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KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
[05717 / JSP05430NS2]
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by A. SCHACHINGER Date Added: Saturday 11 January, 2014
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
I would recommend this gun to anybody who wants a reliable sidearm for airsoft. There is something about holding a gun by kwa that just makes you feel like a bad***. KWA stands behind the quality in their products, so this gun will not let you down.

good finish
good sights
ergonomic grip
hk trades
decent fps and range
gas efficient

needs rail adapter
needs barrel adapter for most suppressors
slide lock on these usp's are brittle
long trigger pull
by S. RO Date Added: Monday 20 December, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
BEST GUN EVER!! I totally recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable and great gun!! Because this gun has the NS2 system, it is gas efficient!! The FPS is outstanding and the gun itself just looks sooo sexy!! If your a USP fan or just want a great pistol.. definitely recommend getting this gun!! I can shoot this gun with 2.5-3 mags without refilling it.. And I live in a very cold region.. It was only like 40 degrees and this gun shoots like a BEAST!! I can't imagine how much of a awesome gun it's gonna be during the summer time!!

Great Gun!!

380 FPS.. That's pretty awesome

NS2 System

Threaded barrel for silencer


decocking mechanism

extremely reliable

it's KWA.. they make the best stuff around

Metal slide

Mags are expensive

threaded barrel is 16mm... those are pretty hard to find

Silicone oil that comes with it sucks and jams the gun

the gun does not come pre-lubed so you can't shoot it fresh out of the box because it will jam and not perform that great...
by R. DECASTRO Date Added: Monday 20 December, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
Well designed combat pistol. I have the real thing which is why I purchased this. Comparatively the airsoft version comes close in the looks department. The de-cocking lever works very well and the blowback force is satisfying. The slide has a convincing sound when racked back and the release is brisk and firm. Funny enough, how extra mags cost about the same as the real thing. For those that find fault in the fact that the threaded barrel is 16mm cw instead of the industry standard 14mm ccw, remember a real USP tactical is 45acp and this means the barrel on the airsoft version must be done in 16mm to retain a scale appearance. Accuracy is good and striking a man size target at 150ft is not a problem for a seasoned player.

About 85% accurate compared to a real H&K USP Tactical

None to be found yet
by J. BOYLAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 03 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
I purchased this pistol about two months ago and so far it has performed nicely. The aluminum slide feels great and is light at the same time. The polymer lower frame also feels good and provides a good grip on the gun. However, it is fairly large and small hands might have some trouble comfortably reaching functions such as the slide release. As a whole, the pistol feels very realistic and features such as the functional de-cocker only enhance that feeling.

When I first got the pistol, I ran it on green gas, but then made the switch to the more economical propane pretty quickly. So far, the gun is handling it just fine (like it should) and I see no signs of accelerated wear and tear after about 700 rounds through it.

Feels great in the hand
Realistic functions/looks
Threaded outer barrel
Crisp/fast blowback action
Efficient on gas

Threaded barrel is 16mm cw, making it harder to find barrel extensions for it
O-ring by the loading valve came of fairly quickly, now the mag still fills fine, but during the gas charging procedure, gas will leak since there is no good seal
Magazine will frequently drop out after releasing the slide
by V. DEL VECCHIO verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 26 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
I have owned this gun for more than 10 months now and I still feel like a giddy school girl every time I pick it up. It just feels amazing to hold. The construction is extremely solid, and the mag release, safety, and the slide release are all very easy to use. I'm a small guy with small hands, but even for me, I have no problem using all of the features of this gun. The kick and sound of this gun is top notch. The other players always comment on how much louder my gun is compared to theirs. I have never regretted purchasing this gun and have recommended it to all of my friends.

- Solid Construction
- Easily accessible safety, slide release, and magazine release.
- Loud and strong kick
- Accurate for a pistol
- It's a KWA

- You have to buy a rail adapter for most of the attachments you find on the market for airsoft guns.
- The iron sights on this gun aren't the best, and a little difficult to use in shaded areas.
- I would say the price, if it weren't a KWA.
- The magazines don't fit in my leg holster which is designed for larger guns. (I just have a speed loader in it's place now.)
- The threading on the gun makes it very difficult to find a silencer that fits the gun, so keep that in mind if you're looking into that.
by K. FENNELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 11 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
Great Gun better than all my friends gas pistols. This gun has high impact plastic on the hand grip and barrel, the slide is made of metal. The magazine is full matel and very sturdy. Several times while playing the pistol fell out of my poorly constructed holster and survived with only 2 scratches on the orange cap, also the pistol mag fell out of the gun once because it was not securly put in by me and it survived with no damage. The kick and sound of this gun firing is very amazing, it has so much power. The accuracy is completly straight for atleast 100 feet, and the range is about 90 to 130 feet. On the feild ths gun has never failed me. LUBE THIS GUN WELL BEFORE YOU USE IT BECAUSE IT WILL JAM, its easy to fix the jam if u decide not to lube it up but still do it because it may damage the gun. The gun comes with lube so ur set.

Range is very good for feild and cqb
Accuracy is great
The feel
light weight (its a pistol do duh)
construction - high quality material
fps is 340 - 360 with .25s
adjustable sights
mag is just 5 bux more than usual so im not complaining

hop up is annoying to adjust
16mm clockwise thread...wow
by E. YOKOTE Date Added: Sunday 23 May, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
I got the Kp45 Tactical about 4 months ago, and this is a great gun. Of course, that is expected by KWA. I have used it quite a bit, and the grouping is very consistent and it shoots with a lot of force. It also does not use very much gas. If you are looking for a great gas pistol, this gun is perfect.

full metal
gas efficient

16mm thread (only a few places carry these barrel extensions)
by A. LE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 26 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
This is by far the best GBB Pistol I have ever bought. When you buy a KWA it's impossible to be disappointed. The nice loud sound of the slide going back and forth is like music to the ear. The gun is mighty powerful, and it's well worth the money. The only con that I have to say about the gun is that the iron sites don't have markings on them like the M9 s do. That being said, what are you waiting for?! Add the gun to your cart.



