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CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
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by K. PEREZ Date Added: Saturday 08 June, 2013
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I purchased this gun from a local store about two and a half years ago. Now, being a Classic Army this rifle is built quite well. The handguards are decent but not great because if you don't fit your battery in right they will expand a little. The receiver scratches easily and when taking it apart the bolts don't always fit easily. The Armalite license is quite nice though. The iron sights are complete garbage obviously and the charging handle doesn't have the best sound to it but that is minor. The stock is garbage as well so I replaced it with an LE stock and it fits much tighter with no wobble. As for the internals the barrel is horrible. It is a 6.08mm bore which is completely worthless. The hopup system is acceptable however it needs to be upgraded. This gun also has a plastic air nozzle which needs to be upgraded. The motor is acceptable however I recommend an upgrade. Also the front sight is now wobbly because of normal wear and tear. That being said this gun has potential for upgrades and is quite durable.

Very durable (it still works after 2.5 years)
Easy to upgrade
Armalite license
Decent price
OK fps
Decent rof
Acceptable hop up
Acceptable motor
Good for beginners

Stock barrel is bad
Stock iron sights are bad
The stock it came with sucks
Bad range (barrel)
Bad accuracy (barrel)
Iron sights are bad
by L. JESKE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 13 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I got this gun today and I was less than happy with it. First off when I opened it it did not come with BBs they wear probably crap any ways but it would have been nice to have them. Second the flash hider is so hard to get off it is like clued on or something. Third the front hand guard is made of the cheapest plastic ever it is super flimsy and makes a squeaking noise when you squeeze it. The stock is also very cheap and it is very wobbly. If I where you I would spend and extra 50 dollars on a cheap g4.


by J. BAUMGARTNER Date Added: Monday 31 May, 2010
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I purchased this gun as a backup to my MC-51 and used it in its stock form for a while.

As a stock weapon, it is pretty sub-par for the money. It chronoed at 320 fps with .20g bb's. I can also speak for the motor being a piece of junk, as it seems to have no power. I had to buy a 9.6v just to counteract that issue, and now that I've figured out it is the motor I will be replacing it. The stock accuracy is extremely poor, and the range is awful. The battery goes in the front end and the space is roomy for any mini-style battery but a large type will not fit. Rewiring to the back requires some work on the cables.

I have since upgraded it with a Madbull Patriot sniper kit, a 6.03mm tightbore, a Guarder spring, a full stock, and a scope. Once the motor is replaced, I'll have an awesome gun. The hop-up has proved to be very effective, with the Guarder spring I was shooting just over 400fps @.20g (until I compressed it to be just under as per regulations on the fields here). The hop-up unit combined with the tightbore and upgraded spring has provided me with an extremely powerful gun with incredible accuracy.

Hop-up unit, takes to upgrades well.

In stock form, pretty bad range/accuracy. Terrible motor. Requires upgrades to be a decent rifle. Plastic body expands quite a bit in the heat.
by E. REECE Date Added: Friday 26 February, 2010
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
First thing I noticed is that this gun comes with the stock from an m733. It feels sturdy enough, and the hop-up is very consistent. Thats where the good ends.

On mine, with the hop-up perfectly adjusted the bbs strike the 80ft mark about a foot over where the sights are lined up. This is because the rear sight won't go low enough and the front won't go high enough. So you'll need a red dot.

The accuracy is far below par. This gun has an 80ft engagement distance if you want to be hitting people effectively. You can stretch it out to 100ft and no further. But 80 is really the most effective range. This is because the barrel, although nicely machined, is a 6.08. You will need a tightbore.

The worst part of this gun is the motor. It's garbage. I use a 9.6v 2700mah nun-chuck and the gun still has horrid reaction on semi auto. It is unbearably bad. Full auto with that battery is just fine though. Also you have to be very careful when shooting to be sure the you leave the piston all the way forward in auto and to let the gun finish cycling in semi so the piston isn't all the way cocked. This is important on all AEG's but especially this one. When my battery is about halfway empty the motor won't have enough power to finish the cycle if the piston is even 3/4th of the way back. The gun is effectively jammed till I charge the battery. Again this is with a 9.6v 2700mah, with that kind of power I shouldn't be having this problem at only half charge. I cannot describe the frustration I had one day when I was forced to leave a game early because this happened and no one had a spare battery. You'll need a CA standard motor, or really anything else.

This gun does have a problem with locking up as someone mentioned earlier. When shooting in semi the trigger sometimes just won't pull past halfway. You have to fire a few shots in Full Auto to "unlock" the gearbox. No clue why this happens, it is rare.

If all you want to talk about is getting hits in a real game, the motor and lock-up issue can be discounted. The issue with the sights and accuracy are enough to put you in a situation where you WILL BE overwhelmingly out-gunned in a regular game. This Sportline, in my experience, is a good gun if you are planning on fixing the few minor issues as described above. After these have been addressed this is a very reliable and very respectable gun that will easily keep up with the average competition at a regular game.

I would also like to address the previous reviews. This gun CANNOT shoot 200 feet, and is not accurate at 180. PERIOD. I don't know if these people just aren't particularly skilled in distance judgment (which is no big deal, most people aren't) or they just like to brag. I would hate to see anyone buy this gun because they believe it has this kind of performance because IT DOES NOT. The point of a review is to tell people who have yet to buy it what to expect. DO NOT expect 180ft range out-of-the-box performance if you buy this gun.

