Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
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by J. KEAY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 04 May, 2014
verified buyer
For: Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
Product Information:
i bought this since the field i play at in Bourne, MA has a good sized cqb town area. and nothing beats it for its sheer point-and-shoot room clearing ability. it's very light, as maneuverable as any pistol and makes a good solid POP that propels a shower of BB's between 130-160 fps a short distance with a really wide spread. (yeah it's kinda hard to get a solid chrono number with 12 BB's leaving the barrel at once)

however there are some drawbacks to this gun:

upon getting this in the mail, you may find that you lack the proper equipment to test fire it right out of the box... you need to purchase either a standard paintball tank and get it charged with co2, then screw the provided filler needle to the top of it in order to charge the gas chamber part of the shells,

or buy a small hand charger that lets you charge the shells using standard co2 cartriges, they sell em here on GI but the drawback is you only get 5-7 good shell charges out of 1 co2 cartridge, thats literally only 5-7 individual shots and aint very money efficient.

my other pet peeve on these things are the BB shells, each shell has four channels that you load with 3 bb's apiece, making for 12bb's per shell and therefore, 12bb's per shot.

BUT... the BB's are held in those channels by rubber gaskets in a grove near the end of the shell, gaskets that get easily shot out of the shells along with the BB's...

ya see where im goin with this? and the next time you try to load that particular channel in the shell the BB's fall right out the shell, the barrel, and into the holster, and you wind up with not a great spread by the time you lose 3 out of 4 or all of the gaskets in that shell.

and the gasket replacement kit that comes with the gun only have like 8 replacements for the BB shells which i have long since used up, and now you wind up having to buy replacement gasket kits JUST for the shells, which leaves you with tons of gaskets for every other part of the gas chambers that take much longer to wear out so you never use those other gaskets... and those replacement gasket kits cost $6.00 plus shipping here and you only need one type of gasket from the kit...

despite my pet peeves about the gun and those stupid little gaskets (which i found a way to superglue those little bastards into the shells, win) the performance of this thing far outweighs the annoyances that come with it!

12bb's per shot in a wide spread, or flip a switch on the left barrel down to fire both barrels at once for a huge horizontal spread, 24 bbs!

can literally clear a small room of noobs huddling together with one trigger pull

cool break-open action and the spent shells just slip right out with no resistance, and new ones glide right in if you buy spares. quick to reload with practice

very solid for a mostly plastic piece, ive dropped it twice and no breaks or cracks or nothin.

functional front and rear sights, even though aiming is purely optional on this gun XD

comes with it's own holster, which is really nice and holds the gun snug with velcro so it dont slip out. it also has shell holder loops, and i think it's Molle compatible from how long the straps are but i dont use molle so not 100% on that y'all...

if you want to fire one barrel at a time, you need to flip the switch on the left barrel up to fire only the right side barrel, then flip it down to fire the left, can get confusing in the heat of battle if you're new to the gun but once you get it down to muscle memory the gun becomes much more useable in cqb.

the price, and not just for the gun, buying spare gas shells is expensive too, like $25 for just two extra shooters expensive...

the gaskets shoot out and then when theyre reloaded, the bbs fall out of the shells on my shell holder on my vest, and out of the shells in the gun too, collecting in the bottom of the holster and therefore not being shot out at my prey...

difficult to tell exactly how much gas you're putting in each shell, i think holding them down on the gas filler needle for about 3 seconds yields good shots without worrying about possibly blowing out a gasket inside the thing.

big, stupidly visible orange tip, i mean you could see that thing in pitch black around a corner so take your prey by surprise if you can
by A. HUFFMAN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 11 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
Product Information:
this gun is great so cqb or if you need to clear a group of enemies. i have used it both indoors and outdoors and have not had a problem with it. once you get to know where about the shots are going to spread out to you can get better shots on groups of just that one player you really want to lay in to. you cant use this as any kind of mid or long range but with in 20 feet you can hit what you are aiming at without fail.

look of the gun
select fire (one barrel or both)
easy to reload
solid trigger

plastic body
shells are not always tight so bbs will fall out
safety can be put on when using
not made for someone with bigger hands than a 14 year old
by C. MAYER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 31 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
Product Information:
I bought this last summer to use at the fields as a last resort weapon. I love the shells that you put into the gun adding a little realism to the gun, but that could be cumbersome in the middle of a match. The plastic feels like it is woods which is a nice feature. I didn't get a huge ton of use out of it, but its really cool to have on my back in the middle of a match.

Pros: Very light weight which is perfect to place on your back. When using CO2, it has a good shooting range (for a shotgun) and sprays bbs everywhere. Unlike the other Goblin series of shotguns, this one has 2 barrels meaning more firepower to the user.

Cons: The huge orange tip can give away your position and is difficult to get off (is a pro for safety however). This would make a very poor primary gun to use (its better as a side arm). The price is a little expensive. Being a gas consuming gun, it won't work well in the winter/snow (if you live in the north like me).
by B. RIDER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 16 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
Product Information:
This short ranged secondary is a lot of fun. Its great when your in tight quarter combat, or just feel like goofing off. This gun is made of a durable plastic and can withstand some drops but i would advise you to not drop it at all. This gun comes with four shell, two gas cylinders that contain the pressure, and a nice holster that fits the gun well. I would not take this weapon on field matches but its my reliable backup in CQB action. I would reccomend this gun to players that have a little bit more experiance under their belt, due to the fact that the cartriges are hard to fill at firs, and the fact that you can really hurt someone at a close range.

- small, compact, and eay to carry
- Wide spread that dosent require much aim to hit your target
- Plastic is good enough to withstand some impact
- Descent velocity for close range use
- simple safety
- reliable

- Would rather see a harder plymer build
- Potentially longer barrel for a tighter grouping
- Gass housing could be easier to fill
- Large orange tip in the front
- plastic shells do not hold the BB's tightly some may fall out
by G. HORN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 24 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: Goblin Deuce Player Set (Wood)
Product Information:
The goblin deuce works very well at a short range, because it has a huge spread. Trying to use it for anything but short range is a bad idea. It doesn't shoot far or accurate. I found that the deuce is constructed very well, I can't find a problem with it. The simulated wood doesn't look great, I would prefer real wood, and the orange tip is large. It only comes with 2 full shells, I thought it said 4, but it does come with 2 more of the front half. I recently started using a "western" load out that this works well with.

Up to 24 bb's at once
Solid construction
Well priced, especially using the ASGI trifecta

Giant orange tip (it does keep people safe though)
It says it comes with 4 shells, it came with 4 of the part that holds bb's, and 2 of the back half that holds the co2 charge.
Not very fieldable. (I didn't buy it for its practicality though)
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