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(Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
[D305504806 / SD87TLRB]
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by J. CREGG Date Added: Tuesday 14 September, 2010
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
I got this gun from a different company (I always shop ASGI but sorry you were out of stock) and it arrived with a very loose stock/ grip. If the stock is removed and you look down the stock tube, there is some sort of hex nut which needs to be tightened, I suppose but it is so deep inside the tube its hard to tell what type it is. Some have told me its just a standard Phillips screw but mine is not and I can't find anyone who knows how to fix it.

Most people who get the gun like this won't know how to fix this. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Nice performance, good materials. Feels good in your hand. 3 shot burst is really fun.

The adjustable stock's tube seems almost impossible to tighten or remove for maintenance (If anyone knows what type of tool to use it would help). Pump takes some getting used to as it has to pull back 3 springs.
by K. JACQUES verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 17 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
This gun is fun to use. I enjoy shooting people with this gun and thats a good quality to have in the airsoft world. you can use this gun in several areas indoor outdoor and cqb of course. The pump is easy if your not 10 years old or weak. the gun is mostly plastic but is pretty sturdy

shoots 3 bbs at a time
retractable stock
top rail
front and back sling mount
very light
very mobile
hits hard from within 40 ft
comes with 4 shells that hold 30 each

stock is wobly but its fixable with the proper tools
dont let inexperienced players use they underestimate the force needed to pump it and jam it
Ohh ya jams reletivly easy
by W. ELLIS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
i really really like this shotgun. the fact that im not that tall is good because of the collapsible stock. the iron sights impressed me a lot. they werent precision sights which made sense because its a shotgun and inards of this gun are metal im pretty sure and other pieces like the collapsible butt stock. the pump is a little hard to pump right outta the box but it you get used to it after a while. so this shotgun is great

Vitals are metal
Good sights
Light weight

Hard to pump at first
If you like slings you may want to adjust it so that the hand grip doesn't dig into your back and its a little tight at the top but you can just loosen it
by F. BUTTRY Date Added: Tuesday 03 November, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
Product is well made in both fitment and appearance. Some casting marks can be seen but can be cleaned up nicely. The only real issues that I found with the gun is the forward sight is not in alignment with the rear (it's tilted slightly to the right).

-Good fit and finish
-Adjustable sights (if needed)
-Adjustable shoulder stock (youth to adult)
-Ambidextrous Safety
-Speed loader worked very well with the supplied shotgun shells.

-Sight alignment
-Pump-Action is hard to cycle (even harder for an 11 year old).
-Sometimes the BBs get loose in the shell loading area.
by M. WEBB Date Added: Friday 11 September, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
I havnt tested it in battle yet but its a pretty nifty gun. Shells and holster to them are pretty cool. The stock is weird though because it can twist to the right. I have no idea why but I guess its for effeciency somehow.

-Sights are good
-Stock is kind of wacky but in a good way
-Has sling

-Becomes harder to cock after a while and if you fail to cock it all the way you have to do it again which like jams it.
-This gun isnt very good with .20g BBs. I tested this and it jams ALOT! I tried .12g, shot it, and it shot every time fin. Though it curves alot a little adjustment to hop-up will fix it but hey, its not like your gonna shoot it 100 feet or anything so it doesnt really matter if it curves after like 30 feet. So for perfect shooting you may have to get .15g BBs.
-Sling is a little cheap.
by J. CRAWFORD verified buyer Date Added: Monday 10 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
i think is a really sweet shotgun, it shoots pretty nicely with .25's and looks like it could kick some major butt(which it does)

a problem that i have a question about is the grip and stock have become VERY loose.
if someone could tell me how to fix this problem it would be very much appreciated!

good looking
i believe the 2 barrels are made of metal
sights are nice
shoots well with .25's

the stock and grip have become VERY wobbly and i dont know what to do! :(
i would give this a 5/5 but the stock and grip have prevented me
by J. BROWN Date Added: Tuesday 14 July, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
I just got this gun yesterday, it's a very good gun. The Butt stock is a little wobly, but is still a good gun. It takes The double Eagle M3 Shotgun Shell Package By UTG. I was going to get the full stock but the last one in stock got crushed. It shoots three BB's each pump. The pump is hard to pump. but is getting easier. I recommend buy this gun. I suggest you buy more shells.

Shoot far.
looks real.
fun to shoot people with.

