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A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
[03436 / AKAEGSR25]
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by C. MO-LESTER Date Added: Tuesday 09 December, 2014
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Don't let the bran "A&K" fool you. Sure they have been criticized for their lack of durable guns, but this ends that sort of "streak". This has to be A&K's best bang for your buck. It shoots hard, far, and accurately. My "friends" made fun of me for having an A&K SR25 but when they saw me at XZone taking people out, they all shut up quick! Do not hesitate to buy!

Metal Receivers
Suppressor Included
Shoots at Long Distances
Sweet RIS

For all you younger or smaller sized players, I'd recommend a bipod. The long rail system could be heavy for some.
by D. WHITE Date Added: Wednesday 18 August, 2010
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is great for the price, it is very good base gun for upgrades, but is to long to be used as a shorter range rifle or CQB. If you like sniping and staying back and are on a budget, this is a great gun. upgrade the fps a little, and mine is hitting targets at 200+ feet with a madbull tightbore barrel. You can also get a great rate of fire out of it.

HUGE, realistic metal body
great accuracy
upgrade potential
great R.I.S.
looks BADASS

some of the internal parts like the piston will have to be upgraded before a dramatic increase in fps or rof

the only other thing i can find is the huge orange tip is to big, hard to hide, use electrical tape over it, works great.
by D. RAY Date Added: Tuesday 15 June, 2010
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
My A&K SR25 is not functioning properly. I have had it for a little over three weeks, and it has failed twice. While it works, it is a good gun. It will hit a man sized target with .20 or .25 bb's nearly every shot, consistently. I chrono'ed it to which it was shooting 403fps with .20. The gun comes with a battery that is unlabeled on voltage, and honestly, is a crap quality battery. It is also very small compared to the battery compartment.

The first time, there was a part inside the gear box that had slipped off causing the gears to turn backwards and get stuck. It was fixed, and lubed and worked again. However, the next week, it played fine for a day, with no problems at all, and when I got home, it once again locked up. I have yet to check the gears again.

I also think there is either a short or a some problem with the connector to the battery.

The gun looks good, and is heavy. It shoots good for being stock, and it has a fairly good accuracy. The body feels good, and I dont see the main body breaking any time soon.

It shoots consistently and has a good deal of power behind it.
I have gotten many kills with this weapon, only having used it in 3 matches.
It looks intimidating.

The gun weighs 15lbs and has no front sling mount. that means you are holding the gun at all times.

Mine has internal issues, and I fear that unless something is done to prevent further internal hangups, this gun will become damaged beyond repair.

I love this gun while it works, but it is absolutely not reliable for me.

Unless mine is just a POS, I do NOT think this gun is worth $200+ and would look elsewhere. To be honest, a M16 DMR with a QD silencer would be the same thing, using a more popular magazine. The barrel is 509mm--standard M16 length, and the stock is the same as an M16. If you just get a DMR version of the 16, and a silencer that fits over the birdcage flash hider, you will have the same thing as this gun, and it will probably be lighter.
by B. RUTH Date Added: Tuesday 01 December, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Awesome gun its full metal like the real steel except the stock feels cheap and you can see the seam lines. Decent internals one peice metal hop up 509mm6.08 brass inner barrel. The range amd accuracy is good for a stock gun. I put a 6.04 ak length barrel and a firefly bucking and its sick. The 12 inch frew float ris has no wobble and has a lot of real estate as tim would say. The gun is really nice and a great buy.

Full metal
Lots of range and accuracy
Good trigger response
Lots of battery space
Comes with lots of extras
Good battery
QD Silencer

Internals are hard to upgrade since its an extended GB
One sling mount
Pot metal
Cheap stock
Mini battery that wobbles in stock
Can be expensive to some
by M. NEIGER Date Added: Sunday 12 July, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Amazing gun. Best gun for 200 dollars. Heck, its probably better than most guns over 400 dollars.

METAL PARTS ON THE GUN: Easier to list things not metal
NON METAL PARTS: Pistol grip, Stock. Perfectly fine, considering the real thing is plastic...
WEIGHT: HEAVY. You should get a GOOD sling. And a sling mount. There is now forward sling mount.
FEEL: A little front heavy, but not too bad. Battery is kinda loose in the stock.
ROF: Perfectly fine. Its not a minigun, however. You really don't need to be spraying with this gun, however, as it is one of THE MOST ACCURATE AEG's. I find it as accurate as my TSD MK96.
ACCURACY: The best. I recommend using SEMI, as it is more accurate, more satisfying, nad keeps the battery alive longer.
FPS: I have no chronograph. I do, however, have cans and glass bottles. The gun rips cans apart, leaving holes the size of nickles in them. It EASILY punches clean through the concave bottom of the can. It shattered a glass bottle. There is no chance of someone not calling out a hit. THIS THING HURTS.
BATTERY: Decent. A little small though. And its a mini type. 9.6v is plenty. 1200 MAH is a little small though.
I give the gun a 9.8/10

