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SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
[06330 / SCG M9 SOF TAN]
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by G. GIEMONT Date Added: Monday 30 December, 2013
For: SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
The gun has served me very well. I love it. I had been needing another pistol to run with and though the suppressor is a bit clunky and only has esthetic value i really like it and think it enhances the overall look of the gun.

I really like the gun
the suppressor is included
shoots hard and is consistent

suppressor is clunky
It does not fit well in a holster with the suppressor attached
blowback uses more gas than a non bowback
by D. FRIED verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 11 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
This pistol is great. It is full metal and very heavy, almost like a real gun. This thing has great FPS and hurts a lot, or so i've heard from people i've played against lol. The supressor on the front is completly for show, doesnt make the gun any less noisy, but it does cover up the orange tip on the m9 pretty well. I'm too lazy to spraypaint the orange tip soo thats mainly why i use the supressor. The downsides to the supressor is that it makes the gun extra long and awkward in any kind of holster. I tried keeping it on for one game of airsoft and was afraid the whole time that the supressor would snap off while in the holster. And if you have time to actually screw it on during gameplay lol i dont know what kind of game you're playing. All in all this is a very sturdy gun and at least for me the price range was a little on the high side, but you get what you pay for soo in the end its a good investemtn.

Full metal
Shoots Hard
Realistic blowback
Personally i dig the colors lol

Blowback uses up more gas than a non blowback gun
price is a little steep
supressor is pretty much worthless expect for cosmetic purposes
by M. CRAWFORD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
Just got this pistol (tan version) from ASGI. Overall the looks were great. Tan was a little darker than expected, but since its my first airsoft gun, maybe thats just what tan really looks like. The feeling of this gun is great. Feels like a real m9, and it shoots strong. A few complaints I have is durability, hop up adjustment, and the darker color. After 2 clips, the thread adapter had been striped, and a few more mags latter, the screw holding the right safety switch on had loosened to where the switch fell off. To adjust the hop up, you have to disassemble the gun (which is very easy) and turn a small screw above the barrel. Came a little to high, but have it zero'd in now. I know it says it comes with a "free" silencer, but I feel as though I just got a 120 dollar gun, with a $40 silencer.

Looks and feel.
Strong FPS (320)
Easily disasembled
"Free" silencer.

Durability of the thread adapter
Darker tan than expecting
Takes some time to adjust the hop up.
by J. MCCLENDON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 09 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
THis is an awesome pistol. The best I have ever owned. The details of the Gun are spot on down to major disassembly. I own a real Beretta M9 and the two come apart the EXACT same. Now there are more parts on the Airsoft version, but when taking it apart those parts are manufactured to replicate the real M9. The markings are awesome, I am not sure if they are the same as they are on the real SOF M9A1. Everything works the exact same as in function between the real one and the Airsoft version, all except for the gas lock and mag of course.

All metal
Realistic markings
Realistic functions - safety, slide, hammer action, mag release, trigger pull, etc.
Realistic disassembly and reassembly.
Has a rail system which is nice, a lot of models don't always come with.
Mock silencer is awesome.
Spring behind the GBB system is powerful, and make it feel awesome.

Mag takes A LOT OF GAS!!!!!, but once one gets around that it is perfect.
Markings on my mock silencer when tightened all the way down are upside down, i don't know if that was just mine or with all, but i got over it.
First day i had it the bottom two pins on the mag fell out slightly and mag would not go in AT ALL. but after some fiddling I got them back in and it was like new.

Overall a great buy and totally worth the money, the cons are small and slightly inconvenient, but the pros out weight the cons. I would recommend this pistol to any one and everyone in the airsoft world and collectors alike.
by L. WILLIAMSON Date Added: Saturday 13 February, 2010
For: SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
This pistol is so amazing It is the best GBB Pistol I have ever had. I did not buy it off of Airsoft GI, but it is good. If you fill this thing with a lot of gas you can get it shooting fast. The new pistol grip adds great comfort when shooting this bad boy. The only con about this pistol is that the mock silencer is kind of hard to get on.

-shoots fast
-very sleek and cool look
-Pistol grip has great comfort

-Silencer hard to get on
-hard to get in most holsters
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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