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CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
[04924 / AR003M-X]
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by T. STANDIFORD Date Added: Monday 21 October, 2013
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
I will start off by saying, based on the quality of this gun, I will never buy Classic Army products again. The finish is uber flimsy and comes off with the lightest of a scrape, and the trademarks are painted on. You run the risk of loosing those markings. It shoots way too hot for it's own good. The stock barrel and Hopup units are garbage, and unless you replace BOTH of them, the accuracy of this weapon is pittiful at best. In my experiance it shoots way to the right, and doesn't even outrange a stock KWA CQR MOD 2 even though the barrel is almost TWICE as long! The most annoying thing was that my MAGPUL PTS MOE 12in HANDGUARD did not fit. The handguard on this weapon is 1/4in out of spec. All of that aside, it is an okay platform if you want a wall hanger or a LARP prop, I would not recomend this to ANYONE.

Able to be upgraded if you bought one
lots of battery space
wonderful M16 Iron sights
421 FPS w/ .20g BBs

hopup unit is garbage
stock barrel is garbage
no battery
paint chips WAY TOO easily
The polymer feels more sturdy than the metal body
by J. SCHLOT verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 6 months now. I got it thinking that it was gonna be like, super accurate. How every I was some what displeased by its performance and quality. I use .25's with this gun, and it shoots straight as an arrow, but only up to about 70 feet, then it begins to curve slightly. I'm going to try to upgrade it with a 6.01 mm tightbore barrel, and use .3's to see if it helps at all. Another this is that this gun isn't that all well built. The bolt didn't really go all the way forward into the bolt catch by its self, and only after a few days of owning the gun, Something inside broke, and the bolt would not spring back into place, nor would it pull back the dust cover. Also, the hand-gaurd is made out of a very thin and flimsy plastic. I'm going to replace it with a metal RIS hand-gaurd. However, performance isn't that all bad. A 1 foot 6 inch. diameter target can be hit from a pretty good distance, if you have the hop up set perfectly, and are using the right bb's. out of the box, I did a test with this gun using Matrix non-biodegradable .25 bb's and was aiming with a 2x mag red dot scope. Also, I didn't just guestimate distances like some people do, I measured everything to be as precise as possible. at 50 ft. I was 10/10 with a 4.5 inch spread, at 90 feet, I was 9/10 with a 1 foot 1 inch spread, at 150 feet, I was 6/10 with a spread that was bigger than the target (1.5 feet)

Overall, I'd say that this is an ok weapon, but definately not worth the money.

415 fps w/ .2's
Ok accuracy for barrel length
big battery compartment (large type)

flimsy hand-guard
sensitive hop up
easily breakable parts
front sight does not come off
more inaccurate than it should be
by Z. HACK Date Added: Saturday 12 June, 2010
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
Well first off, airsoft gi, you guys need to get your shipping priorities straight. I ordered it last week and got it 2 weeks later. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!! but when it got here, OH BABY! i love it! straight out of the box it was shooting about 410 fps. so far it is nice. The metal body is nice and the clip was better than normal. if you want a gun with good performance and great quality, GET THIS ONE!!!!!!!!! the only thing wrong with the gun was when it got here there is Styrofoam in the barrel, and there is a small scratch on the barrel but i bought a new one to upgrade this the existing one.

astounding FPS (pro and con)
good metal body
very little plastic

Styrofoam in barrel
bottom of box missing?
no battery :(
by H. MOE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 03 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
great gun . has a solid feel, and no barrel wobble. has a HUGE stock that can fit a HUGE battery. right now i am using an intellect 9.6 2000 mah crane stock battery and the rof is really nice. not too fast , but definitely not too slow. The fps was a little lower than I was expecting, airsoftgi chroned it at 380, but it goes really far and hurts too. I use .28 BBs because they go about the same distance as .25 BBs but they are waaaaaay more accurate, and they go through bushes better so I can hit people when they think that they are safe. The inner barrel and hop-up could be better, they do work, but i will be upgrading.

380 fps gets a maximum range of about 150 ft
VERY solid
big stock can hold a big battery
good rate of fire even with old 8.4
nice metal body (matte black)

inner barrel and hop-up could be better
lower than advertised fps
doesn't have an insane rof
not great for cqb but still works
mine shoots to the right, but I adjusted the sites for almost deadly accuracy

4/5 because of the lower-than-expected fps and not-so-great inner barrel/hop up
by K. BIGGS Date Added: Sunday 27 December, 2009
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
I am a proud owber of this wonderful gun. It shoots hard out of the box and accurate with the stock barrel . I just installed a 6.03 inner barrel and the gun is accurate to about 150 - 200ft. The one thing is this gun is not meant for a small person, as it is heavy and long.

lots of ways to upgrade
shoots hard
accurate with the stock barrel

by L. RITTER Date Added: Monday 07 December, 2009
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
First off, this is not the gun I got. I am a lucky owner of one of the first Classic Army M15A4 (serial # 000480). I bought it back in 2003 and it has not let me down yet. I have never upgraded the internals, or in fact had the gearbox taken apart by anyone. I use a regular 8.4v battery from ASGI. Over all the years I have been in this sport Every other one of my guns except for my Classic Armys has gone down and is either scrapped or sitting in the garage. The mods I have done for the gun are as follows;

Madbull JP 12in Handguard Barrel System (tan)
RSV Custom Tightbore Barrel (6.01)
EO Tech 552 weapon sight
Classic Army Mk 12 supressor
Cheetah MOSFT Computer

This rifle is one of the most lifelike in weights and appearences (the Systemas are more life like in the shooting aspect). The stock has amazing wiring and I never have replaced Anything.