Butt stock is wobly
hard to pump
not good in open areas
stock smell rubery
by J. CZECH verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 10 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
Okay to start out this gun is definitely worth the money if some of you were wondering. Like the guy below, I did not notice much of a rubbery smell seeing as I have allergies, but when i do smell the stock it's not so bad as I would call it a con. The gun itself has a very nice feel and looks absolutely amazing! I ordered a red dot sight with it and suggest doing the same because it just makes it that much more intimidating and effective. The normal sights aren't bad though. The stock tends to tilt a little to the left when it is not in the shortest position, but it's not noticeable. the pump is hard but it won't get in the way unless your extremely weak. The sling mounts are positioned very nicely, and the sling it comes with is a nice size even though it's not that great. there are two spots to put extra an extra shell, one in the pistol grip, and one under the barrel if you unscrew the end cap. I did not order extra shells, but i suggest doing so if you plan on using it as a primary weapon. One thing that bugged me is that this gun is Extremely light without my red dot on it. It's a pretty sturdy gun, but it would feel a lot cooler with a little extra weight.

Now onto firing..
The gun I received jammed on my very first shot. after i started taking a few more it worked for maybe 15 or 20 and jammed again. Since then I haven't gotten it to fire normal, because every time it is pumped 5-15 bb's will get jammed into where they feed into the barrels. I'm sure I just recieved a 'lemon' / defect because i haven't heard much negative about this gun on any site. but when it did fire I was pretty impressed with how well it spread the bb's. I used .2 grams and i think they spread a bit too much, so I suggest getting TSD .23's or .25's. Airsoft GI is doing their best to replace my gun, and I hope I haven't persuaded anyone out of getting it because the chances are yours will work great. also while i was trying to unjam the gun sometimes a bb would get stuck in the pump like the guy below me states.

Hope I've helped! 4/5 because I have to send mine back and get a new one :P

Nice feel
Looks spectacular
Rail comes in handy
Nice sling mounts with cheap but effective sling
nice spread
extendable, unique looking stock
Two shell compartments
Four Shells that load very easily with the speed loader included

Slight rubbery smell if anyone even cares :P
Stock is slightly crooked
Extremely light :(
Full plastic
Could have a jamming problem if it's anything like mine
Kind of hard to pump
Not as high FPS as I would like
by E. MORISCH verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 10 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
I bought this shotgun as a backup gun for myself so i could let some of my buddies use my spring pistols i normally use as a back up to my Galaxy MP5-PDW (which is an EXCELLENT value for the money!). anyways, this gun is great. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. As others have said it pumps hard out of the box but it seemed to get easier the more i did it. I didn't have any problem with the rubber on the collapsible stock smelling funny, but that may just be because i have allergies and can't smell anything anyways. this gun is extremely comfortable and easy to use. my only two gripes with this gun is (1) that the shells don't load really great straight out of the box, but a little WD-40 fixed that, and (2) that for some reason, my gun let a BB get up into the slide of the pump and it got jammed. I was actually talking to the Airsoft GI returns guy, but while i was playing with it out of frustration the jammed BB broke and the pieces fell out, so now the gun works fine.

MAKE SURE YOU USE HEAVY BBs! .25g or higher! this gun is very powerful and it shattered .20g bbs when i tested them. i bought a 20k BB container of .25g high grade BBs for this and my MP5.

All in all i give this gun 4/5 for its excellent design, comfortablilty and sheer power. the only reason i cant give it a 5 is because of the experiance between the shells and the jam.

i do however give AGI customer service a 5/5 for a quick response to my problem even though the problem fixed itself. Great work guys!

three (3!) barrels and three BBs at once!
adjustable stock
accurate/adjustable iron sights
very comfortable
not too heavy
Metal outer barrel AND "magazine tube"
very sturdy - no noticeable wobbles.
all in all an excellent gun for $75

Mine jammed - can't say that will happen to everyone, just rotten luck i guess.
Some people have an issue with the smell of the rubber on the stock i guess... not an issue for me
rear halo ring sight is actually made of plastic
sketchy feed of the shell mags - easy fix with WD-40
by S. MURRAY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 28 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD 3 Burst Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Collapsible Stock)
Product Information:
First of all this gun is amazing...in performance and looks. As long as you use at least .20s (not sure if anyone uses heavier) the shots will stay together just about until they fall to the ground. As people said the gun is actually kind of hard to cock but you get used to it. My one problem was that in the pistol grip there is a spot to put a shell. Inside there is an object that the shell clips onto so it will stay on. I never really planned on using this but it did break off after a couple of times messing around with it. In the tube underneath the barrel there is also a spot for 1 shell to fit in if you unscrew the cap. As far as I can tell the hop up is not adjustable which is the one major problem. On the other hand hop-up for 3 barrels sounds complicated to me. Even said the hop-up still holds the bbs in a pretty straight line.

3 barrels
the shell holder that it comes with
good fps
sling mounts
comes with a rail
tri shot

Yeah the rubber does smell...who cares
It is kind of hard to cock but just get some muscles and its easy
otherwise its great
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