Situated at 9047 W Braod St. Suite #5 in Richmond Virginia, GI Tactical is Airsoft GI’s store on the eastern side of the United States. Here, they attempted to replicate the California store, but added on display a huge amount of very high quality tactical gear. At this store, customers are able to go in and handle the products freely in a similar fashion to department stores. This tactical gear is useful for not just airsoft but for hiking, biking, camping, and even hunting as well. Still, there is a plethora of airsoft guns of all models hanging on the wall just waiting to be bought. Inside, they also have a very nice range for testing airsoft guns. The range boasts a Spartan targeting system, which allows customers to test their speed and accuracy.


Airsoft GI continues to strive to bring customers the best in customer service by having the best team available. The GI Tactical team is comprised of friendly, knowledgeable airsoft players and is ready to answer any inquiries customers may have. Many of them specialize in shooters gear and are aware of the many trends that are occurring in the industry. Whether you are a novice airsoft player, or a tactical gearhead, a visit to GI Tactical will not disappoint.


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9047 W Broad St. Suite # 5,

Richmond, Virginia, 23294

Phone: 1 (804) 447-3334


Tuesday-Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM