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Magpul Full Metal MOE 14.5" Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (DE)
[07654 / PT501680413]
by R. HOWLEY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 July, 2011
Product Information:
I read a lot of reviews before buying this gun. I knew it would be a great value for money considering if you were to buy just the external magpul MOE products ( including the metal body) it would cost you about $320. Even then you would have to buy a high quality m4 that might without modification be able to take the parts, even then your wasting time and money, espicialy if you don't find a use for the parts you replaced. So even though the pricetag is a little high, it is the best value for your money for a high quality out of the box Magpul MOE carbine. Though this is not the CQB version, this gun is very CQB friendly. The extra barrel length is very insignifigant when compared to the extre range and accuracy it gives you. One thing I was unsure of before I held the gun in my hands was its color. In the pictures it seems as if the metal body is a little darker than the MOE plastic parts. Not to worry. The plastic parts and metal body are exactly the same dark earth color. Another thing that surprised me when I opened the box was that it did NOT come with a black flashhider. I don't know what the deal is, perhaps the "newer" models don't come with one. I don't really care, its just something that I thought you guys should know. Due to most of the gun being made of high quality polmer, it is extremly light wight, espicialy compared to a SCAR. Another thing that I discovered was that the front sight post and the foreward sling mount are rubbercoated witch helps protect the metal, and in the case of the sling mount decrease noise when running. Rubber on metal, not as loud as metal on metal. Another plus is that printed into the barrel is 5.56 NATO 1/7. Wich is the real steal caliber of the m4a1. Basicaly its the name f the bullet the gun would shoot if it were a real gun. The magpul mid capacity P-mag that comes with the gun works like a dream, by far the best working mid cap mag I have ever used. If you want to buy more but don't want to pay $30! per mag, STAR makes a licinsed P-mag that is only $10 a mag. They feed well though they only hold 80 rounds instead of 120. Color and texture are the same as well.

Battery. The MOE handguard does not give you a ton of room to work with. I was able to (with a lot of work) fit a 9.6 1600 mAH NiMH Nunchuck battery. I do not recomend a larger battery, though since you are buying one seperate I do recomend a 9.6. I do not know if it the gun is Li-poli ready, don't matter because I don't use them. Rate of fire will blow you away. Be sure to use bursts or get really good at reloading. With the full length barrel you will have no problum popping those long range shots with a few trigger pulls on semi. Basicaly, its shoots great because thats what you payed for. The internals are all made by G&P ( very respectable high end company) No shortcuts there. Thats basicaly it for the info, big thanks to Magpul PTS for creating such a beautifal piece of art. Thanks to Airsoft GI the greatest airsoft retailer in the U.S.A. And shoutouts to Cole Paulson, Chris Tayler, Jaceb Echart, and the rest of my friends. Have a great summer ya'll.


saves you lots of money and time.
Real steel markings.
A plethera of magpul trademarks.
Very unique.
Great dark earth color.
Performs like you payed $400 for it.
The definition of solid and reliable.
Makes people who payed $350 for something else smack themselves. (very entertaining)
Fps just right for CQB and outdoor.

Dust cover does not close.
NO black flashhider !?
Does not run on pure ausome.
Battery ( 9.6 1600 nunchuck) pain to install.
Doesn't come in multicam...
Can't rate it seven stars out of seven.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Magpul Full Metal MOE 14.5" Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (DE)
[07654 / PT501680413]

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