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KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX Airsoft Gun
[03900 / 104-01116]
by M. JOHNSON Date Added: Sunday 25 November, 2012
Product Information:
*200,000 rounds have been put through this one rifle at this time*

So, i have had this gun for probably 3+ years now, and i have played very heavily with it.

Where to begin? I guess i'll start with this rifle is AMAZING! It is so accurate stock and even better with a tightbore, has a very long effective range, and has a very fast rate of fire for a stock gun and a 9.6v Nimh.

Performance: Okay, i kinda touched on this up there ^. So, accuracy wise, i get VERY tight groupings. At about 150 ft, if i fire on full, i get every, not most, every bb within 2 inches! Its like a laser! Though keep in mind i have a Madbull 6.03 in there. The Kwa hop up bucking is excellent in keeping this gun so accurate and keeping it without spread.
Range: Well, i've gotten easy confirmed kills at 250 feet (no wind). Recently i've had bad compresion but easily fixed that a few weeks ago, so most likely with stock Kwa parts + tightbore you'll get to 300 feet with hop up up all the way. You'll be out-distancing most sniper rifles with this excellent rifle.
ROF: Well, with the stock M120 spring, stock motor, and a 9.6v Nimh, i'm getting approx 20 rps! This is boss! I have put this on an 11.1v lipo for a mag and i could see beam, not stream, but beam of solid white light coming from the barrel! I would strongly suggest NOT using the 11.1v though, it'll kill any gun. Stick with a 9.6v and it'll run flawlessly.

Internals: Wow. They are in perfect shape. I opened up my gun completely a few weeks ago for routine maintenence. I checked every gear, the piston, cilynder, etc. and there were 0 teeth stripped, worn or showing any signs of wear! Everything is in pristine condition other than a slightly beaten up piston head, shrunk spring, and shrunk o ring. Replaced the piston head and streached the o-ring, and like that, good as new.

Imternal wise, Kwa's parts a always stronger or just as strong as any of their contestents. The Gearbox shell itself is 3x thicker than anything else on the market! The trigger contacts are fricken gold platted! Their gears are aligned so perfectly (shims won't hurt though) and greased well from stock, it lasted 200,000 rounds easily without problems. Thats just amazing.

Externals: In one word: Solid. No wobble, no looseness, nothing. It has all the features the competition sometimes has in the charging handle, etc and has a solid matte black finish. I could go on, but i think i've already shown this M16 to be top notch.


If you haven't read anything of my post, read this: The Kwa M16A3 is an absolutly amazing rifle. It has incredible accuracy with a very far effective range nearing 300 feet. It has a high rate of fire as well and can easily outdo any and every gun on the field in any area of performance. Its internals are same or far better than any and every competetor on the market and has flawless internals and build. Its externals are stunning and solid, and definitely are a work of art. Overall i give this weapon a 5 out of 5 because of its ability to continualy stay the best rifle out there even after 200,000 rounds.

Should you buy?: YES!

Internals are the best
Great externals.

None even remotely possible.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX Airsoft Gun
[03900 / 104-01116]

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