also used it with 800psi (but the valve stuck) and it fired a rubber M576 madbull head over a football field in length (108yrds). Use Madbull portable charger with it. Red or Green Gas produces lame results!
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