The Airsoft version of the CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 has been developed and built by ActionSportGames to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 A1 as possible. Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 A1 has even replicated functioning parts and the sturdy toughness of the real thing. Besides its many unique features, the EVO 3 A1 still offers the standards found on other Airsoft guns, allowing players to customize and upgrade their gun.

  • Empty Magazine Detection
  • Functional Bolt Catch
  • Metal Flash Hider
  • Quick Change Spring System
  • Genuine 3-Shot Burst
  • Multiple Sling Mount Points
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Integrated Rails
  • CNC Machines Outer Barrel
  • Crisp Trigger Response
  • Automatic Internal Failure Detection System

hop up
velocity ms/fps
weight (g)
length (mm)
length folded (mm)
barrel (mm)
mag. capacity
120 (394)
Designed for strength
Attention to details
Focus on functionality

Each component has been carefully designed to fit together tightly, and has been reinforced in known weak spots. ASG has gone through great efforts in finding the optimal combination of materials that would offer the best performance. From the different types of reinforcements added to the polymer body, to the choice of aluminum alloy for the gear box, this Airsoft Gun has been built for strength. Many parts have been CNC made or processed to ensure a superior finish, ultra-fine tolerances, and long lasting durability.

Great effort has gone into adjusting even the tiniest details of the EVO 3 A1. It has been an expressed goal that the sound, look and feel of the Airsoft Gun should match the real gun in as many aspects as possible. This has all been done to give the user the experience of operating the original gun which is an innovation in itself. Whether it’s the tight fit of the adjustable folding stock on the receiver or the way the fire selector sounds when it clicks into position, these are just some of the many examples of the attention to detail that ASG has put into this Airsoft Gun.  This great attention to detail makes the EVO 3 A1 stand out with its superior quality.

Its compact size, light weight and ambidextrous controls allow it to be handled by any size player, but the design of the individual components and the way they are assembled have been done in order to make it easy to service and maintain.  The external access to the main power spring allows fast and easy upgrades or downgrades depending on the situation. Should there be a desire for a more complete upgrade the EVO 3 A1 is designed and built to be easily taken apart and reassembled repeatedly.  By focusing on functionality, ASG has created an Airsoft Gun that is easy to use, maintain and upgrade, ensuring many years of reliable service and excitement.

Newly designed gearbox
Sound and feel
Larger support surface
Easy power change
Optimal power transfer
The gearbox is designed to fully encase the cylinder, thus eliminating the typical stresspoints seen on version 2 and 3 gearboxes – making the gearbox able to withstand powerful upgrades, and providing a long lifespan. Even the small spring that locks the fire selector in its position has gone through a detailed design optimization process to ensure that it not only functions but sound and feel, is crisp and clear, so identification of fire mode is easy. By increasing the thickness of the gear box, ASG has increased the support surface for the piston eliminating wobble. This ensures that even a worn piston will stay in place during stress situations – keeping optimal contact with the sector gear. The need to quickly change the velocity in order to accommodate regulations has always been evident in AEGs. ASG has made the EVO’s spring guide accessible from the outside, allowing fast spring changes in the field without dismantling the gun. Not only does the EVO3 use a short shaft motor, but ASG has also added a support bearing to its shaft. This results in a superior support for the motor shaft, optimizing power transfer while greatly reducing wear on the pinion gear as well as reducing noise.