Over ALL
6 out of 5

Has Never failed in the 7 years I have Been in battle with it
Life Like Feel
Great Wiring
Never had to have maitnance on it
Amazing Internal life
Very Accurate (even without tightbore)
High Quality construction
Full Metal
Custom molded grip for motor
Strong Flat top reciever
Very strong stock (fell out of 45' tree once)
High Quality Paint
High Quality stck Handguards

Some people want more FPS (I have chronoed mine at 300 w/ .23g)
Others dont like price
Some won't leave internals alone
High power batteries affect the piston and gears (8.4v RECOMENDED)
I personally didn't like the front sling attachment, always rattles
by J. PRUITT verified buyer Date Added: Monday 16 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
This Classic Army X - Series is a great gun! but this review will not receive a full 5 stars right off the bat.

The body is a great construction, the metal is thick and feels solid, not like pot-metal or Dboys metal. This airsoft gun is metal where the real thing is - and plastic where the fiberglass etc would be. A personal pro is that the metal flash hider is dull orange compared to blaze orange. So if your field requires an orange tip, you are less likely to be spotted. The rail for the carrying handle is machined well and will fit many-many-many attachments with ease! The carrying handle is also great, solid and WILL NOT come off. Do make sure to oil the screw in which the site is mounted, sometimes it gets stuck moving left or right.

The rear stock, handle and fore grips are fiber-infused plastic, and feel amazing. Compare it to JG plastic and you will tell that these stocks etc could be beaten with a bat and survive!

The wiring in the weapon is also good, very soft but durable so you wont be creasing or breaking wires any time soon. Motor placement is excellent, the hand-grip is a bit bigger than normal to allow the motor to seat better.

Accuracy is a joke though, the stock barrel is hardly to brag about with .20's. Even with a 6.04 not much changed. BUT! You change to G&G .25's and you'll be shooting softball to basketball size groups at 150 feet in short burst. But the hop up is pretty decent, I wouldn't complain.

Rate of fire is really high even with the 400 + FPS spring and 8.4v set up.

DO NOT GO 9.6 WITHOUT SERIOUS UPGRADES. Mine stripped the piston. The motor is very powerful and the spring is very stiff, so you'll break something on a 9.6 volt like I did.

Trust me, if you are using this gun for outdoors, rig it to be accurate, not fast.

Has a military-style delta ring, so I fitted a 16.5 inch dragonfire rail on it - tis a nice add on.

The bolt catch though is somewhat weak, my bolt broke because the metal charging handle connects to the imitation bolt by a strip of paper thin plastic. Be gentle ok? Dont movie-style-rip-n-slam the bolt.

Taking apart the weapon is a pain, the mag-release button is not screwed in with a screw. Actually, its screwed into the mag catch, so to take it out, you have to push mag button past the body, and turn it... its complicated... you'll see... Accessing the gear box after that is relatively easy - speaking of which, reinforced gear box, 7mm gears, steel - high torque gears.... cant get much better.

Metal Body
ROF - 8.4v

Bolt set up
Piston + 9.6v
Accuracy with .20's and no change in barrel
by M. CAMELLA Date Added: Saturday 27 June, 2009
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
I have the 2009 M15A4 Rifle and is the best AEG I've used.

1100 RPM(9.6v battery) 800-900(8.4v battery)
All metal construction
Accurate with .25 bbs
No mag wobble
No loose parts
Functional bolt catch
Mag doesn't misfeed
Easy to mod
Adjustible sights for wind and distance
Removeable carry handle

Unaccuate with bbs lighter than .25
Stock barrel is anything but a tight bore(6.08mm)
Terrible with a small type battery(Not recemended to use a small type)
by C. SOBASZEK Date Added: Friday 12 June, 2009
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
This gun is plain amazing. When it comes to airsoft, you could ask for no better. When I tested it's accuracy it blew me away, it's simply great. The gun feels and looks just like a REAL AR15/M16 and has great details all over, one being the trademarks from Armalite. The fps is like 400-420, so it's not too fast, but awesome for games I play (mostly field). Plus, with the amazing features and accuracy, you'll be dominating the battle in no time at all. One last thing, this gun is incredibly sturdy, I picked it up and shook it and there was no wobble what-so-ever!

-Functioning bolt catch
-No "mag wobble"

-didn't come with a battery (so I payed $50 extra and got a nice 8.4V 3800Mah battery)
by D. WILDING Date Added: Sunday 12 April, 2009
For: CA Full Metal Armalite M15A4 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (X Series)
Product Information:
First of all this gun is AMAZING! I clocked it at about 395-410 F.P.S. out of the box it shoots very accurate and stright (I would suggest replacing iron sights though they are kinda hard to see through). The magazine that is comes with is great, it doesnt jam at all and is made completely of metal. If you are looking for a gun that shoots good and doesnt cost a lot this is the one to buy.

Shoots Fast and Straight
Full Metal
Weighs about 6lbs
Great Magazine, holds 300 rds
Large Battery 8.4v
Cost is Low
Shoots around 900 R.P.M.
Full Metal

Iron Sights are a bit tough to look through
If you pull the charging handle to fast is can break spring
(be gentle)
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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