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ARES TAR 21 Tavor AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[07390 / AEG-44-BK]
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by D. HARMON verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 28 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: ARES TAR 21 Tavor AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is overall a good gun. comes with a 6.04 mm semi-tight bore barrel and a length of 363 mm giving this gun a good amount of range and accuracy, not as much as an m16 but more comparable to an m4. when it comes to upgrading this gun, go very easily. Remember that this gun comes stock with a low power spring, and for a reason! the piston in this gun is just bad. it's clear plastic, not polycarbonate, and is custom to this gun. my experience with this gun will be remembered the rest of my life. this gun was the most stress causing airsoft gun I've had. To begin, the first day I got it The small lipo that I ordered couldn't fit in the battery compartment, so it got stuck and nearly exploded while I got it out, when I finally got a proper lipo (btw, this gun is deemed lipo ready, not by airsoft G.I but by Ares themselves and other sources) to fit into the compartment which it barely did, the piston broke within a matter of 500 rounds fired through it. This was a combination of the m-130 spring I put into it and the lipo. Like I said, upgrade this very easily, and if you do make sure you have the right gears and piston to withstand the upgrades. I finally decided to try to fix this gun after two years and had to file down the new piston I got for it because this guns gearbox is one of a kind (unfortunately). but now the gearbox won't click back together right. So I've given up on this gun, I'm holding off on it for a while. This is just my experience, but the gun itself is good not great, and I think it does deserve 4 stars. mainly contributed by it's performance when it works, it's appearance and externals which are all amazing.

-easy way to change spring without opening entire gearbox
-appearance, this thing looks amazing, the gray metal goes really well against the black polymer body
-external quality, the polymer on this gun is thick and hefty, everything is symmetrical and aligned
-6.04 mm semi-tight bore barrel for good range and accuracy
-great rate of fire with a lipo, 20-23 bps
-basically no wobble
-comes with an excellent mid-cap magazine
-m4 compatible (magazines, inner barrels, etc.)

-battery compartment is super small, but can still fit certain lipos and small types
-barrel and hop-up are locked inside of gearbox
-terrible piston, get yours changed if you can, mine broke within 500 rounds.
-I had a terrible experience with this gun, but that could have been avoided for the most part
-may not be "lipo ready" after all (I wouldn't suggest using lipo on this gun)
-the gearbox is custom, looks like a version 6 but it is not! alot of parts are not compatible with this gearbox without modification.
-price: I don't think this gun is worth $380 dollars, more like $300
-my trigger was a bit squeaky when firing
by J. RYSER Date Added: Thursday 10 January, 2013
For: ARES TAR 21 Tavor AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had a VERY mixed experience with this gun. I've owned it for two years, and I must say, gameplay wise it is amazing. The overall feeling and weight is amazing. It's made out of solid poly-carbonate material which I would prefer over metal in any situation. It fires accurately, fast, and hits decently hard. Not to mention how easy it is to shoulder and move with.
The not so good part- Maintenance. This gun is absolutely horrific to work on. If you ever plan on taking it apart yourself for any reason, don't. It takes an hour alone just to remove and open up the gearbox. The gearbox shell is unique with several unique parts inside and out. The trigger mechanism uses a lever and pull rod instead of the standard electrical mechanism, which fails very easily. There are many other problems, but to be short, DON'T TAKE IT APART!!! I first opened it a year ago and it has not worked correctly since!

-Absolutely amazing feel, weight, and handling
-Very good Rate of Fire
-Hits hard, but not too hard
-Sturdy and stands up to punishment
-Accepts M4 magazines, which are common and inexpensive

-Unique gearbox parts and shell
-Low quality motor and piston
-A rail riser is needed to be able to see through any after market sights correctly
-Very difficult to remove orange tip (I broke the bracket holding the barrel inside the gun doing this)
-Very small battery compartment
-Semi Auto works about 50% of the time, usually requiring you to swap from Full Auto and back to Semi
by M. GREEN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 19 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: ARES TAR 21 Tavor AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Amazing gun, I've used it in about 4-5 wars and it has held up unbelievably well. Even with the disappointing FPS the gun can easily shoot up to 200 yards accurately.The sights aren't very good especially at a distance. Overall the pros outweigh the cons and this TAR is definitely a good buy even at $380.

Great overall gun
Very accurate
Nice rate of fire

Mag shakes
Does not come with battery/Battery space very small
Battery compartment a challenge to close
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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