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JG AUG Civilian AEG Airsoft Gun
[02195 / JG0448A]
by B. CARPENTER Date Added: Thursday 30 May, 2013
Product Information:
Okay, so I had bought this gun from Airsoft Megastore in the middle of August of last year thinking this was just the sickest gun I have ever seen! Getting it out of its box it was well wrapped no defects at all except for one thing... The dust cover hadn't came with the gun. If you get this gun be cautious, I am positive that the dust cover to the hop up system will come off since it is made of flimsy rubber. Anyway, I had this gun up until 2 weeks ago then it broke. Wow. :/ 6-7 months and this thing just breaks. But this is a chinese gun so it was kind of expected. But I had experienced some problems with it BEFORE it broke. 1) The rubber butt plate tends to fall out. Kind of annoying when you lose that thing and your cheap battery is handing out. 2) This gun is LOUD. Kind of hard to be tactical with this thing also because the range isn't too great. 3) The bolts on the rail mount go undone overtime. I don't know about you, but I don't want to drop my $50 red dot scope on some concrete when the rail pops off suddenly. 4) The magazine jams when a B.B gets caught in between the gears of the wind up mechanism. I had to violently smack the bottom of this crappy plastic magazine with the risk of breaking the thing. 5) I don't know why, but on occasion B.B's will just spill all up inside the battery compartment and the gearbox which can be somewhat dangerous to the gun. 6) This foregrip is sturdy... Until you fold it for the first time then it gets really wobbly after moderate use. 7) The semi automatic and automatic system is just cheap. You LITERALLY have to pull the trigger half way to get semi automatic, and pull the trigger all the way to get full auto. WHAT A JOKE. 8) Parts that hold the gun together will fall out making the gun completely useless unless you can find replacement parts for this gun (good luck with that.) 9) Finding any replacement parts for this gun is like looking for gold on the sun. It's impossible. This gun has a lot of problems, but as far as positives go, there aren't that many to list. 1) The FPS is pretty good. A little bit too strong for CQB but it will get the job done. 2) The rate of fire is incredible considering the battery size it is required to take. 3) The hop-up system is decent but dust it regularly to prevent it from acting out of character. Overall, I would NOT recommend this gun to anyone. I may suggest you should buy a CYMA M14 instead.

Good FPS.
Good rate of fire.
Decent hop-up system.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many pros to list. Sorry. :/

The rubber butt plate falls off.
The battery compartment can ONLY fit an 8.4v mini type battery ( 7 celled).
The gun is way TOO loud.
The sites are cheap, barely suitable for a pistol.
The rail tends to detach.
The magazine jams more often than I want it to. (And I mean I don't want it to jam at all...)
The B.B's tend to spread all over the internals of the gun.
Foregrip isn't too stable.
Semi and Full Auto system is bad quality.
Parts fall off, especially important ones.
Replacement parts are very hard to find.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
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JG AUG Civilian AEG Airsoft Gun
[02195 / JG0448A]

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