Airsoft can take many forms! Airsoft is a fast-growing action sports game usually comprised of competitive target shooting, "Military Simulation" games that utilize airsoft guns to tag players on the opposing team, or even just collecting and plinking at your own leisure. Generally, airsoft guns utilize spring, gas, or electric mechanisms to fire a 6mm plastic BB projectile at varying speeds. Airsoft guns also use a variety of feeding mechanisms, such as magazines, to resupply the gun with a steady stream of BBs and keep it firing. Magazines hold varying amounts of ammo, and some events may choose to restrict the type of magazines players are allowed to carry on the field to enhance the realism of the game.

When played against opposing players, airsoft relies upon an honor system of calling yourself out when struck by an opposing player's BBs, regardless of whether or not anyone saw you get hit.

Though the kit and protective gear is highly subjective and will fluctuate with personal choice, all airsofters MUST wear eye protection at all times! Eye protection can come in the form of goggles, full face masks (similar to those found in paintball), full seal shooting glasses, etc. Many players also choose utilize airsoft specific face protection if not wearing a full face mask, though individual fields will vary about what protection equipment is allowed or mandatory. Additionally, most players will choose to wear some form of tactical equipment for storing extra magazines, BBs, gas, batteries, etc.

M4 Style Airsoft Gun

AK Style Airsoft Gun

How to Start

Starting out is easy! Generally speaking, we recommend new players grab an entry level gun, some protective equipment, and give it a shot! Entry level guns will usually come with a battery, charger, and a small amount of BBs to get you started - though you should pick up some extra BBs if you're planning to visit a field for a full day's play.

Your results may vary depending on your shooting and play style, but ~3-5000 rounds is usually sufficient for most folks out for a casual day of pickup games. Though you don't have to buy your BBs from us, they should always come from a reputable airsoft dealer! Low quality BBs found at general sporting goods store can damage your gun and void your warranty.

Once you've got your gun, eye protection and gear, you're set! Now you just need to find a field, and it just so happens that we've partnered with the most extensive airsoft field database in the world - Airsoft C3! C3 makes finding a field and events near you super easy - give it a go!

It should also be noted - though airsoft is a fun sport and hobby, our equipment looks VERY SIMILAR to their real steel counterparts, and as such, airsoft guns should never be displayed in public!


First off - we get it. As players ourselves, the last thing we want is for anyone to be hurt playing the hobby we love. As with any hobby, the potential for injury is always there, and is amplified by negligence or misuse.

That being said - we've found airsoft to be a fantastic tool to teach personal responsibility, build lasting friendships, and learn what it's like to work closely with a team to succeed. When played with a mind geared towards safety and responsibility, we believe airsoft to be no more dangerous than any other active outdoor hobby. Additionally, we have a full team of seasoned customer service representatives fully willing and able to field any questions you might have, be you a potential player or parent!

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