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CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[03731 / CM032BLACK]
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by J. MAY Date Added: Sunday 28 April, 2013
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Right out of the box the gun looks fantastic. YOU CAN NOT beat this price i ave spent hundreds of dollars on guns that cant compare to this thing. i do plan to order some parts to get a little more out of it because it does get a very accurate 150ft range. my only problem is that thee battery it comes with for me was a piece of trash. and i have heard about this before for this gun. it says 1200mah 8.4v. my charger (a much more expensive one not the one in the box) can only charge it to 500-600mah i bought it from the new store in VA that just opened so maybe i was unlucky.

great range for the price will always have use for it
magazine is durable...butter fingers
sling it comes with seems ok so far

paint is a little scratched off in some areas (gives it character)
fps could be a little bit higher...
rof is good enough (this isnt a machine gun ppl!)
by K. TRAN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
When I first got it I was really surprised how well put together it was, it's fairly sturdy. The charging handle, if pulled too much will end up dislodging the metal piece under the bolt. It's fairly easy to fix since all you need is a screw driver that holds it in place. The sights are fairly accurate, but it helps to get some white out and paint in the middle tab of the front sight. The sling is gonna be a no go here, it's made from a fairly malleable metal so it isn't advised for a gun of such weight. The sling is better off with an SMG. The magazine can be fairly wobbly so I'd get a spare. If you want to get a bipod you'd need a Harris style bipod with a swivel stud. But if thats too much work, you can always use just any barrel mounted bipod (though not as appealing). Rail kits are fairly common but ones around 50$, are not easy to find. CYMA also makes a rail kit too for their products as well, and scope mounts too. **One important note**, the synthetic body is held up by some glue, it holds the gun together well enough, BUT the rifle grip is where its the weakest. Just after a week of use, the grip area started to split, so its helpful to add some medical tape, but I'd get the tape to be discolored with dirt or something, so it'll have that "used" look on it. Around the rifle grip is gonna be some oil which will have slight come off. It's fairly accurate, and has some decent range to it. it got around 380 fps when I got it. Compared to some of the guys in my ROTC unit, it out ranged and was a little bit more accurate than some of their CQRs too.

-Has some weight to it
-Metal in all the right places
-got some range to it

-some external weakness
-slight splits in the body
by A. SALES verified buyer Date Added: Monday 02 July, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Hmmm G&G or CYMA M14? If you have the money, get a G&G. But if you are just itching for and sort of M14 and do not have the budget to pick up a $300 rifle, this is a decent substitute. For the price it is an alright rifle. You really do get what you pay for here. But keep this in mind – you can buy two of these for the price of a G&G M14. With that line of thinking, you could buy one of these for you and one for your girlfriend whom you are trying to get into Airsoft. Or, you could have a second one for spare parts, which is similar to what I did. I traded a fellow Airsofter an old A&K SR25 I had that had problems for an M14 (which was a mix of CYMA, AGM, and Echo 1 parts). The gun ended up having some pretty severe problems right away, so I decided to pick up a CYMA M14 and use the broken M14 for spare parts. Thus far, it has worked out pretty well. If I lose a screw or something minor breaks, I have a spare over in my parts box.
Before I go any further, realize that I have worked on Airsoft guns for about seven years and have a good deal of experience. This example of CYMA quality is about the same as any of their other products. They look pretty nice, but their tuning, and performance somewhat, leaves something to be desired. I gave this gun a try for about a week before opening it up and tuning it. Put around 1500rds through it before hand. I even let a few of my novice Airsoft teammates play around with it for a bit, which is something I rarely do. If they cannot break it, then chances are it’s constructed well enough for my taste. I did try out everything it game with, except for the spring, BBs, and charger (all of which you should throw out right away). The battery is not the greatest, a 1500mah 8.4v nicd battery, but it is good enough for a beginner Airsofter who is just picking up his first gun. With it, the gun ran about 10rps. Not very fast, obviously, but then again, it only takes one BB to tag someone out.
Testing this right out of the box I found that 0.2g BBs gave very poor results. The rounds dropped after about 100ft, even with the hop up adjusted. After switching over to 0.25g rounds the range improved significantly. The rounds were dropping at about 175ft, giving the gun an effective range of about 150ft accurately (measured with an insanely long measuring tape). The accuracy, however, was average – about a 4-5ft spread at the max range of 175ft. If you really need to push the range, I recommend you spray and pray at that point.
There were several things I did not like about the gun out of the box. First, the sound the gun made. I don’t mind a gun being somewhat high-pitched or whiney, assuming it is properly shimmed, AOE is corrected, etc, but the gun actually made a mild grinding noise. I have heard of very few stock guns doing that. It worried me a bit, but it figured that if it broke that first week I would just send it back for a new one. No gun should break in under a week, stock. To my surprise, the gun held up fine. Saves me two weeks of shipping guns around.
Upon getting the gun back home I decided to open it up and check out the internals and whether or not there was any wear and tear from the first week of usage. Luckily, there was very little. Let’s start with the barrel/hop up and then get to the gearbox. The hop up chamber itself feels pretty cheap. I have actually seen them break with very little use, for instance, I found one with the side of the chamber broken off from normal use. I really wish they made metal TM style M14 hop up chamber. I would buy one in a heartbeat. The barrel is chrome (nickel plated), and is rumored to be a 6.04 bore barrel. Judging by the average accuracy I got while testing it, I do not feel that is true. I do not have an adequate caliper, however, to double check.
Once I opened up the gearbox I found the usual Chinese grease job, which is never good. I absolutely hate the toothpaste green gunk they use to “lubricate” literally everything, even things that do not need grease. After destroying several paper towels and getting my hands nice and greasy, I got the gearbox pretty cleaned up and was able to actually see what I had in front of me. The gear set is CYMA’s usual quality. Pretty nice, but poorly shimmed. I found that the grinding sound was actually coming from the bevel gear being too low in the gearbox. It was literally grinding against a portion of the shell under it. A quality shim job fixed that, now the gun hums nicely. The compression is decent for a China-made gun, so I left it alone after lubricating everything with Teflon grease. The stock M100ish spring was only shooting about 340fps, even though AirsoftGI claimed they clocked it in at 370fps…maybe a disconnect between the tester’s pen and the paper? After shimming the gun, greasing it, and correcting the AOE (which really needed some work), I closed up the gun. I had also installed a new motor, a stock JG motor that I had lying around, and a spare M120ish spring, as well as a Mosfet. It is worth noting that the trigger contacts showed wear after only a week of using them on the stock battery, A Mosfet might be worth getting if you want to save them in the long run. After reassembling everything, the gun was shooting about 390fps with 0.2g rounds and 345fps with 0.25g rounds. Not amazing, but it was better than the stock speed.
Overall, this is a decent beginner’s gun. For the price it is hard to go wrong. If you are a seasoned gun tech, then this should be a simple job of tuning and you have a decent upgrade platform. If you have the money and skill I highly recommend getting a new spring guide, motor, and piston head. A Mosfet is always a plus, and a new piston might be a good idea as well. I found be barrel to be adequate with a higher fps.