95% metal
flip up ironsights
full rail
hi cap mag
great gearbox

small battery
no forward sling mount
slightly front heavy

*could go to either
by J. HOBBS Date Added: Saturday 13 June, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a really good gun for 200 bucks. The only problem is that after abot 3 months the gun broke internally. I took it apart and couldnt find any thing wrong with it so i put it back together and am taking it to get repaired. It will probably only cost around 30 bucks to get it fixed but with my experience with aeg s its going to break again. This is a really good gun though. The silencer is not worth the time but this thing is by far the most accurate stock gun. It outbeats the UTG Mk96 in accuracy. It cold hit a square foot target from about 50 yards. i would get a tightbore personally becuase i like the just 1 shot stuff.I spray painted it tan and put mud all over it and when it drided up it looked rally camo. It would be better though to spray it tan and OD with mud and stuff long grass both dry and green on the ris holes for the best camo with a fishnet stuffed with grass arond the scope. Great buy for 200 bucks. I once shattered a glass lantern from abot 50 feet away.

only need that 1mag if ur a good shot
full metal
430 fps
SR 25 style
best with 4x scope

mags cost 20 bucks
by D. BELL Date Added: Monday 11 May, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Very nice sniper. Haven't started our war game season just yet but we're all excited about this AEG. Info wise: The inner barrel is 509mm. You can install a 650mm inner barrel & use the included silencer and there will be less than an inch left from inner barrel end to the end of the outer barrel. I installed a Madbull 650 (regular AEG) inner barrel. The PSG1 barrel won't work.

Haven't really tested the accuracy yet considering ASGI is installing an M150 spring & Prometheus piston for me. All I can say is that this AEG is powerful (stock). After about 75ft, .20s fly off to the left. I also ordered some .36 gram bb's to improve accuracy after the spring upgrade. I intend for this sniper rifle to reach out and effectively hit a man sized target upwards of 200ft.

I personally don't care much for bolt action sniper rifles due to recocking each shot. But, like I said, that's my personal preference.

Nice weight if you're used to full metal M4's, you shouldn't have a problem. This sniper rifle is long with the included suppressor. Silencer doesn't muffle the sound much if any at all. I just use it to cover the inner barrel. Sights are nice, sturdy and easy to flip up or down. I intend to use a 10.8v or 11.1v lipo battery to improve trigger response.

ASGI does carry a CA 150 round (no wind) mag so this will help keep a sniper stealthy. Add some rail covers and a 3x9 scope and you should be good to go.

The only con I can think of at this moment is that I haven't used it in war games yet. I feel assured that the upgraded I've installed will make this thing a beast of a sniper rifle. Buy the 150 round (no wind) mag....
by E. JOHNSON Date Added: Saturday 09 May, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a very sturdy gun, the whole thing is metal except the pistol grip, the hand grip, and stock. The body and RIS system is metal and so is the silencer and sights. The clip holds about 450 rds and is metal. Overall it is a pretty good accurate gun, i would suggest getting a scope and if u want a bipod. i got one b/c it looks cool on the gun. With all the equipment on the gun (scope, silencer, and bipod) it weighs about 12 lbs (wow) yea it is heavy and gets tiring to carry around. There are no ambidextrous controls which I would have liked being left handed but whatever. O yea and the battery chamber in the stock is just a large empty hole and the battery is lose in there, it's easy to get out but moves around a lot. Overall it is a good sturdy gun.

All metal
Hi cap mag
Sturdy build
Lots of rails

Battery moves around a lot in the chamber
by T. DONAHUE Date Added: Sunday 15 March, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Alright first off, whoever said that they "heard people were getting 420-430fps" out of this gun and that they HAD NOT fired their own gun yet and "got 380fps"... youre an idiot and should never write a review again... this gun is great, took me about 15mins to adjust the 6x scope i bought for it, and after that it was smooth sailing. played with 4 men on my team, 2 sub machine gunners, and 2 guys with m16's, against 14 people with varying guns and no strategy... this gun won us the game... at 200ft this gun is DEAD ACCURATE with .25-.28 bbs... i shot 3 people off of the 250ft break... this gun is AMAZING and i would buy another if i felt i would ever have to replace this one, which i feel will never happen...

accurate to 200ft
quickly adjust scopes to fit
great in close combat as well as ranged
surprisingly quiet
very efficient, as in barely ever have that stray bb that goes wildy off in no general direction
good price for an above average gun

if youre a loser, its a little on the heavy side
a good scope plus this rifle is gonna run you close to 250-275$
by S. MCCORD Date Added: Sunday 08 March, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SR-25 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
ok this is my second time writing this review because for some reason when i went to submit this i was asked to sign back in and about 2 pages of work was lost so excuse me if this isnt as in depth. im going to give you a non biased no BS review i have taken this gun into combat and have abused it like any other piece of equipment that i use. i would like to say that i am impressed with this gun, not only did it hold up to the rigors of combat but it truely shined. at one point i was scoring kills at ranges of 200 feet. initially i was disappointed in the gun after i i took it out of the box, i ran about 10-30 rounds through it and the mag catch button flew off and was lost in the woods. after replacing the mag catch the gearbox made a grinding noise that was resolved by adjusting the motor mount. while at the game a member of the army national guard was there with a CA SR-25, i was able to hold and look over the gun, if you know anything about these two guns then you know the A&K is supposed to be a clone of the CA. i found two key differences 1 the stock is of a lesser quality on the A&K and the pistol grip is of a lesser quality. i was paired with a bolt action sniper at one point and we where both scoring the same shots at the same range. the nice thing about the included silencer is that it allows you to upgrade to a 650mm PSG inner barrel. this gun does not use a 5.56 mag like the M-4's, the real steel MK-12 uses a 7.62 size mag, also this uses an extended gearbox with a m130 spring. overall a great gun

full metal

loose screws
cheap screws
fore grip is garbage
stock is cheap
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 22 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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