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KWA H&K MP7 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Umarex)
[05635 / 102-00501 / 2279020]
by K. ICHIGO Date Added: Monday 26 November, 2012
Product Information:
I regret buying this gun. The KWA MP7 did not perform as well as I think. This only comes with ONE magazine, which won’t do you any good without another one. I, apparently, bought it as a shocker, so I cannot return the gun.

First look: The gun came in a “HK No Compromise” box. The box was ok, but the gun was not. The first thing that broke was the folding handle, within 5 minutes of opening the box. I folded the handle out after reading the instructions manual, and I heard a *snap*. A piece from the handle flew out, making the handle unusable. I did not apply immense pressure on it, yet it broke like it was made of cheap plastic. I expected better from KWA. Then I thought ok, maybe the gun can shoot just fine. No it didn’t.

Firing test: Used .23 gram bbs, About 75 degrees Fahrenheit using new can of green gas by king arms. Filled the magazine with gas, loaded the bbs, and pulled the bolt. About halfway through the mag, it stopped firing. To my horror, the gun had jammed with 4 bbs in the chamber. I’m like, “WTF??? How da hell did this happened?” I cleared the chamber and continued firing the rest of the mag. This did not occur only once. It jammed almost every other time I shot. I cannot have a weapon that jams and use it on the battlefield.

Firing report: The gun was not accurate even at 50 feet. Even my WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon can do better than that. All the bbs hit the 8 in target though, although they were not accurate to hit even close to the middle even after various sight adjustments (and hop up) This gun also eats a lot of gas. Shooting 6 mags and 1/5 of my can was already gone. I shot over 100 mags with my WE Hi-Capa and it took 2 years before one bottle was drained. Big disappointment.

Appearance: The body is pretty nice, especially the extendable stock. It was made of plastic with metal rails. The magazine is a little hard to pull out, but it gets looser as you use the gun more.

Overall ratings:
Accuracy: 4/10
Range: 1/10
Reliability: 2/10
Appearance: 8/10

As I said before, I cannot return this gun. I do believe Airsoft GI sent me a defective one. I will contact them to see what I can do about it. As for now, the gun is not reliable, and I do not dare to bring it on the battlefield.

-The body of the gun is really firm.
-Gives a nice kick (con for some)
-Good flip up sights for CQB or Field, but at this state the MP7 cannot be used even for CQB because of the lack of range.

-Handle is flimsy and will break easily.
-Too heavy for a secondary.
-I guess shockers are defective products that they are selling for lower prices then...

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]
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KWA H&K MP7 GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun (Licensed by Umarex)
[05635 / 102-00501 / 2279020]

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