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G&G M14 Tappet Plate for V.4 M14 Only
[03155 / G-14-004]
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by W. JACKSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 07 November, 2008
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 Tappet Plate for V.4 M14 Only
Product Information:
G&G "Re-enforced" M14 Tappet plate-

Many know that G&G M14s are Best known for there ability to completely destroy some parts because of dezign, Yet still handle Very hard springs..

After ordering a Replacement for the very reason above, I thought it would be a Sure Drop in fit.. I was Poorly mistaken..

The tappet plate itself looked nice, and came in a happy Package... After installing the 2nd set of Systema gears after the First tappet plate caused the First gearset to destroy itself, I found I needed a Replacement.. Stubborn G&G make Tappet plate Specificly for there M14s, and other verients. This tappet plate, for one thing, Is Definatly Not a Drop in fit.. Without modification, It will grind itself to bits, and cause more problems with the gearbox later, and just end up getting another one.

G&G decided to make it Re-enforced, Which is a nice Idea, But NOT in this case.. all they did was make things "Thicker" than the original Tappet plates are, Which in turn means a Pain in the A** for us Airsmiths... I have taken a total of 6 hrs of Pure Dremmel work just trying to get the tappet plate to fit smoothly, With no luck.. After getting the new Systema gear set shimmed perfictly, It figures More of the tappet plate had to be removed to make it fit Properly with the shell..

In General, Dremmel out a bit of the SHELL, not the Tappet plate.. I alsost shaved off the entire thing trying to get it to fit, Which made it even more flimsy in the end.. I modded the gearbox shell aswell just to make it fit smoothly.. Mod the Left shell to make i fit better, that will be your best bet. Mod the shell first, Then work your way to the front of the tappet plate......

Great price, Horrible job on G&Gs part.. Its not a AirsoftGI Problem, but a manufacture problem.. I hope it get fixed..

If AirsoftGI could, I Will be getting another Replacement soon, because I have No Idea when this one will fail.. When it does..

-AirsoftHawaii or,


-Its a Cheap replacement
-Looks Durable
-Compatible with CA?

NOT a Drop in fit..
MUCH modding Required
Not the best quality..
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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