Airsoft GI's warehouse location, where the bulk of the inventory is held, is separated from the main retail store.  Site 3, as it's called by the employees, is home to the main warehousing, shipping, and receiving operations as well as the Graphic and Marketing departments.  Site 3 is one of the largest airsoft warehouses in the world with more than 30,000 square feet of storage space.  In order to organize and catalog over nine thousand unique products, the warehouse utilizes state of the art inventory technologies and techniques.  Also at Site 3, the Graphic and Marketing departments collaborate to create the look and feel of the Airsoft GI website and associate websites.  Although there is no face to face customer interaction at Site 3, the employees at this location take just as much pride in their work and keep the customer in focus at all times in order to ensure the best possible online shopping experience.

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