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Airsoft GI Full Metal G700G Upgraded Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
[08253 / G700G]
by J. BARRANCO verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 23 October, 2011
Product Information:
I have been stuck with the UTG L96 sniper for too long, now donít get me wrong that is a good gun but I wanted to take to the next level. So I took a stop at Airsoft GI looked at their custom made snipers and by God this gun is beastly. This gun has everything you want out of a sniper rifle power, accuracy, and looks. Letís start with its power it was just an inch off by piercing through a ripe apple. When Airsoft GI says it shoots accurate up to 200 feet they mean it trust me they mean it. Hitting an 8x11 inch piece of paper from 200 feet back is an A plus plus in my book. The looks of this gun is right up there with Megan Fox and the feel is so sleek and smooth. JG painted the bottom half of the gun with a rubberized paint which gives the gun great grip and reduces glare on the gun a lot. The top rail the gun comes with is great and doesnít scratch the gun as much as other reviews said it would. I did have some troubles with loading the clip with a speed loader but it still feeds into the gun itís just it doesnít hold as much ammo as it is meant to. Another astonishing factor of this gun is the weight it is so light I love carrying this thing during games its less than five pounds and without a doubt I could easily run a mile with this gun and still get at most 6 1/2 minutes. Now for the bolt, this bolt is crazy the key to the bolt is too pull back as hard as you can hold it there then pull again, now I know this might make me sound like a pussy but this bolt has put marks on my shoulder from the pressure of the stock on my shoulder but believe me on this one it is all worth it to look awesome get a kill from 200 ft plus and still have some cash in my pocket to buy me a victory Twinkie.

-The trigger on this gun can be made into a hair trigger
All you have to do is turn safety on pull the bolt back and in again
Pull the trigger turn safety off pull trigger again.
-I would purchase the UTG 5th Gen 3-9X50 TS Mil-Dot Scope for $70 for this gun
- The extra G in the name probably stands for God because thatís what this gun is

-Accuracy (top notch)
-Power (like a boss)
-Looks (like Megan Fox)
-Weight (opposite of an Ox)
-This gun rocks

-Unless you have the M200 Cheytac to compare this gun too
There are no cons.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Airsoft GI Full Metal G700G Upgraded Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
[08253 / G700G]

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