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Marushin 8mm M500 Shotgun Airsoft Gun
[D009702408 / MARM5008MM]
by S. BLOMBERG Date Added: Monday 28 September, 2009
Product Information:
by far the best shotgun in airsoft to date. No annoying spring powered BS, or shells to load ( although shells are cool but get lost alot!) This gun is fun all around, It hits very hard and it hits with 3 seperate 8mm bb's at once, of course you wont be sniping with it like an AEG, but thats not really the point is it? The spread of the bb's is controlled and makes sense, instead of having all the bb's goes in one single file line, or having them spray out hitting everything but your target. Its very hard to explain the feeling you get while shooting or even holding this gun untill you have done so, owning 4 AEG's about 6-7 gas guns and countless spring guns ( of course working my way up from the bottom in the airsoft world ) It fel like raw power, its heavy and very study. all metal too. its very intimidating too!!! just racking the slide causes people to run away in fear. I would say its much to powerful for a real game of CQB but perfect for a mid range forest battle or urban battle. It will leave a welt believe me its just that it gets outranged by AEG's by maybe 15 feet. I have no experience with the ACM version of this gun but I will tell you that this is by far my favorite airsoft weapon I have ever owned, not only is it one of a kind but it really works too! to often do airsoft companies make awesome guns that in the field suck has ( example, mad max shotgun, or the hudson tt33) I would recommend this gun with all my heart. enjoy!

-Heavy Weight
-Actually has a nice spread pattern like a shotgun
-Is NOT some "novelty" 8mm gun, you can really use it!
-Actually causes people to run away even if they are out of range
-Not bad to reload in the field, bb's anyway
-Doesnt leak gas what so ever
-Doesnt run out before the last shot like alot of other gas guns

-Holds roughly ten pumps full of bb's (Each pump shoots 3 8mm bb's)
-Gas hog, in the field you'll need to bring a can of green gas with you
-Probably my biggest problem which is really not a big issue, is when the slide is NOT racked back, it will slide willy nilly back and forth untill you put a round in the chamber ( only annoying when storing the weapon vertically since the pump action slides down, and I dont liek to leave the gun cocked even if there is no bb's in it )

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Marushin 8mm M500 Shotgun Airsoft Gun
[D009702408 / MARM5008MM]

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