-decent range and accuracy
-relatively easy to work on internally
-light weight
-no creeks or loose parts
-looks clean, the metal parts are a matt black, not shiny like some other brands
-could make a good upgrade platform if you have the patience and skill

-poor stock shimming, lubrication, and AOE
-irritating grinding noise from stock shimming
-poor range with 0.2g rounds (many new players will use the gun with that weight ammo and get poor results, make sure to use 0.25g rounds of good quality)
-everything included with the gun, except for the magazine, or poor quality and should be trashed and replaced
-limited battery compartment room (will not fit an 8.4v large type battery, I highly recommend using a 9.6v mini)
-some parts are poor quality and may break (spring guide, hop up chamber, and possibly the piston)
-no rails for mounting optics, sold seperately
by A. HERMAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 April, 2011
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for a year now and having tried many different tactics, feel I can say what this gun is and isn't. This gun is a long range assault rifle or counter-sniper weapon. This is NOT a sniper rifle or DMR, it does not have the fps or extreme range and is better suited for an assault role with range that can beat most other ARs. Once getting this, the first 2 things to do are throw the bbs in the bag with your CO2 pistol or springer and throw the sling in the garbage, its absolute crap. The battery compartment is tight, which can pose minor problems since the rof is low with the stock battery, highly reccommended buying a 9.6v. There are videos on youtube to remove a plastic piece in the battery compartment and to rearrange the wires to increase room. Stock accurracy is very good, but a tightbore can only make it better. I have used .2, .23, .25, and .28 bbs and feel that .25's are the best balance between fps and having the extra weight to increase accuracy and range. I have never had this gun jam, malfunction, or have the mag misfeed. This is the definition of reliability. Aesthetically, this gun is great. The bolt will make the most amazing and satisfying sound there is. A few things to watch are the bolt catch (which fell off, nbd because it serves no actual function) and the front sling mount (mine fell off but i found it and rebolted it back on). The iron sights out of the box are useless, but after drilling the rear sight bigger are excellent. There are scope mounts avaliable for mounting optics, but I feel that they add bulkiness and clunkyness to the look and feel of the weapon. This thing can be used out of the box, but with some simple performance upgrades can dominate at outdoor games.

