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G&G Full Metal M14 HBA Long AEG Airsoft Gun
[06510 / EGM-014-HBA-L]
by R. CALDWELL verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 December, 2013
Product Information:
Where do you start? This gun is crazy awesome. I wish ASGI had a picture showing it with anything but an EOTECH-style sight, because it's really not doing it justice.

The gun itself comes with a plastic orange flash hider, one metal hi-cap magazine, a cleaning rod, and some G&G ephemera. It also came default with the stripper clip rail, so you can mount a scope with scope rings on there if that's your thing. I personally got a side-mount rail for it (also by G&G, if you hate money), which works great.

There are two sling mounts, the front of which is adjustable. This thing works great with a three-point sling. If you're looking at buying this gun, hopefully you've done your research, and you know about the weight. It's manageable -- and in my opinion, a plus -- but you should really have a sling for it.

Extremely realistic, and very cool to hold. The pistol and handgrip are both very comfortable, and so was the stock, which kind of surprised me. The action on the charging lever, while not quite as hairy-chested as the real thing, is still quite satisfying, and it locks back via use of the locking lever on the opposite side.

The inclusion of the stripper clip mount rail is a nice touch.

The magazine is a little difficult to insert correctly until you get used to it. You have to really make sure you have positive lock (i.e, pull on the damn thing to make sure it's not going to just fall out because you haven't done it correctly). It also wobbles slightly in the magwell, but that's an easy fix with some electrical tape on the side, or something similar.

The lever for the cheek rest was wobbly, and I think other people have been having the same issue. I fixed mine by removing the two screws that hold the rubber butt pad on, which reveals the lever mechanism. It's basically a socket wrench-style ring that fits around the tightening nut, but it's not snug, so it has wiggle room. I put a thin O-ring around the nut and on top of the lever, which took out absolutely all play in the lever once I re-attached the butt pad.

The flash hider, which is very unique to the M14's aesthetic, is also orange and made of plastic on this gun. Orange is fine, but the plastic allowed the thing to absolutely shatter in shipping. I've ordered a metal one to replace it, which is what I had planned anyway, but it's irritating that I HAVE to do it as opposed to WANTING to do it. The threads are also 16mm clockwise, but they make adapters for that if you're that guy who just has to put a suppressor on everything. Others who have complained about the castle nut holding the flash hider on are unaware that a tool exists (check anywhere that sells real steel supplies) specifically to remove it.

Although the "Cons" section is much larger than the pros, I'd like to mention that it's simply me being specific about the issues. This gun totally kicks ass and the "problems" are all very, very slight. If you're in the market for an EBR, you can't really go wrong here!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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G&G Full Metal M14 HBA Long AEG Airsoft Gun
[06510 / EGM-014-HBA-L]

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