Nuff Said.
by A. BOENISCH Date Added: Wednesday 21 July, 2010
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about a month ago and have since then used it in some small skirmishes and some IPSC-style run-n-guns. My first impressions were mixed but after using it and becoming familiar with it, I now love it. I love it so much, I wrote an epicly long review of it to show you how great it is. I'm an older guy with lots of real steel trigger time, so I'm hard to impress too. Seriously, if your looking for an airsoft gun in this price range and even a bit above it, buy it. Just buy it. It's great. Seriously. Click the add to cart button because I promise you that you'll like it.

Build Quality -
The build quality is very impressive. The metal parts are made of high quality metal and laser etched and the plastic parts are durable and well shaped. The functional safety and decocker are really nice features. The internals are durable and very well made and the NS2 gas system is great. The magazines fill cleanly and lock in nicely and are pretty durable as well so there's no need to worry about breaking them by reloading too hard.

This gun has a 1911-style grip angle and I, like many other real steel operators, like that more than, say, a G-series gun. The grip strapping isn't made as nicely as the real steel gun, but they definitely aren't made poorly by any means. The mag release, like the real steel counterpart, pulls down instead of pressing in. It takes some getting used to if you've trained with other pistols, but I think it's a better system. The gun has nice weight to it as well; not heavy but night light. The slide is machined very well and cycles smoothly. The slide has a very nice feel when racking and makes a very pleasant -clack- when sliding forward. It's pretty loud too and sounds very nice. I know some of you guys (and girls) don't like the plastic outer barrel, but the metal slide cycles great against it and I trust KWA that they know what they're doing.

Performance -
I've used this gun with a few different brands of green gas and also with propane. At first I was using a weak can of green gas and was shooting about 315fps with .20g BBs. I tried another can of green gas that performed much better and I was able to shoot through both sides of an aluminum can (which according to some places means the BB is traveling at about 350-370fps. On propane.... the thing is a monster. I was shooting over 400 with it. Now I wouldn't go and use propane for the life of this gun, but I bet you probably could. I've been using a mix of propane and Ultra Elite gas (I found it to hit a little harder than UHC green gas and has a little more lube. Maybe too much lube when using just Ultra Elite, but just enough when mixed with propane).

Accuracy -
It's accurate. Since I was chronoing so high, I opted to use heavier BBs at either .23g or .25g and this helped with keeping the BBs on track. The hop up is very easy to adjust, though I didn't have to make any adjustments out of the box.

Other Thoughts -
This gun isn't very upgradeable yet. Then again, there isn't a lot you need to do to it. The NS2 gas system hits very hard so I don't think you'll be needed more power. There is one company (EdGi) that makes a 6.03mm tight bore barrel available directly from KWA. I'm considering it, but since I have replaced my outer barrel with a non-theaded barrel, I'm not sure if it would fit.
KWA is the American facing side of this company (KSC being the non-American company) so the manuals and website and all that are in real actual non-typo-filled English. The customer service is great and they have a forum that is staffed with real live KWA employees and other airsofters that can answer questions.

-Low price.
-High FPS. Everybody loves high FPS, but only if the gun also has...
-High accuracy
-Beautiful design. At least I think so, but I very much like the look of this gun and it's real steel counterpart
-Great hand-feel.

-The company that makes the real steel gun on which this gun is based uses a proprietary rail system. If you want to attach accessories there is a pretty short list of accessories for it, and most come at pretty high price tags.
-Features a 16mm+ (clockwise) threaded barrel. There are few barrel extensions that will fit should you choose to use one. King Arms makes on and KSC used to make one for the MK23.
-The front sight is rather tall. This is so operators can see over a suppressor. I think it looks kind of goofy. You can replace the front sight for $8 from KWA though if you feel the same way.
-Uses a lot of gas. That being said, it takes a lot of gas to fill the mag up but you get a lot of shots out of it, so it isn't really wasting the gas.
by L. MARTIN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 28 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA Full Metal KP45 Tactical Airsoft Gun (NS 2 System)
Product Information:
The best out there. no bs, no joke. i ordered this pistol january 8th or something, so ive had it for a while and i just got to use it in a game yesterday because its been to cold out. as far as performance goes, easily hits a man size target at 50 feet. which, if you play CQB like me is good enough because i like to rush so when i go through all 8 of my magazines (which happened to me once yesterday) this gun really is a life saver. the recoil is second to none, more thanany WE or any other pistol. ive tested alot of WE's.... ew.. well i did fund a suppressor for this, theres a $10 and a $25 one so they are actually about as cheap as they get. the $25 actually makes it louder (ill scramble this so GI can let it through) the suppressors are on *eikve*. anyway, this pistol WILLNOT fit in OE tech fast draw holster:( this is actually bigger than a 1911, i thought it would be a smaller gun. well i dont quite know what to say now.. so ill go to pros and cons

chronoed at 330 w/ .2 in middle of winter with green gas
25 rd mag capacity
tons of recoil
decocking function
easy to lube
EXTREMELY GAS EFFICIENT i could get 2 whole mags in 25 degree weather with a fulll fill of propane

doesnt fit in my holster
gotta lube it alot or the hammer sticks
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 14 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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