fps-mine came at 380 with .2's
range-150+ ft
accuraccy-very tight groupings at long range
bolt-most satisfying sound ever
magazines are good and cheap (gun does come with butterfly winding key)
you feel like you have a real weapon, not just some plastic piece of crap
easily upgradeable

bolt catch fell off
front sling mount fell off
battery compartment is small (intellect 9.6v 2000mah nunchuck will fit)
rof-very low with stock battery
no rails
sling is a P.O.S.

all cons with the exception of rof are for looks only and do not affect the performance of the gun
by C. CROSS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great starter for anyone looking to DMR for their team. I've had this for close to a year now, and preformance wise it's great. However a few months ago the plate that holds the heat sheild on in the front just randomly slid all the way down my barrel until my front site stopped it. Upon investigation I found that it was held in by one tiny hex screw, and wouldn't screw back in. This isn't a terrible con, seeing as how it didn't affect the preformance, but it is somthing to keep in mind. Now I have it electric taped and Its fine

Its an M14 (Duh)
Decent FPS
Decent ROF
Great range and accuracy for an out-of-the-box gun
Long inner barrel (550mm)

Construction is a little weak
Small battery space, but easily fits my 9.6 2000nah nunchuck
Not all upgrades compatible with this M14 (In my case, my JBU inner barrel)
by A. AMENDOLARA Date Added: Tuesday 14 December, 2010
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I love this gun...!!! I just get this gun about 4 months ago and is long range sniper rifle..
!!! mine shoot 410 fps..!!!! thats amazing...!!! the battery space is small but what i do was that i put an 9.6 crane stock battery and thats it..!!

400 fps
400 rounds mag
use .25 in this gun

a little heavy (dont worry about it)
does not come with scope
cant put a bipop
needs to put a adaptor for scope
battery space(put a 9.6 crane and thats it)
by D. BAILEY verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Review of the CYMA CM.032 M14
I am career military. I have shot M14s and M1As in the National Matches at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. I have been in several deployments with the Army to include Grenada, Panama, Desert Shield and Iraqi Freedom. This is my first Airsoft review but I am very familiar with weapon systems.
I will use a 5 point scale in grading and will cover the following areas:
1. Visual Exterior (Stock, Magazine, Sights, Action)
2. Interior (Gears, battery)
3. Accuracy
I will not cover pricing as that is liable to change based on the current market.
Starting from bottom, up.
Overall Visual Appeal 5.0
The gun is clean, simple, sturdy and elegant. Lines are smooth, no molding or seam marks. Bluing job is dark and stock is non glare. The M14 comes from the day when we had battle rifles, SMGs, carbines and pistols. Battle rifles were big, robust, durable and capable of hand to hand fighting without the fear of a plastic stock busting on you. It looks like a business rifle- no BS. Like a rifle should.
Stock. 5.0
Stock is a sturdy plastic with no visible bad sprue or color change marks. The plastic stock is not a bad thing. Most all modern weapon systems come with a synthetic stock. On sniper systems, the lack of wood is actually a good thing. Wood can warp with humidity and make subtle barrel changes that will affect bullet point of impact. Sling mounts and butt plate and shoulder plate are metal.
Action 4.8
Exterior parts of gun are metal with a nice parkerized finish. The metal may not be of superb quality, but then again, this is an Airsoft gun- it is not expected to endure the same internal pressures, velocities and environmental factors that an actual battle rifle would. It more than fulfills its purpose and looks like a battle rifle should. The bolt will slide to the rear and return forward of its own accord. The sound is not as solid as an actual M14, but then again this is an Airsoft gun- it isn’t supposed to. It does make a nice touch though and can be pretty intimidating to nearby players. The action on mine required a touch of oil to make sure it moved smoothly. Not a bad thing- the gun may have been set up in a warehouse for several months. The selector switch was the only gripe that I saw on the gun. It turns in a specific arc, NOT 360 degrees. It isn’t the strongest looking in the world and may eventually be broken off. When I was test firing my gun stopped firing. After an exhaustive check I saw that the vibration of shooting had caused the switch to start turning of its own accord. Once it cleared the “Semi” area the motor switched off. It wasn’t to “Auto” yet and didn’t shoot like that. But since it was no longer in “Semi” it wouldn’t shoot that way. Operator checking will fix this. Safety is standard Garand style- front of trigger guard. Very sturdy, very simple, very effective. Comes with the hole in it for padlocking if wanted.
Sights 5.0 (Scope mount 4.9)
Sights are metal, front and rear. Rear sights are fully adjustable for elevation and windage by knobs, with no adjustment tool needed. Front sight is a protected post. Gun lays very flat in the firing line and eye/sight alignment is very quick and smooth. I purchased a CYMA scope mount for optics. It needs to have the stripper guide to be replaced with the scope mount securing base (included). It is very simple and straight forward to do. It did not come with any documentation for the mount, hence the 4.9 score there. I had installed these before on M-14s, so memory helped. You can shoot through (under) the mount with your iron sights.
Magazine 5.0
Included magazine was a high cap and included the winding key. Magazine seating was simple and gave a reassuring click as the magazine seated home. AR users will need to take note- the magazine is inserted diagonally, bottom towards the muzzle and rotated towards the butt to lock into place. You cannot secure the magazine by simply inserting it straight. Side note- ALCON- this is an Airsoft gun. Please don’t slam the bottom of the magazine to make sure it is seated- a simple slap is all you need. You can do it with an all metal real M-14 magazine. Slamming the bottom of an Airsoft magazine that may plastic tips and lips and feed holes can be a quick ticket to a broken magazine or gun.
Sling 1.0
The sling is totally useless on this gun. I did take it and use it on my son’s plastic g36 though (It appears strong enough to hold it). The sling is narrow, extremely weak metal that will not support the weight of a nine pound rifle long. I don’t want to think of the shrieking and commotion that would ensue when your rifle, scope mount, sights and maybe paint job were ruined when the cheap-o sling broke and dropped the gun… It is a metal hook that would just scrape and make noise. It isn’t strong enough to provide the ability to use sling supported firing.
Wiring 4.9
Wiring is solid, connected and laid out well. Connectors appear to be snug and clean. The battery compartment is a tight fit with the stock battery (hence the 4.9). I have found a video on You Tube where the plastic sub piece for the butt plate is removed that gives more room for the battery.
Gears 5.0
Gear box is metal, very compact and tidy. No excessive noise when firing. No noticeable heat buildup when firing automatic. There is a little bit of room inside the stock to work with and in for upgrading the gun as time goes on.
Hop Up 4.9
Hop up is easily accessible, even with the magazine in. It is a star wheel just in front of the magazine. It makes an audible click when you turn it. I gave it a 4.9 because there is no marking to remind you which way is up and down. The book says it, but I seriously doubt I will have the book with me while in the field or shooting.
Shooting 4.8
I used Mad Bull .25 gram BBs. Range 75 feet away shooting at 6” cardboard circles. I used the stock barrel; no sandbag support; crosswind, left to right, 7-10 MPH. Temperature 77-80 Fahrenheit. Two squirts of silicone oil in the hop up before firing. 20 rotations of the winding wheel on the bottom of the magazine (I don’t know the PSI at that level).
I had no jams or misfires. I fired ten rounds semi and about twenty rounds automatic, in four to six round bursts. The first shot was a miss, but with sight corrections, all other rounds were on target. Automatic fire placed all rounds on the target and all rounds went through the cardboard. Impacts were spread out on the disc, but were in the “black”. In my past history if you can hit a six inch circle, you can sure hit a chest or thigh…
Estimating FPS at 340. I didn’t have a chrono but it would hole a soda can side to side at ten feet without it falling which needs a little over 300 to do.
Total 4.9

