A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by M. WILLIAMS Date Added: Saturday 16 August, 2014
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a reliable relatively inexpensive long rifle. The only thing that mine came with the sight bent but it was fixed and the wobble can be fixed by stripping it and tightening all the screws and rub candle wax where the barrel meets the hop up to eliminate barrel wobble all in all with upgrades this can top any gas gun

Shoots hard
Easy to strip
Nice feel

Bolt can leave blisters
Needs upgrades
Wobble at first
by C. HEATON Date Added: Friday 28 March, 2014
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great gun over all

The feel

Magazine wiggles alittle
by D. KEEN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 11 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Took it out of the box, and it was instantly the best scooter that I have ever had. I cannot wait to use it.

Nice weight
Great length
Easy to figure out safety

The clip wiggled a little, but it is not too bad.
by L. POTTER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great gun. It is super accurate and made of good materials. Almost everything is metal except the hand guard and stock. The only thing that hasn't been good about it is that my gun came with a bent front sight. But that is just my gun.

awesome looking

Not the best screws in the gun. They strip very easily
by J. SMITH Date Added: Wednesday 21 March, 2012
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A pretty good and cheap intro sniper rifle for Airsoft, don't expect this gun to shoot very fast/accurate out the box. Upon first getting the gun, I found out that the hopup needed to be adjusted because the gun seemed to only shoot about 20 feet before dropping dramatically; open up the dustcover to adjust the hopup, it's the center alan screw. I would recommend getting an aftermarket A&K SVD hopup unit from airsoftpro.cz to make changing the hopup much more easy and not require you to take off the dust cover each time.

After purchasing both the hopup unit from airsoftpro.cz and a C02 conversion kit from get-reload.com, along with a 590mm 6.01 barrel I am now reaching 600fps with .40 (yes, .40s) and can accurately hit targets up to 300 feet quite easily. The one thing that is strange about the C02 kit is no matter what weight BB I put into the gun, it still shoots consistently 550-600fps every shot.

Great starter rifle
Readily available upgrades
Cheap price with promo codes
Easy take-down
~600fps with .40s once fully upgraded with C02, Hopup unit, and 6.01 barrel

Will cost around $150 for the hopup unit and C02 kit, but well worth it
Out of the box a few parts are highly recommended to get replaced
by P. PATTI verified buyer Date Added: Friday 16 December, 2011
verified buyer
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Let me first start off by saying that I won this gun during the Airsoft Gi, “Season to Remember Giveaway.” I bought a KWA m4 and then a little message popped up saying that I had won this gun. I was ultra thrilled that I had actually “won” something. I couldn’t wait for my m4 or my sniper rifle to arrive. I had always wanted a sniper rifle but I had never planned on buying one. I immediately began researching this gun. My friend has the same gun and I was always in awe when I ran into to him during a battle. He would only fire one shot and hit me from about 125ft away. I was a little skeptical when I found out that it was Chinese and made by A&K but I was very excited nonetheless. It arrived 3 days later.

When I first opened it, I found that it didn’t have a manual and that the front sight was not inserted. I quickly figured out how to install it. The gun was solidly built. I then began to test the gun. It wasn’t “sniper” accurate but I was easily able to hit all targets that I wished to hit on the second shot that I fired at them. The range was further than most AEGs but I wanted a little more. I adjusted the hop-up and continued to shoot. The hop-up made a little difference. The BBs went about 10 feet further with the hop up on. The gun was firing at about 400 FPS.

Many reviewers complain about “how hard the bolt is to cycle. ” Grow some muscle! It’s pretty easy for me and I am 15.

The only complaints I have about this gun are that it isn’t totally accurate. However, it will hit stuff better than most AEGs. I’m going to fix this by putting in a tightbore. It also could use a new hop up. I’ll probably replace that. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I really like the construction. It is very solid and feels like it can take a little beating.

I am a believer in the idea of: you can’t get a ‘Call of Duty’ sniper rifle where you will peg people from a long distance away. I’m not going to put a scope on this gun. I don’t think that airsoft guns are accurate enough to put use scopes.

All in all this is a good gun. Don’t expect to be some awesome sniper dude. If you want to do that here is what I recommend: Buy an M16 (or any gun with a long barrel) from a good company like KWA, or G&G. Put a 6.01 in it. Use .28-.30 gram BBS. Upgrade the spring so that you get about 400 FPS with that ammo. Put a good hop up in it. And there you have it. It will be more accurate than most other guns out there.

This is a good gun and with the above mentioned upgrades it will shoot perfectly. I am thrilled that I won it.

It also looks really cool.

I play on an official team with mostly adults. I can't wait to see how this will perform!

ROCK ON Airsoft GI!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Accurate
Well built
Inexpensive! $150? That's not too bad for a gun like this. (well, I did win it for free.)
It's also pretty sick looking

