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Combat Machine M16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun
[04587 / EGC-16P-CAR-BNB-NCM]
by P. VANCLEAVE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 02 November, 2009
Product Information:
Well its been a year of pretty heavy use and here is a no b.s. assessment of the Combat Machine M4. This is for anyone looking for an AEG for under 200 bucks.

This is the Basic Combat Machine M4. 142.50 including shipping from Airsoftgi. Not including battery or charger, and also not including all the upgrades i've done to it.

This AEG was subject to:
Harsh conditions = Rain, cold weather, flung 6' and landed on the stock...

Games = 4 private games, best of the worst II, and Thunder.

Rounds fired= approx 10,000 (.20, .25, .28)

Notable feats = 3, single shot kills from 200 feet away (after my upgrades).

Current Condition = running fine but could probably use a new bucking..

This AEG had the following failures;

Game 1 (private) - Stopped Firing. Found the problem was the positive motor lead simply slipped off the motor. I fixed it in 3 minutes.

Fired full auto a couple times when I confirmed that it was in Semi-Auto. But, it only happened twice.

Best of the Worst 2 - Adjustable stock came loose. The problem was me. It was flung 6 feet in the air and landing on the stock. I tightened the screw, and the stock is fine.

The Mags wobble a bit, but nothing a little tape can't fix.

Thats it, I've had no other issues.

Upgrades I've made;

Installed 509MM classic army 6.04 inner barrel, with outter barrel extension.

Swapped out the stock a bunch of times, but settled on the original adjustable stock that came with.

Installed a G&G M120 Spring. Noted, no loss of ROF.

Things I noticed when I broke down this AEG;

G&G GR-16 Plastic Hop Up. I have a full metal G&G M4 CQB with the same Hop Up unit. They are not the greatest hop up units in the world, but it was nice to see the same hop up in the combat machine that G&G uses in there professional line.

Seems to be a genuine G&G mechbox. Noticed G&G stamped on the Gearbox, and some of the internals of the gearbox itself such as the gear set. Another GR16 stamp was once again noticed on the safety selector plate.

There was very little wear if not any, on the gears and piston... Then again, I just put in the M120 so, we'll see how the scene changes after another 6 months. The original Spring was a M100.

Final Assessment.

Great AEG for the money. They are not problem free, but all problems seem to be extremely minor. Also consider, no AEG is problem free, even Classic Army AEG's and Systema PTW's will have an issue from time to time. I've recommended them to my team mates who've either just started or are on a budget. There are a total of four combat machines being used on my team and their all doing fine.

Do I use this as my Primary? No. I use a G&G full metal M4. However, I will put the G&G away and use the Combat Machine for the 2nd half of any given event. And while the Combat Machine costs about half as much as the G&G M4 the performance (thanks in part to some minor upgrades) is the same.

See Above...

Its always out of stock!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Combat Machine M16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun
[04587 / EGC-16P-CAR-BNB-NCM]

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