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Field missions are the real meat of airsoft; the all encompassing mission. Field game play style features large playing areas, varying terrain from deep wooded forests to open fields, CQB elements such as buildings and small enclosures, sniper elements such as long range firing and choke points, as well as large force on force engagements and various types of infantry dedicated to many different purposes. The large scale of field game play creates a unique opportunity for users to customize their load outs, weapons, and various gear to aid them in long matches, often spanning multiple hours. With the right tools, gun, and gear, a player can easily situate themselves into a field game and become a real force to be reckoned with.


Field Rifle Types

DMR (Designated Marksmen Rifles)

The DMR or Designated Marksmen rifle is defined as a role that fills the gap between a standard carbine and a sniper rifle. What this means is that the DMR has the capability to reach ranges that a sniper rifle is able to while being able to fire in semi-auto. A DMR will be built upon something like an AR-15 platform which gives the user many advantageous features. DMR rifles are typically modeled after a real steel rifle of the same purpose, for example the G&G M14 HBA, modeled after the real steel rifle of the same name; an American weapon that fires a 7.62x51 NATO cartridge giving the rifle and estimated effective range of 1300 meters.

A DMR often features many internal and external modifications, most notability to the FPS and barrel group. A highly upgraded DMR will often shoot in upwards of 500 FPS and feature a highly upgraded barrel and hop up unit to improve both accuracy and range. Externally you will find a high quality scope to allow the operator to easy place shots on target. Unlike the bolt action rifle the AEG is able to easy take follow up shots just by pulling the trigger.

Airsoft GI Custom DMR

Carbine Rifles

The Carbine is the work horse of field games. A typical carbine that you will see on the airsoft field will have a barrel under 20 inches and can be built upon many platforms such as the M4, AK or even the G36. The carbine as a fire arm can be dated to before the 1900s and was originally designed for horse mounted Calvary, but of course the carbine has come a long way since those days. A carbine is defined as a long arm that is similar to a rifle but much shorter, the perfect example of a carbine is the M4A1 as it is based upon the M16 which is defined as a rifle.

Today a carbine is found in the hands of nearly every infantryman from country to country, and carbines in airsoft are no different. The carbine in airsoft is the gun that nearly every player uses or at least owns. Carbines are a perfect mix of maneuverability and accuracy without compromising either. The most common Carbine you can find on an airsoft field is the M4A1. The M4A1 is a shortened version of the longer M16 with a 14.5 inch barrel which gives the user ample accuracy and range without weighing the gun down. , Carbines also boast features that are designed for speed and efficiency. Most carbines feature adjustable stocks, rail systems, optimized iron sights, and a magazine that can be released easily.

CYMA CM050 Romanian AIMS

GEDs (Game Enhancement Devices)

Game Enhancement Devices can change the course of battle. GEDs such as the MadBull M433 HEDP Grenade Launcher are able to fire a vast amount of BBs extremely quickly to take out large amounts of players with a single shot. Trap Devices are able to be placed in a location and triggered by a trip wire or by remote to clear out an area or to protect an objective. Grenade Launchers can be loaded with any number of grenades such as an 18 round shell up to a 204 round shell that can easily change the course of battle when encountering a large amount of enemies.

Madbull M433 HEDP BB Grenade Launcher

Items such as the grenade launcher and trap device can be extremely useful on the field and add one more piece of realism to your game play. Another very popular type of GED is the Hakkotsu Thunder B Co2 sound grenade, which is a distraction and elimination device. Grenades are very popular due to their ability to clear hidden enemies or distract players to quickly turn the tide. The Thunder B for instance is a distraction device, meaning that it does not fire BBs so it is not often used for elimination. However, its extremely loud explosion is used to distract enemies allowing the user to catch them off guard and eliminate them. Game Enhancement devices are not always needed in an airsoft game but they add more of a sense of realism to the game as well as giving the user a significant advantage.


Side arms are often over looked in field style games but they are extremely important if you play in a field area with CQB style environments such as buildings, walls, or small enclosures. Side Arms can range from any gun such as a Cybergun Sig 229 to a KWA MK23 depending on the users preference. Unlike the primary AEG, the side arm can be chosen purely on aesthetics and ergonomics as most side arms shoot nearly the same with variations such as efficiency and recoil.

Elite Force H&K VP9

When shopping for a side arm the user must keep in mind their preferences and hand size. Contrary to popular belief, a sidearm is extremely useful in a field environment. There are many scenarios in which a side arm can be extremely helpful, such as a player clearing a building or having their primary gun dry or malfunction.

SOCOM Gear Baer 1911

Field Types


SC Village | Corona, California

MOUT or Military Operations on Urban Terrain style fields are becoming very popular due to their ability to resemble current conflicts as well as many video game environments. One field worth mentioning would be SC Viper as it is made to feel like a small Middle Eastern village. SC Viper is full of small huts, corridors, broken down vehicles and large buildings that are used as a point of operation or forward operating base.

MOUT fields are very interesting to play in as they vary so much from area to area. You will often find long range engagements around one corner and then fast paced CQB style engagements around another. MOUT style fields make the player think on their feet as well as allowing them to feel like they are in the middle of an intense firefight.


D14 Airsoft | Sanger, Texas

Field games are played nearly anywhere in which airsoft is legal and the area is appropriate for airsoft play. The most common types of field style play are held in areas such as forests, fields or even mountains. Field type play is different from CQB as it is often more slow paced and is focused on objectives and military simulation. Field games also feature an extremely large amount of players, even upwards of 200-800 people playing at one time on the same field of battle.

Field games often last for many hours which greatly effects the players choice of gear. Small CQB guns are left behind in favor of long range guns and small rigs are swapped out for rigs that are able to carry large amounts of magazines, tools, BBs, water and sometimes even food, Field games are often a more serious type of game play and players spend many hours putting together their gear and guns to match a specific military branch or person.

Field Gear

Field gear focuses on load capacity but it also must be light enough as to not weigh the player down. Being that there are many types of field play, an operator must design their rig to work with their current game and play style. Take for instance a player attending an event. Events are very large scale and require a lot of movement as well as forcing the player to snap to action at a moments notice. Knowing this a player will want to build a rig that is capable of holding adequate supplies while still being light weight and ergonomic. A typical rig will hold anywhere from 4-12 magazines as well as hydration, BBs, tools and possibly dedicated pouches to aid the users operation.

Headgear is very important and eye protection is often as low profile as possible to allow the user to easily take long range shots without their eye protection interfering. A hat, shemagh or other type of sun protection is also highly recommended to keep the operator cool and comfortable. As most field style games are Military Simulation based, clothing is often extremely important as a certain type of camouflage is often required. Communication gear is very important as well; at many field games you will find yourself quite far from other units and just like all competitive activities communication is paramount.

A final piece of gear that is almost required is a good pair of boots. Many outdoor games are held in areas that are made to be real world and often feature many hazards such as pot holes, barbed wire, and wildlife. Boots will protect your feet as well keep them comfortable as you move over long distances. Field style games can differ greatly so a player should take consideration when building their field set up to maximize both load capacity and comfort.


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