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VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
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by G. PARRINELLO Date Added: Tuesday 01 April, 2014
For: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
Product Information:
I got the upper Tan Lower Black CQC MK16 model SCAR from VFC. Overall it's very nice and I would recommend it with a few caeats. See Cons below for why I can't give it 5 Stars.

Excellent Construction
Decent Accuracy
Rapid Fire
Plenty of Rail Space
Fold-able Stock to bring it in tight around cover
Looks and Feels like Quality
Iron Sights are intuitive and easily acquired

I would like it if the charging bolt moved when firing to provide added realism
The Hi-Cap magazine it comes with doesn't always load correctly (fairly minor issue, most of the time it works great)
Sometimes doesn't feed well in single fire mode. Especially when starting a new feed. Much more reliable in full auto.
The adjustable stock can pinch the wires inside if they get into the wrong spot. This can cause your gun to short out if the wires are damaged.
by C. CASE Date Added: Sunday 02 February, 2014
For: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
Product Information:
Scar-h is a reliable modern combat full metal gun. this is a nice gun with a nice scope.

full metal
easy to find mags
high powered
nice grip
only weighs about 5.5-6 lbs

battery is hard to get in first few times
high price
not the best accuracy
by S. HENESIAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
Product Information:
I purchased this SCAR-H a few days and received it on time with the discounted 3-day select shipping. It came to my house with a 392 fps QC paper. I'm skirmishing this rifle tomorrow, but I've put a couple mags through it plinking and it's fantastic. The hicap VFC mag fits perfectly and feeds great. Basically for me, everything on this gun is fantastic. I'm a left-handed shooter, so the ambidextrous features are perfect for me. I'm basically writing this review to be another person to confirm a couple of gripes that everyone else has as well that each VFC SCAR owner will have to deal with.

The quality is insane.
Pretty much everything.
You have enough hop-up adjustability that you're not maxed out with .25s.
The proprietary VFC hicaps are pretty good.
13-15 RPS with 8.4v mini.
Feels great in your hand. Only weighs a little over 6 pounds.
Extremely balanced feel.
It's just fantastic, because it's VFC.

-The ambidextrous selector switch is laggy on the right side of the gun. This doesn't affect the function, but takes away from the coolness of the ambidextrous switch, since it seems to be a more positive click if you use the traditional M4 style left side switch.
-The handle for the bolt is slightly loose and at rest doesn't close the bolt cover 100% completely, but has a millimeter of it open, and rattles a bit. If there is some way to tighten that, please let me know.
-The wires in the stock. Everyone has the same complaint and so do I. The wires are small gauge, but they're heat shrunk to stay together and it has an automotive style blade fuse. I couldn't get a 9.6v mini in there, but I didn't try very hard because I didn't want to screw up any polymer material in my brand new $400 rifle. This rifle is not a fan of battery space, as expected. I would recommend to get a small 7.4v lipo and an 8.4v mini as a backup. Some people get 9.6v minis in there, but you'll be able to slip a 7.4v lipo in there super easy.
by S. JARRIS Date Added: Wednesday 13 November, 2013
For: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
Product Information:
After using one as one of my primaries for over a year, the VFC MK17 has proven to be a versatile rifle. The body is solid, with no wobble whatsoever. The lower receiver and stock, being made of good quality polymer, contribute to a lighter weight. The takedown process is phenomenally simple, so maintenance and cleaning are easy. The SCAR's fire selector, bolt, and magazine release are ambidextrous, making the rifle an excellent choice for both right and left handed people.

My only complaint is that it seems VFC used cheaper wiring. But after replacing that, the gun functions fine.

- solid body
- lighter weight
- simple takedown
- ambidextrous features
- transitions well from field to CQB scenarios

- cheap wiring
- hard to find parts
- small battery space
by S. HYLER Date Added: Saturday 02 March, 2013
For: VFC FN Herstal SCAR-H MK17 CQC AEG Airsoft Gun (TAN)
Product Information:
Good all around weapon for CQC and long range.
Note: Lubricate the barrel every few months or it gets jammed.

Good FPS Around 375-420
Incredible accuracy
Easy to take apart
Decent fire rate
Perfect for attachments

Not easy to put the battery in. But it gets easier to put in after using it more times.
Not easy to find parts for and can come to be expensive.
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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