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KWA Full Metal LM4C PTR GBBR (M4 CQB) Airsoft Gun
[10542 / 103-00203]
by J. BARKER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 16 March, 2013
Product Information:
This is my first rifle I've purchased from Airsoft GI, as well as my first GBBR. Service was excellent, and so far I'm very impressed with the rifle. I purchased this particular model because I already had gear I wanted to throw on it rather than buy the PMAG version. The short barrel is nice. After throwing on a Daniel Defense 9 inch rail system the barrel only comes about an inch to an inch and a half past the end of the rail system.

Overall a pretty BA gun, I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a GBBR

1.) Great feel to it, even before shooting it. I love the functions on it, and it feels so much better than an AEG.

2.) Recoil was nice, I've shot real steel m4's and it's not quite like that. But again it is a nicer feeling than shooting an AEG.

3.) Taking apart portions of the rifle like the barrel nut, front sight post, and the castle nut require tools just like the real steel one. So you know they are nice and secure on there.

4.) Magazines do function like the video says they function (for the most part)

1.) The first it's inability to power stroke. Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a huge con. I've spent time in the military shooting real steel rifles and not once was I ever taught to power stroke my rifle to get it into battery (bolt forward ready to fire.) But it's lack of ability to do this is a slight negative. There are instructions on how to fix this around on the web but if you're not comfortable messing with those parts I'd just stick with the catch release.

2.) If you have a Magpul ASAP and want to throw it on this. You will need to do some grinding on the ASAP to get it to fit in. However the single point sling plate that is on the weapon does function fairly well .

3.) A carry off of one of my pros. This gun does require a ar-15 armorers wrench to get the barrel nut, and castle nut off. This can be a pain for those who don't already own one. Though I bought one from a local gun shop and it worked fine.

4.) This will go against what KWA and I'm sure Airsoft GI will say. But you will need to remove the flash hider in order to remove the front sight post and the barrel nut if you're throwing a free float rail system on there. Be careful when doing so as there is a small screw holding the flash hider on. I've read on forums where people have busted their stuff trying to force it off without removing the screw. I will recommend that after taking off the front sight post and barrel nut that you put the flash hider back on. If nothing else just to keep our hobby safe and legal.

5.) Magazines are expensive and don't hold many rounds. This means that in order to have a decent number of rounds to not be reloading mags all the time, You could spend more than the gun itself just on magazines.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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KWA Full Metal LM4C PTR GBBR (M4 CQB) Airsoft Gun
[10542 / 103-00203]

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