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Fake Rubber Bayonet
[03126 / AC-203C]
$10.00 $8.00
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by J. MALDONADO JR Date Added: Monday 20 October, 2014
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
awesome accessory to add to your loadout. i've had the chance to sneak up on a few players for some silent kills but having the bayonet on me would have really made the kill look awesome.
the sheath has a velco strap so the bayonet wont just fall out. there are some spaces on the sheath that can allow for LONG molle straps to go around but worse cause you call always use 550 cord or duck tape. Also the sheath comes with a belt strap too much so it can simply hang from your belt.

awesome price
very soft and safe
great way to make those sneaky kills feel awesome
multiple ways to make it attach to you or your loadout

I wish the sheath was a bit wider as i also own a cold steel training bayonet.

does not play ac/dc
by J. REYNARD Date Added: Friday 11 April, 2014
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
Great bayonet, has applications beyond simply Airsofting. Fits snugly on pretty much any AR15 platform out there with a bayonet lug. The rubber blade looks very convincing while remaining flexible and very safe. I've used this as a training knife for instructing hand-to-hand combat. The sheath is definitely a plus, though it's a shame that the wire-cutting groove at the bottom is fake.

-Very safe
-Realistic appearance
-Very light (can also be a con when knife training)
-Good fit

-None to really mention, besides that it might be too light for those who prefer a realistic weight for milsim or whatnot.
by M. SUN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 26 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
This is a milsim rubber dagger. It attaches to M4 bayonet lugs perfectly. However, if you're looking for a knife that doesn't have to attach to your gun, I would recommend a simpler knife made completely out of rubber.

Made of rubber, won't hurt anybody
Bayonne clip

Cheap rubber and plastic will break after throwing it a few times
Doesn't quite attach to MOLLE
by J. WALLER Date Added: Monday 03 February, 2014
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
A bayonet is a deadly weapon equally being wielded with the hand or mounted on a gun. However using a real bayonet in actual combat while being very effective is not so good for airsoft. Unless you really want to stab your mates. But if you are looking for such awesomeness as a bayonet without all the real deadliness then this rubber bayonet is the definite way to go. It imitates a bayonet right down to the mounting mechanism without the sharp blade which is instead replaced with flimsy rubber which works great for stabbing and is fairly durable. However on complaint is how this bayonet blade can bend easily and then stay bent, but this is an easy fix with simply bending it back the other way or getting it flat between two heavy objects. Other than that slight flaw which is expected with rubber, the blade is great it functions extremely well, looks realistic and is easily mounted onto vests.

Pretty good realistic look
Good material
easy to mount onto stuff
nice feel
can be mounted onto guns (m4 being the easiest to mount)

blade can be bent occasionally
carrying case is good quality, but a little to large
by C. CAUTHEN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 03 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
fun little bayonette fits a m4/m16 that has a longer style flash hider
fits belts dosnt look as real as the picture

fits belts
fits m4/m16 guns but not all
bigger than most rubber knives
looks real at first glance.

dosnt fit the molly well
cheap chinese feel
slides out if the shealth easily
by S. PARENTE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 31 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
I love this little guy. It's so fun to come up behind somebody and *Shhh...* them to death. It's kinda creepy but IT'S JUST SO FUN! It's even more fun when your friend has one also and you have a knife fight. I don't understand why people are saying this isn't durable. IT IS!

-Looks cool
-Fun to mess around with
-Great cheap gift
-Goes onto belts
-Rubber is flexible and you can easily bend it back into shape.
-List just goes ON AND ON AND ON

-You don't have it
-Does not mount to MOLLE, sadly.
by W. HE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 10 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
This is an AWESOME product. I love playing around with this thing. This is a realistic replication of the M9 Bayonet and locks into M4 bayonet lugs, yet is harmless and oddly comical with the amount of flex it has. While mostly an aesthetic implement, the CQB field I go to often has zombie games, where the zombies can use whatever melee weapons they bring. This bayonet has huge reach, which makes it fun to use for those games. All in all, a purchase decision I will never regret

Super realistic
Really fun to play with

May be a little too realistic actually...
by J. ARNOLD verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
There isn't much to say about this. It's great. It does what it is designed to do nothing more nothing less. All the same, its lots of fun to use for mounting on an M4/M16 or throwing at people(don't try it). It adds a whole new element to airsoft for only 10 bucks. Get one.

