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The sniper rifle takes on a very interesting role in the world of airsoft. While the airsoft sniper rifle resembles that of the real steel rifle it varies in many different ways. The airsoft sniper is defined by the ability for the rifle to fire a single shot per trigger pull and are typically able to out range most standard airsoft guns. The two main types of airsoft sniper rifles are typically bolt action sniper rifles and designated marksmen rifles which are typically AEGs that have been modified to fire semi-auto only. As mentioned before that airsoft sniper takes on a specific role which can be very different from the standard style of airsoft game play. The airsoft sniper relies on surprise and long range accuracy which makes the sniper rifle a great addition to the battle field if used correctly.


Sniper Rifle Types

AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)

VFC Custom Down Range Mk17 SSR

The AEG sniper rifle is one of the most common forms of sniper in the world of airsoft. The AEG sniper rifle not only allows the operator to hit players at ranges far past a standard AEG, but it has many other advantages as well. The AEG sniper rifle is typically modeled after a real steel rifle of the same purpose, for example the Echo 1 Red Star CSR. The CSR is modeled after the Dragunov which is a Russian weapon that fires a 7.62x54mmR cartridge giving the rifle and estimated effective range of 1300 meters. The AEG sniper rifle often features many internal and external modifications, most notability to the FPS and barrel group.

A highly upgraded AEG sniper rifle will often shoot in upwards of 500 FPS and feature a highly upgraded barrel and hop up unit to improve both accuracy and range. Externally you will often find a high quality scope to allow the operator to easy place shots on target. The AEG sniper also features many advantages over the standard bolt action sniper rifle. Unlike the bolt action rifle the AEG is able to easy take follow up shots just by pulling the trigger. However the AEG sniper does come with a few downfalls. The AEG sniper is usually much heavier then the bolt action, the AEG is also much louder then a standard bolt action rifle.


VFC M40A5 Sniper Rifle

The gas sniper rifle is another unique type of rifle in the airsoft world that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Gas sniper rifles are typically bolt action, however very few models are semi-auto. The gas sniper rifle can be operated by a multitude of gases such as HPA, propane, cO2 or green gas, however green gas and propane are definitely the most common types of propellant. The gas sniper rifle is unique in the fact that its operation nearly mirrors that of a real steel rifle, which makes it a great for milsim players.

Gas bolt action rifles such as the G&G G96 are operated by charging the bolt which chambers a round and resets the trigger, then the operator takes the bolt home and the replica is ready to fire. Gas sniper rifles often weigh nearly the same as a real rifle which again adds to their realism as well as their usability. Gas sniper rifles however do have their draw backs. Gas is typically a very inconsistent source of power due to the unstable nature that is easily affected by environmental changes. As the rifle is fired the gas also starts to cool the magazine and internal parts which can make them freeze leading to extremely degraded performance.

Bolt Action

Custom KJW M700 Night Stalker

The final and most popular type of sniper rifle is the spring bolt action rifle. The spring sniper rifle is a true power house on the field and should not be taken lightly. The spring sniper rifle is often modeled after many of the most popular real steel rifles such as the Beta Project M200 or the JG Bar-10, both of which nearly mirror real rifles. Spring rifles are easily the simplest type of sniper rifle on the market which makes them extremely easy to upgrade and tune.

Spring rifles consist of very few parts that are both very easy to replace by nearly anybody and can be replaced at a relatively affordable cost. The spring sniper rifle is also typically extremity light compared to their real steel versions and often AEGs. For example the Beta Project weighs around 15 pounds which sounds like a lot but when compared to its real steel counter part weighing in at over 30 pounds it is comparatively much lighter. With all of these advantages, spring sniper rifles do have one major down fall and that is that they are still bolt action. Bolt action rifles do not allow the user to take quick follow up shots like an AEG rifle can.


Variable Zoom SCOPE

The sniper rifle is easily able to reach out and touch players at ranges clear past what a standard AEG is able to do and this means that you will need matching optics to place shots on target. The most popular style of optic for the sniper rifle is the magnified scope. A magnified scope has advantages over a standard optic when mounted onto a sniper rifle. First and foremost the magnification allows the operator to place accurate shots onto the target at long ranges, even if the target is mostly behind cover and only a small portion is visible.

The scope also allows the operator to track his round after it has been fired. Often, when using an airsoft sniper rifle, wind and other unseen forces will affect the rounds trajectory which would be unseen if not for magnification. The scope allows the operator to follow the round to its destination and correct for the next shot. The scope also allows the operator to scout out locations without having to use a secondary optic such as binoculars.

Sniper Gear

sniper ghillie suit

As the sniper takes on a very specific role in the airsoft field of battle the gear used by the sniper needs to be specific as well. Typically a sniper needs to be both fast and stealthy which translates to the gear and clothing worn by the sniper. A very popular piece of clothing worn by a sniper is the ghillie suit. A ghillie is a type of camouflage clothing that is made to distort the human silhouette and match the environment.

Ghillie suits normally feature some sort of material such as loose strips of burlap, cloth or twine. Ghillies can also feature natural vegetation of the area to blend in as best as possible. Of course a sniper will also need to carry magazines, water and other combat necessary items. Typically a sniper will carry very light gear such as a simple pair of Ansi Z87.1 rated glasses that feature a full seal design, a hat to protect the head, a balaclava and a low profile chest rig. These items while minimal will keep the sniper fully supplied and safe.

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