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AGM Full Metal MK96 AWP Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
[02372 / IU-L96B]
by E. FOLSOM Date Added: Wednesday 16 December, 2009
Product Information:
all right, I've owned this gun for a year and a half now, and it's still working great. it is the most accurate gun I own.
It really bothers me when people say "I always get headshots with my gun at 100 meters!" Do you guys know how long a meter is? is a little more than 3 feet. to shoot 100 meters is to shoot across a football field (the long way). don't expect more than 150 ft of range with any reasonably powered airsoft gun. We don't want to kill people, and a bb traveling fast enough from the barrel to travel that far, accurately, would seriously hurt someone. even my little KWA G19 can penetrate skin at sub five foot ranges. (yes, it's happened to me)

so, i took her into my backyard today, measured out 100 feet with a measuring tape ( i was very exact). and trained my scope on a single point on my target.

not a single one of my shots out of the entire magazine was more than 5 inches away from my target. most were within 2 inches ( i'm not exaggerating)
that's accuracy that can match and exceed any tokyo marui.
I should mention that I was using .25 g G&G bbs, sold from asgi.
a 25-30 scope sold here is sufficient for this gun

i'm going to put a sniper wrap over mine, and play some games as a woodland sniper. it's just hard to put down my KWA KM16BR...

easy maintenance (clean barrel, lube bolt)
extremely accurate (using 5.95 diameter .25g G&Gs)
it's comfortable, well balanced (although heavy), and feels sturdy
it's lasted 18 months, and still performs the same, so it's very durable.
i've never jammed it, the magazine feeds flawlessly.

it's heavy, but why would you run around with a sniper rifle anyways?
it's long, but that helps accuracy and power.

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AGM Full Metal MK96 AWP Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
[02372 / IU-L96B]

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