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ICS Full Metal AK74 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun
[02634 / ICS-33]
$315.88 $268.20
by J. LEEDS Date Added: Sunday 27 January, 2013
Product Information:
Bought this from a friend used. No more than 1,000 rounds have gone through it, and only a month old. "Fresh from Airsoft GI", he claims.

Externals are excellent. The rifle is made of three layers: A thin inner metal layer, a thick plastic layer in the middle, and another thin metal layer on the exterior. This makes for a sturdy and great feeling replica. There's absolutely no wobble' or 'loose' parts. It did, however, lack some of the little things that can make a rifle stand out. The rear iron sights don't have white or red engravings, for example. One thing I should note is the bolt carrier goes ALL the way back, unlike most airsoft replicas. Nice bit of realism right there.

This puppy's real easy to take apart. Opened her up, and here's what I found:
- Turbo 2000 motor, not the famous "Turbo 3000" ICS is known for. Still should hold up, but may require a replacement if major upgrades are done.
- Plastic hop-up that didn't get much variation after adjustment.
- VERY good quality barrel for being stock. I believe it's a 6.04, but don't have the exact stats.
- Plastic Spring Guide (Even G&G Intermediate Series have metal ones).
- You'll be getting 325 +/- 5 FPS.
- Only the first tooth on the piston is metal. Most replicas in this price range have more than one metal tooth and the 2nd tooth already removed.
- Polycarb piston head. Meets average expectation.
- Cylinder head seems to be made of a higher quality polycarb, where SOME rifles in this price range have metal.
- The full cylinder seems of higher quality than some rifles I've opened up.
- Surprisingly well done grease.
- Decent shim job.

In terms of use:
- It's got excellent accuracy.
- Range is subpar.
- Battery space is a tad small when compared to other full stocks.
- 15 RPS on an 8.4, which is pretty darn good.

- Since the AK is large, you should use it as an outdoor gun. Get this puppy shooting with 400 FPS with a new spring, and upgrade the spring guide to a metal/ball bearings.
- Remove the 2nd tooth on the piston.
- Hopup upgrades have done me wonders for that original bad range on this. Get a new bucking, or entirely replace the unit.

I wouldn't suggest buying this. For $300 there are far better choices out there, as the internals in this are all around subpar. They're solid, and won't break, but lack performance. Good replica to upgrade off of though.

- Very good feeling. Strong and simple, just as an AK should be.
- It's a looker.
- Above average ROF stock.
- Good shim job and greasing.

- Subpar internal parts.
- If I were to be picky, the battery space is a tad small and lack of small external things that make a rifle 'stand out.'

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ICS Full Metal AK74 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun
[02634 / ICS-33]

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