-intimidation factor
-fun to mount on M16 or throw at people (don't try it)
-adds a whole new element to airsoft as a whole

-hard to find a place to put it
-cheap plastic (it's 10 bucks, what do you expect)
by S. BENDZSEL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 16 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
This knife looks badass and the blade part is rubber mounts perfectly fine on my m4 made by agm. The handle is plastic and doesn't feel like it could take much of a beating but its stron.g enough

Looks cool
mounts on m4 and m16s
Some people might actually think its real until you shank them and it bends
Worth the price id say

None but this needs to be at least 30 characters so lalalalalala
by M. FEASEL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: Fake Rubber Bayonet
Product Information:
I love this bayonette, knife kills make you feel like the boss of the group, but it has some basic flaws. For one it's an airsoft (PRETEND) knife, so it's meant to be very bendable. So when you stab someone, rather then going through them, it bends against them. This is good as i don't intend to kill any of my friends, here my problem. I have it on my tactical thigh platform, and while the sheath is hard plastic, it will still bend by the handle. So when I pull it out, it's bent. I mean turning around to seeing an enemy only a foot away from you holding a knife is intimidating. Same scenario but with a bent knife, is some what intimidating, but mostly hilarious. Might as well go at them with my tactical spork. I wish that they would've had this soft rubber for the blade, but added a hard plastic spine to it. That way the edge of the blade is still soft and flexible, but the length of the blade won't bend. This is especially problematic if you actually have it on the end of your gun. After going prone and walking through some bushes n what not, don't be suprised if the blade is all bent. Yeah bending it back is very simple and quick as it holds whatever way you bend it to, but you don't want to have to do that when you're sneaking up on someone, or charging them.

Also, if this knife had a hard spine through the blade (so it didn't bend so much) you could go without the sheath, and stick it in some wide molle area or something. As it is now, doing so would no doubt bend the heck out of the thing.

Nother pet peeve, it only comes in black. I play outdoors with a small group, silence and stealth is the name of the game. Camo is a must, even my full ACU loadout helps me blend in. A big black object on me doesn't help at all. I ended up throwing on some ACU camo duct tape to it. But the duct tape picks up dirt on it's edges, grass, hair, etc, so i have to replace it every so often, or accept the fact that it looks like crap.

Finding a place to put these things is a pain. My loadout isn't slammed full, but to me it is. WHat i mean is i've found the perfect weight, spacing, etc for my gear across my vest, belt, and thigh platforms. Adding a 12 inch object is hard. Putting it on my belt to let it hang would mean rattling, aka giving away my position. Placing it on my chest would take up 12 inches, though it's narrow that's pretty much an entire mag pouch. Under either arm won't work. On the back won't either as with all my gear it's hard to reach back, not to mention i don't want to be crawling through some bushes n have them get snagged on a handle. Any perpendicular placement such as across the flat of your back on a tactical belt also won't work. if it had a spine sure, but without it you're sure to bend it more often then not. To top that off, the sheath comes with belt type slits. I thought it'd be perfect to put on my pistol thigh straps/buckles, but the spacings on the sheath are far too different then that of my pistol straps. Just as bad with my tactical thigh platform. So the spacing is almost worthless, could've done much better. However if attaching it to molle, the spacers can be used as loops for some sort of rope to tie it to the molle (that's what i did)

I had to do some basic but extensive customization to mine. For one the sheath is 100% loose. If you slide the blade in and don't put on the button around the handle, it'll fall right out. I don't have time to look down and try to button that up. So on the back of the sheath is this pressure pad. it's meant to put pressure onto the blade so it won't slide out. It's very wimpy. I simply used duct tape to make a thick flexible rectangle, and slid it onto that forcing the pressure pad to put more pressure on the blade. Now when i put the blade in it's not loose, it actually takes some force to put in. Not too much, just enough that it won't slide out unless actually forced out. (so hanging upside down, simple gravity won't slide it out) Like i said i tied it to my Molle, so i also eliminated the black strap/buckle. This was easy to do by simply unscrewing some Philips screws from the sheath. I'm glad it was screws, as in the future i might readjust my loadout and need that strap. At the base of the sheath is some sort of plastic hook. I think this was for display purposes (to hook to a store hanger). Not only does this thing get in the way, but when in certain positions, it will dig into the skin. This is also removed simply by taking out some philips screws. Where the holes on these screws were, i drilled them to be wider, to fit the lace i used to tie the sheath to my molle.

Ultimately, for 10$ this isn't a bad product. I mean you could blow 100, and have an airsoft knife war with friends. Or buy 100 of them and have a knife+throwing knife war. With that said, i would happily pay 20$ for a better version of an airsoft (pretend) bayonette.

Fun, many uses, including knife wars, and throwing knife wars
Cheap, I mean 10 bucks. You can skip a fast food meal and have enough money for it.
Safe, if you kill someone with this, i'd be amazed

flawed design
too flimsy
misplaced slots
pressure plate lacks pressure
annoying hook on end of sheath
hard to mount (unless you're okay with attaching it to a belt and letting it flop around wildly)
Bends to easily, holds bend rather then bending back to original straight position
No camo options (or at least a better blending color like OD or tan)
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 39 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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