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As a new player, it can be a tricky proposition to find everything you need to hit the field and make sure you don’t overspend but fear not because Airsoft GI has got your six! We’ve put together what we believe is one of the best possible package deals you can find to start playing on the field! This package includes the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 SOPMOD M4 RIS Carbine AEG, which is the ultimate option for lightweight airsoft combat. Its polymer body makes it durable and rugged, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver while it’s high quality internal parts will keep you on target and scoring hits with ease!

To protect your eyes and face, we’ve included a Full Face Mask with visor, making sure you have adequate protection for almost every airsoft field. We’ve secured you a Tactical Crossdraw Vest to make sure you can carry everything in this package onto the field. This crossdraw vest even gives you a little bit of room to expand your loadout in the future. Round everything out with a nice comfy 2 point sling to keep your rifle secured, and you’ve got everything you need to start slinging plastic.

This package saves you $67 over an already low retail price. It’s an unbeatable value to get you on the field and playing. With the equipment in this bundle, you’ve got everything you need to not only hit the field and play, but actually be competitive with more advanced players. These items were hand picked because they’re inexpensive while delivering high performance. The rifle alone is easily capable of going toe-to-toe with most other AEG’s on the market, and has proven durability.

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Available in black or tan

Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package


X2 .20g 5,000 ct. BBs


.20g 5,000 ct. BBs

x2 M4 300 Rd. Magazine


M4 300 Rd. Magazine



Battery and Charger

Airsoft GI $20 Gift Card


Airsoft GI $20 Gift Card

Tactical Crossdraw Vest

Tactical Crossdraw Vest

This tactical vest features stationary magazines pouches that can fit a variety of different types of magazines. Above the magazine pouches is a utility pouch for miscellaneous items. There is velcro panels where the pistol holster attaches to, but it can be replaced with anything that is equipped with velcro such as the included extra double magazine pouch. There are also pistol magazine pouches. On the back of the vest there are molle straps to attach a hydration carrier. It also comes with a pistol belt which is equipped with pistol magazine pouches that are mounted horizontally. The Tactical Crossdraw is one size fits most with adjustable straps around the sides and shoulders. To make sure everything is secure there is a zipper down the center, just like your everyday zip up hoodie. This vest can hold everything that you need to carry for your primary and side arm.

Magazine pouches
Pistol mag pouches
Utility pouches
Pistol holster

LT-04 Gen 2 SOPMOD M4 RIS CarbineClassic Army Skirmish CA4A1 EC1 M4 RIS CQB Carbine

LT-04 Gen 2 SOPMOD M4 RIS Carbine


Tackle any objective the airsoft AO with YOUR CHOICE of the M4 RIS EC1 Skirmish by Classic Army or the Lancer Tactical Generation 2 SOPMOD M4 RIS Carbine

The Classic Army M4 RIS EC1 Skirmish features a high rate of fire along with a 300rd high-capacity magazine, so you can put more BBs on target faster than you can count. It also features a quad rail system for attachments of lights, lasers, bipod or forward grip. Front and rear flip-up sights are included with plenty of rail space for you to mount a scope. The quick-change spring feature allows you to change the power of the gun quickly and easily (upgrade spring not included), so you're ready for all environments and ranges of play.

Internally, the gun has a 9mm bushing gearbox, inline MOSFET protected trigger contacts, 6.03mm tight-bore barrel and a quick-change spring system. It will shoot 330-350 fps using 0.20g BBs and 900-1000 rpm using a 9.6V battery. It has a quick-change spring system so you can quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade your spring to change the power level.

The Lancer Tactical Generation 2 SOPMOD M4 RIS Carbine features a newly upgraded nylon reinforced polymer body, which allows for not only a tough, durable rifle, but lightweight and maneuverable so you can stay in the fight for longer! This carbine is also a replica of a Special Operations Peculiar MODification (SOPMOD) rifle, utilizing a quad rail handguard so you can install your favorite attachments, such as grips and rail covers (Included with this gun!), flashlights, PEQ boxes, and more! The gun also features an adjustable front and rear sight, so you can dial in and zero your shots, and a detachable carry handle, so you can attach your favorite optic. A sling loop in the front and a QD point in the rear makes attaching a sling easier, making the rifle more comfortable to handle!

Internally, the 2nd generation of these Lancer Tactical come with standard Version 2 gearboxes, so upgrades and modifications are easy to come by. These upgraded gearboxes come out swinging with an upgraded motor, 8mm ball bearings to ensure the gears spin more efficiently with less friction, a quick change spring system, and low resistance wiring to ensure electrical flow from your battery to your rifle! The rifle also features a 6.03mm tight bore barrel, and a rotary dial hop up unit, to allow for more precise, accurate shots at range. This model shoots approximately 375 to 395 feet per second out of the box, making it field legal and perfect for long range engagements!

Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package
Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package
Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package
Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package