A few upgrades required.
I am biased against A&K
Made in China
by S. BATRES Date Added: Wednesday 14 December, 2011
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The SVD dragunov, by far the best sniper rifle ever made, in my opinion that is.
OK, so the gun is made up of mostly metal. the hand guard and stock is made of very good polymer, and other than that the rest of the gun is metal. not counting the orange tip which comes with the gun but can be removed if you wish so.
The gun was shipped to me very carefully and word of advise! dont use the bb's that come in the pakage! use your own bb's.
like i said gun all metal, internals very easy to get to.
Gun can take any AEG springs you wish( i have an m170 spring)
Stock Hop up is ok, but i suggest getting a new one. if you wish to know where to get one email me at ( [email protected] )
gun is compatible with AEG barrels ( 550mm-650mm recommended)
cheek rest is removeable but really comfy
mag wobbles but it can be fixed.
also email me for link to all steel high endurance sear catch for the stock one wears down easily.
This gun can be converted to CO2 powered.
Now for people having the BOLT issue. wear gloves or lubricate the bolt mechanism, itll save your hand. ( I WILL POST A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ON FULL DISSAEMBLY OF THE A&K SVD DRAGUNOV WITH SHOOTING RANGE AND ACCURACY.) my channel is Batrres
gun also come with intergrated side rail mount, for mounting of ANY ak side rail mount.
svd bipod can be attached where the real svd dragunov bipod goes.
Gun in all 5 out of 5

pin point accuracy ( 150ft-200ft )
No mag bb rattle ( a save for snipers )
light weight ( 8.4 lbs with scope mount and scope+ bipod. )
easy to maintain
compatible with many after market upgrades
CO2 convertiable

long barrel =barrel wobble, can be fixed or prevented from hitting barrel onto floor or walls.
double feeding, easy fix- pull the bolt back in one try or down grade to weaker spring.
by Z. MAGID Date Added: Friday 18 March, 2011
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
WOW, i bought this gun with a coupon code for a extremely reasonable price. when i opened the box i couldn't help but load it right up. stock out of the box this rifle with the m150 spring is clocking in at 2.3 joules! thats some serious power right out of the box. Airsoft gi has yet to update this post about the SVD, this is the second version from A&K, it has the m150 spring installed giving you 480-500 fps with .20's... version 1 is discontinued and it gave 400 fps with a m120 spring. you can tell the models apart because the new version has 2 small "show" flat head screws on the upper metal receiver.

now to start of f every svd will have a loose front hand guard, and a shaky receiver. but nothing a little black wire tape wont fix right up. now this gun is solid! the plastic is actually glass fiber and extremely strong stuff. the bolt pull was difficult the first round i loaded, but a little silicon loosens it right up. And alot of young children are tell people to use glove to fire this weapon. im a normal guy and had no problem with this gun cocking leaver hurting my hand after 300 rounds or so.

the magazine is wonderful, the new version holds 60-70 and is whisper quiet and has no mis feeds because of the hicap. this gun will double feed however, if you loosen or tighten the screws above and below the hopup. the hopup is the middle allen key screw.

so overall, this gun is heavy, has a super long barrel, very accurate with .36's out to about 170 feet. has a great feel to it, huge mag capacity, extremely intimidating.

and it is also quieter than a vsr-10 spring verzion.

2.3 joules!
500 fps .20's
long inner barrel
great look
amazing feel
pretty much my favorite sniper platform i have ever worked with
very smooth trigger pull
runs aeg type springs!
great weight balance

you wont want to put it down!
unfortunately no beefy trigger sears are on the market so if you upgrade to a m170 spring (3.2 joules!! and 585-600 fps! (.20's)) you will have a seriously powerful sniper for only 20$ but you will need to machine out a new sear because it will blow out :(
by L. PFOST verified buyer Date Added: Monday 21 February, 2011
verified buyer
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
You get what it says, amazing beginners sniper rifle, great price, and in Russia the gun shoots you.
also WATCH THE VIDEO, its extremely helpful, especially when you want to see what the spring and all looks like, even after watching it i accidentally unscrewed the top to see the spring and all instead of using the little switch type thing. this is definitely a buy not to miss

very sturdy, and solid aside from the front grip
very high fps
great accuracy, hit a road sign from 140-150+ feet
hurts like a sucker, even from 100+ft, and is easily capable of leaving welts to betray lying players
blends in everywhere, and the black looks awesome
clip works average and has just the right amount of ammunition
pretty quiet, and hard to locate the shooter, i was behind a garbage can shooting at guys for 2 minutes from 80 ft away and they still had no idea where i was until they were all down and i came out from behind the can.
so realistic, watch out for the little valve hatch cover near the front of the front grip, it can come out after a while, you will see it when you get this awesome inexpensive gun.
easy to upgrade
comes with a cool cheek pad, but its not needed unless you buy a scope

the front does shake a little, but minutely. can easily be fixed, i haven't yet because its not noticeable
the magazine does feed multiple pellets if you do not speedily and fully pull back the spring with one try
yes its hard to pull back and if your weak make sure you use gloves, i have not yet tried a silicon spray but even without it you get used to pulling back the spring and it will seem easy. wear gloves anyways yes it can give blisters, if you cant pull it back because its to hard, and you stop and let it go forward it will double feed.
the scope is really expensive and unneeded, the iron sights work great.
be careful when you walk around with it, its very long and very prone to hitting stuff, if not careful
by S. KOVACH verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 14 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K Dragonov SVD Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for a good while now, out of the box it felt and handled great! The spring, as mentioned, is VERY hard to pull back, i didn't care and it bruised my hand because of it, i know wear gloves. The polymer stock and foregrip are durable and strong and being it's not wood it makes the gun even lighter, making it much better to carry around. I havn't had many troubles with this gun, so far the only issues i've had are, the front half of the gun wobbles, where the foregrip meets the metal body and the magazine wobbles. That's the only issues i've had with this gun, besides those two issues, this is a fantastic gun. I would approve of anyone else buying this gun.

Metal body.
Built in spring guide
very strong spring
Satisfying clink when the metal collides after pulling the bolt back.(just my opinion)
Magazine fits well and loads well
Polymer stock and foregrip make it very light for such a long gun.

Front half wobbles a bit(can probably be fixed)
Magazine wobbles(can be easily fixed)
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