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Arena FlakJak Goggles (TAN)
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by C. FORD verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 October, 2008
verified buyer
For: Arena FlakJak Goggles (TAN)
Product Information:
I love these goggles. I can't get them to fog. I'm not sure what that other reviewer is talking about maybe he washed it with soap. In the manual that you get with these goggles it strongly suggests not to use soaps or cleaners. My goggles came with a tan strap instead of a black one. You can't see it in the pictures, but no foam actually touches your face. The foam has a almost neoprene type material on it that is really nice on your face. The carrier pouch provided can fit on a molle vest nicely. The carrier pouch actually has to pouches in it one for the goggles and then one right in front of that one for your other lens. I'm not sure about any one else, but I was under the impression that the razor back blade things were made out of metal when in fact they are plastic. I was a little disappointed to figure this out. The strap is Also very nice it is pretty wide and also kind of stiff which i like because it stays tight and doesn't loosen up over time because of movement. The one thing that is a real big let down is the color obviously I knew the color buying it, but I am still disappointed in it tan is not a very good description of its color its way closer to white. I suggest Painting it since you can remove the strap and lenses pretty easily. Or spend the money on the 65 dollar OD green and black ones.

VERY anti fog
2 lenses
Neoprene type material on foam is comfy
Easy to change lenses and strap
Carrier pouch is nice and has a spot for your other lens which i didn't expect
Semi stiff strap

Color is the only con that i can think of.
by T. GLIEGER Date Added: Sunday 24 August, 2008
For: Arena FlakJak Goggles (TAN)
Product Information:
I'll start with a random fact: (PLEASE DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS. I HEARD IT FROM SEVERAL STORES, BUT IT DOES NOT SEEM COMPLETELY LEGITAMENT)...I was told that these goggles were ordered for the military, but the manufacturer made them 3 shades too light! So now they sell for cheap! *Again, please don't quote me on this. I doubt it's true. I just thought it was funny*

These goggles, for some reason, tend to fog only on certain occasions. What's ironic is that I can breathe on them and they won't fog, and I can sweat and run around in humidity and it won't fog. But sometimes, completely randomly, it will begin to fog on me, REALLY BADLY.

However, I did find that if you remove the two top black things ("heat trappers") from above both eyes, which are very easily removed, you can allow the moisture and heat to escape. (Remember: Hot air rises! =D )

-VERY comfortable
-Low profile
-Two lenses
-Sweet storage case
-Foam feels good on contact (doesn't scratch)
-Pretty good peripheral vision

-Fogs at random times, and when it does, it's pretty bad
-Only comes in tan, but easily fixable with a dull or flat spray paint.
-Although the foam feels good, it tends to absorb a lot of sweat, and sometimes takes a while to dry off (This sometimes causes some fog)
by D. PAXTON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 11 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Arena FlakJak Goggles (TAN)
Product Information:
These things are great. I play in Florida and man o man is it hot and humid here. Even in the heat, these have never fogged up on me. You can fit glasses underneath them, but they're still low profile enough for you to get down on your sights/optics without having to buy a raiser of some kind for them. i've had my glasses fog a bit while wearing them under these goggles... but thats usually because they're too close to my face when i'm sweating really bad. I just have to push them towards the lens of these goggles and the fog goes away :).

DO NOT WASH THESE WITH SOAP OF ANY KIND! I hear that ruins the anti fog coating on them or w/e. just a damp cloth works fine.

Super comfortable
Tons of airflow
2 lenses! (one clear, one smoke)
Lens is super easy to change... litterally in seconds.
Comes with nice protective pouch (that u can wear with them)
Strap removes in less than 5 seconds

Only comes in tan

I took my lense out, taped everything off, and spray painted them flat black... works great.

You might find these a little cheaper elsewhere, but if ur getting these with a gun or something, u'll save money u would have spent on shipping somewhere else.

Get these now!
by M. PEREZ Date Added: Thursday 07 August, 2008
For: Arena FlakJak Goggles (TAN)
Product Information:
These goggles are great they fit well. The foam on the insido is smooth on the insideso when your running it doesn't scrath your skin.

great interchangable lens one clear one dark great for indoor outdoor use
if wearing prescription glasses or sunglases you can fit them in without your glasses or goggles falling
doesn't fog

Displaying 41 to 44 (of 44 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 
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