Elite Force HK G28








The H&K Full Metal G28 (by VFC) is an extremely welcome addition to Umarex's line of high quality and unique AEGs. This Umarex G28 is the first fully licensed official H&K G28 to hit the market, and it does not disappoint. The receiver features beautifully engraved HK trademarks that are fully licensed by Umarex. The 417 is the 7.62x51 caliber version of the H&K 416 which and is typically designed for DMR roles. The most obvious differences between the 417 and the 416 are the magazine and lower receiver. The magazine of the 417 is much larger then the standard 416 due to the increased caliber size of the real steel rifle, however it does not do much for the airsoft version. The upper and lower receivers are also modified to handle the 7.62x51 cartridge that the real steel rifle shoots. 

The lower receiver of this AEG also features a color-filled fire selector as well as a highly ergonomic pistol grip which fits very comfortably in the user’s hand. Moving onto the stock of this gun you will find that the crane stock on this gun features many improvements over the standard crane stock. First and foremost is the recoil pad, which in airsoft does not serve much of a purpose, but does make the rifle very comfortable to shoulder. The adjustment lever on the stock features a lower profile design which helps prevent the user from engaging the lever accidentaly. Finally, two sling attachment points are mounted on either side of the stock to allow the user to easily mount a sling. Moving onto the front of the gun you will notice a very solid free float rail system that is sturdily attached to the front of the receiver. The top rail of the Umarex G28 is completely monolithic allowing the user to mount a variety of optics in any position the user desires, and mounted on this monolithic top rail are H&K style iron sights, which are fully adjustable, very durable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

The internals of the Umarex G28 are just as impressive as the externals featured on this AEG. VFC’s gearboxes have continued to impress the airsoft industry and the G28 is no different. Self shimming gears make this airsoft gun shoot extremely smoothly and give the gun a great sound with little to no grinding. The piston has been upgraded with reinforced materials and now includes a partial metal tooth rack for even more durability. The tappet plate has also been reinforced with the same material. The new and improved motor provides better cooling efficiency, trigger response, and reliability. The Umarex H&K G28 by VFC is an extremely welcoming addition to the airsoft market with its very unique design and high quality internals and externals. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have an extremely high quality AEG that will not let you down, look no further then the Umarex H&K Full Metal G28 (by VFC).


Manufacturer: Elite Force
Model: G28
Muzzle Velocity: 430-440 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 100rds
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Bipod, Optic Mounts, Rail Covers, Vertical Grip, Sling Mount, Hard Case

  • Custom Tan Hard Case
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Bronzed Bi-pod Adapter
  • H&K Bi-pod H&K Rail Covers
  • Bronzed Rail Sling Mount
  • H&K Bronzed Scope & Red Dot Mounts (with 30mm adapters)
  • Reinforced 417 Gearbox – Both Halves
  • Radiused Shells NEW Reinforced Red Piston / Tappet Plate
  • Basic MOSFET Installed
  • Custom G28 Rail System
  • Semi Auto Only
  • H&K Vertical Grip