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JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
[04219 / JG608-2]
by R. WALLACE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 February, 2010
Product Information:
This is a decent gun. It is a good deal. The Plastic is O.K. It's not great like G&G. Not gonna break unless you jump on it a couple of times though. This gun looks alot better than the MK36C (G36C) and it feels so much better. The ROF is O.K. About 13-15 R.P.S. (8.4V)..Not bad.The selector switch is wierd sometimes. When i'm running, and i'm on full auto sometimes it will switch to Semi auto. Its annoying but not too bad. Battery installation is easy after the first few times. The magazine Pisses me off big time. For 15 winds you get about 30 shots!!! THAT IS HORRIBLE. It is so annoying when you are about to get a kill and you just remember that you didn't wind the mag! You have to wind it ALL THE TIME. Next, the hanguard makes me alittle angry too. It isn't straight. It goes off to the side so the barrel looks bent. I'm into realism, so this bothers me alot. Next the Flashhider is glued on, but mine wasn't glued on right! It was about to fall of, but it WOULD NOT COME OFF. After lots of struggle, i got it off. But now the dumb flashhider won't stay on right. I tried taping it but that didn't work. Super glue doesn't work either. FPS is about 380 at first but after a couple thousand rounds it drops to 360. The accuracy is very poor. ALOT of Flyers! They usually go off to the right. WAY to the right. But I have a tightbore and a new bucking on the way. I Hear the internals are O.K.

Good FPS
Decent Plastic
Comfortable in hands
Flodable stock (Very useful)
Ambidextrious selector switch
Sights are O.K.
Clampable mags!!! EXTREMELY USEFUL
O.K. Internals

Crappy flash hider
Lousy mags
Off center handguard
Mag Clamps break easy
Plastic Spring guide
Wierd Selector Switch

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GUN. It is ok, but there are better deals. Try the KS E90 (P90) long barrel. Very good gun. If you can afford it, get the G&G affordable series GR-16. BEST GUN EVER.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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JG MK36K AEG Airsoft Gun
[04219 / JG608-2]

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