PROS- Metal. Gun performs well; looks bad; accurate; reliable; robust.

CONS- Tight fit in battery box. Selector switch MAY be a weak link in the future. Extremely minor and nitpicking, but could be a problem to some shooters.
by E. MALIS Date Added: Sunday 26 September, 2010
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I ordered the CM032 M14 Airsoft Gun about a month ago and have played with it 3 times. Before i even shot it the bolt spring broke and the selector switch fell off the second time I used it. The warranty on this site is a piece of shit and wont cover this gun that falls apart.


by R. NORMAN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 11 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got it in the mail after 4 days of ordering it. Ive fielded guns before so I'd like to add my two cents. For a semi starter gun. this is great. Chronoed at 386 fps. This gun once sited in is very accurate, up to about 130 feet I can get a head shot. Had the gun for two weeks now and I must say I'm impressed. I bought this gun as a project gun to turn into a DMR M21.

FPS 386

Does not have metal ball bearings
Battery space is small, I do not recomend using a Large 8.4v 3600mah battery.
Dont use sling, it will break
by A. ETESSAM verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 05 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is the first AEG I've gotten and I love it it's amazingly accurate and has a really nice feel to it then sights are really nice and its just like the m14 EBR it has a cool shoulder rest thingy also can be just used as a regular rifle butt and the orange tip is really small i haven't really gotten anything else for this gun but next thing i'll buy is probably a T-shark supressor a m14 rail only 15 bux which is great and a scope dont know what yet

Great accuracy
Nice 450 round clip with it and everything needed included so pretty nice starter gun
sexy bolt catch sound but mine wont lock so i have to pull it back and up now but it still sounds sexy
round 360 fps which is great
its a M14 a mix of oldschool with ownage
the place they put the safety is awesome

nothing really people say the battery it comes with is bad but since its my first AEG i dont really know why its bad :P
crappy sling
and my bolt catch broke but i think i was just unlucky
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