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D Boy Full Metal RK-01 WS Steel Version AEG Airsoft Gun
[02903 / RK01WS]
by B. NEIDER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 14 August, 2009
Product Information:
I ordered this gun on 08/08/09 and got it on 08/14/09. Perfectly packaged with some other stuff i ordered. ASGI knows how to handle packaging that's why 99% of what i want i buy from them if they have it.

This gun is built like a rock. Unlike the pot metal RK-03 i bought from another site. The steel version is MUCH worth getting for the steel parts since Pot metal breaks much easier. On the pot metal RK-03 the folding mech broke on me. So get the steel.

This gun shoots 380-400 with .20. Around 355/360 with .23's. When i first looked at it much better then there pot metal normal editions. The body has a nice feel then the flat black on the pot metals. The wood doesn't look as orange and has some texture to it compared to non-steel. The gun feels MUCH more sturdyer then the non steel also. This gun is worth the 160$ on ASGI.

Note: The flash hider in the image is not how it comes! The flash hider is completely painted orange! This is most likely not ASGI's fault as they buy theres from over seas.

- Full Steel Design
- Semi-Decent Accurcy. I have to shoot a bit lower even at 40 feet. Gun has an issue with shooting up a bit. I need to still play around with the hop up at more range.
- Good trigger response even with the stock battery.
- Bolt has the lovely steel on steel sound.
- The selector switch isn't loose out of the box so you don't have to mess up the finish with pliers tightening it.
- Unlike the RK-03 and other models this dust cover just flips up not completely comes off. This is a bonus to the people who complained not being able to put it on really fast.
- The wood finish is much much nicer then the non-steel editions.
- The stock is much sturdyer with NO Wobble. It's really stiff when trying to put it in the unfolded position giving it a tight lock.
- Nice weight. This gun weighs not too much so it's heavy and not very CQB friendly but not too light you forget your holding it. The steel really adds a nice weight and the weight is evenly balanced.

- The flash hider is compeltely orange which is something i can deal with but other people freak out.
- The wood is a bit loose. This isn't an issue as holding the gun you don't notice it much but it has movement noticable to the eye.
- The gun shoots a bit high. This might just be an issue of me not getting the hopup right. I was using .23's during it.
- The gun still has the problem with it grinding on the battery when it's in. Annoying when adjusting the hopup and i let go of the bolt yet it doesn't fly back instantly.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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D Boy Full Metal RK-01 WS Steel Version AEG Airsoft Gun
[02903 / RK01WS]

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