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ASC7 BB Trap Device with Remote
[02830 / ASC7CLAYMORE]
by J. KATZ Date Added: Thursday 16 October, 2008
Product Information:
I bought two of these along with the remote box and detonator. I have been using them for over a year without any problems. It is a fairly expensive investment, but I feel it was well worth it. They are best used when defending a structure. I recommend using the trip wires, because both the wired and wireless remote leave room for error (missing the target because you have poor judgement). I use lead fishing weights to weigh down the line, keeping tension on both sides of the line. It takes a lot of practice to get the claymores set up where you want them, and keeping tension on the tripwire without setting it off prematurely. ***ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION AROUND THIS***

-Neat to have/ can be handy in certain situations
- comes with camoflauge cases that holds 1 claymore each, and barely hold the remote box
- kotter pins (used as saftey pull pins) are cheap an easy to find
- displays a bright red cloth when fired, making it easier to find
- can use talcum powder for a puff of white dust for added effect
- looks like the real thing (except for plastic)
- lightweight
- remote has a keychain so you can hook it to yourself
- also comes with two wired plunger style remotes (50 ft each I think)

-unless you buy two remotes and boxes, you have to keep 2 claymores in close proximity if you wish to use wireless option.
- can only wire 2 claymores to a wireless box
-tripwire set up takes a lot of practice to learn, and a lot of time to set up on the field
- plastic body wears away on the inside from spring arm, may eventually need replacement
- have to sit an watch/ too expensive to leave alone
- spring arm very strong/ easy to injure fingers and wrist when loading or unloading
- legs become loose and wobbly over time
- sometimes goes off by accident, especially when people run nearby it (sometimes gets friendlies)
- BBs do not fly with enough velocity to feel if you are too far away
- may be hard to recover if you leave it and try to come back if it has not fired
- difficult to load BBS sometimes, and they spill all over the place
- batteries hard to remove/replace in claymores
- hard to tell which remote plug is for which remote detonator button

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ASC7 BB Trap Device with Remote
[02830 / ASC7CLAYMORE]

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