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JG SIG 552 AEG Airsoft Gun
[03984 / JG082]
by J. ERXLEBEN Date Added: Saturday 11 April, 2009
Product Information:
JG SIG 552 Airsoft Gun - So I bought this SIG 552 at a gunshow last month, sorry GI, and I have to say, it's the boss. My first quality gun and I didn't have high expectations because of the price (I paid less, sorry again, GI, haha). Here's the long and short of it: ROF is insane, even with the stock battery which is a mini 8.4 1100. My brother paid over $250 for a full metal MP5 and his ROF is about half of what this thing shoots. If you want to spray and pray, just buy extra mags and get ready to smile! Velocity is fairly hard and good for game play, probably in the 375 FPS range. Hurts but doesn't kill you, and this is good because if you shoot your friends with a 430 fps gun, they won't be friends for long. Very accurate for a short barrel. Misfeeds a lot at first until you shoot a few hundred rounds through it but smooths out after that. Battery life is even good out of it; I put about 1200 rounds through it on the first battery charge out of the box before it started to slow down and I didn't even run it dry before I recharged. Very solid and heavy even though it has a lot of plastic, every one that has seen it prefers it because of the natural feel. Nice long sight radius, great folding rear stock and feels awesome with a front grip on the rail. Just get one; it's the boss!

Heavy and solid.
Folding stock locks up nicely.
Battery life is surprisingly good with the stocker.
ROF=Insane. Way faster than expected.
FPS is perfect for game play; doesn't draw blood and make you lose friends!
Surprisingly accurate for short barrel.
Reaction of people's face when they shoot it= slaughters beer cans and metal chairs.

Mine misfeed quite a bit when I first got it. Would fire about 25 rounds before misfeeding but a quick wind of the mag would fix it. After a few hundred rounds it smoothed out. No problems now.
That's it. Buy more mags because it gets rid of your BB's in a hurry.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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JG SIG 552 AEG Airsoft Gun
[03984 / JG082]

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