Umarex H&K 416C IAR M27 Infantry Assault Rifle

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This AEG is the most realistic airsoft representation of the real steel H&K 416 IAR (M27). This gun is full metal and features officially licensed H&K trademarks all over the gun. The magazine is even more realistic than other high caps because it doesn't have a winding wheel at the bottom. VFC followed up their excellent tradition of exterior work by also creating an excellent internal system for this AEG. VFC's custom pistol grip is slimmer to emulate a real gun pistol grip. The H&K 416 IAR (M27) stock is a unique feature and comes padded to remain comfortable and secure to the shooter. It comes firing ~370 feet per second straight out of the box with 0.20 gram BBs! If you try to upgrade a Tokyo Mauri into the VFC 416, you’ll spend more than a $1000.00 trying to do it. By far the best bang for the buck. To top off this gun, externally, the tech's at Airsoft GI have added a VFC IAR Conversion Kit. The VFC IAR Conversion Kit consists of a VFC 11" IAR Free Float Rail System, Steel Barrel Extension, and an Enlarged Charging Handle for easy weapon manipulation. Also on the right side of the body, there is a replica QR Code. On the real H&K 416 IAR (M27), the QR Code is intended to keep track of the rifle being issued to certain companies of the military. Internally, they have added a 6.03 407mm Tightbore Barrel for increased range and accuracy. Overall this is a great rifle especially for those who have taken the support role in the field.


Manufacturer: Airsoft GI

Muzzle Velocity: 335-360 FPS

Magazine Capacity: 320 rounds

Gearbox type: Type 2(GB TECH Pre- Upgraded)

Package includes: Gun, Magazine, Iron Sights, Cleaning Rod, 38" Gun Bag, Original 416 CQB RIS, Manual









H&K Licensed Trademarks

VFC Pre- Upgraded Gearbox

VFC IAR 11" Free Float Rail System

Steel Barrel Extension

Enlarged Charging Handle

Replica QR Code









Product does not include Support Weapon Optic.