Sturdy body
Acceptable hop-up
Smells nice

Issue with sights; you will need to find a solution
Issue with accuracy; you will need to find a solution
Issue with motor; a more powerful battery will not fix this, you will need to find a solution
Issue with locking up; someone earlier said replacing the wiring system fixes this
by N. ALMAGER Date Added: Tuesday 24 November, 2009
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
Im just going to go strait to the Pros and cons as simple as i can

Has some metal
Comes w/ a metal flash hider
Good BPS & FPS
Crane Stock

Main body is plastic
Magazine is only 300rds
Butt-pad on stock is a little uncomfortable
by A. DEVIRGILIO Date Added: Sunday 09 August, 2009
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I bought this because the G&G was out of stock and i needed an M4 for an event the following week. After one year of regular play, my shims wore out and my motor ceased up. After my motor ceased up my piston jammed and broke the spring guide. I never opened the gearbox or touched the motor. I only cleaned the barrel. i would buy a G&G.


Lasted about a year of regular play
by H. FIEDLER Date Added: Wednesday 29 April, 2009
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
well this gun is ok but, there are plenty of better guns out there. For example you could get a much better gun for 20 dollars. this gun is called the mini electric uzi. It shoots 450 fps! Its a much better value than this gun. So dont buy this gun, take my advice buy the mini electric uzi, its AMAZING!

good rof with 9.6 battery
retractable stock
nice high cap clip
decently light weight
pretty powerful.

the battery it comes with isnt good
made of abs plastic instead of metal, but this can be good cuz it makes it wiegh less.
by E. FAUST Date Added: Friday 06 February, 2009
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I just got another hi-cap for it and a madbull 6.03mm/// 363mm barrel for it and it was a beast... for about 1000 shots. The gearbox is frozen and i am just gonna replace everything inside because the wires are cut up and have 0.03 ohms resistance and the motor seems to have died. Pull the trigger and it makes a very feeble attempt to pull it to the first gear non-reversal slot.
anyway, i thought when i fixed it would work .... i forgot that this crap gearbox can't be repaired or upgraded past metal bushings.
THIS IS A GOOD GUN ONLY IF YOU WANT TO PUT METAL BUSHINGS IN IT STRAIGHT OFF. IT WAS AMAZING WHEN IT WORKED, NOW IM JUST USING THE EXTREMELY DURABLE EXTERIOR TO BUILD A CUSTOM GUN WITH. Im going to put in a m120 systema gearbox (maybe mod to m140), a magnum motor, and a 9.6v battery or maybe a LiPo since that setup works with one nicely.

same pros as my other review, DURABLE BEYOND BELIEF FOR AN ABS RIFLE

just remember that this is extremely durable even with being dropped, carried unsafely, and hidden behind a tree in a battle (i got bored and charged with my well r6 HEY ITS GOT LIKE 17 RPS AND IS ABOUT INTERNALLY THE SAME AS THIS BUT 7MM BUSHINGS AND LOWER TENSION SPRING)

did i mention that it is durable???

Oh and the piston compression is great, no leaks at all

you can shoot crosman bbs and hit targets from a long distance until the guns gearbox breaks (metal bushings will avert this crisis)



I WOULD BUY ONE BUT I JUST LIKE THIS GUN'S BODY... (sounds funny huh) SO IM GOING TO UPGRADE WITH SYSTEMA AND OTHER INDESTRUCTIBLE PARTS (highly unlikely, but if it lasts longer than this, and i get my $400 worth, its fine with me

you would be just as well off buying a WELL r6 or r7 if you dont break the cheap body of it (my brother's stock on the r7 is almost broken off - ty to closet door rofl)
by E. FAUST Date Added: Tuesday 23 December, 2008
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
I bought this about a year ago and it is a great buy. most of my friends use cheap guns, the best being a WELL or other clone rifle. Anyway this is a great gun for someone who has played for awhile and is ready for a good gun. If you are looking for a upgrade to a 9.6v battery YOU NEED metal bushings. No matter what you really need metal bushings. I has this for 2 weeks and after about 14,000 rounds of either .20g or 0.25g bbs my sector gear shredded when a bushing failed. I now have a standard set of classic army gears in it (THANK YOU GI) as well as metal bushings (ALSO THANKS). It is accurate out to probably 150 feet and effective to about 200 feet. Fps is probably 320-345 (GI chronoed mine at 345). Shoots consistent headshots on a human sized target at 180 feet, people thats headshots not torso. Good for anything really, not sniping unless you play with the idiots I do who can't shoot past 50 feet. Feels nice to hold, VERY DURABLE i have dropped and bashed it many times and still in great shape. The motor isn't really as good as they say although it has somewhere around 12-15 rps (720-900rpm) depending on battery charge. Mag works great, stock feels nice, I have had problems where i need to aim low because they must have built the rear sight too high ro the front one too low. I am probably buying a wire to front systema m120 pre-built torque up gearbox and a long magnum motor as well as a JBU 6.03mm tightbore. The gearbox probably could be better; mine no longer fires semi auto and once again, the ruined gearset issue.

4.5 STARS FOR A GREAT AND CHEAP GUN FOR THOSE SEEKING SOMETHING BETTER THAN MOST OTHER GUNS UNDER $200 (No offense to JG, i have friends who are buying those (g36 and m4) and they are great from what i hear)

if only CA could fix the gearbox up a bit...

-Nice grouping out to 180 feet
-good rpm (900rpm)
-good fps (m100 stock spring)
-durability = 5 stars
-hopup- its plastic but still is amazing
-comes with black tflashhider too (don't use in public or in U.S. unless a skirmish or something allows) I won't tell how I got mine off but don't use an open flame and better yet, just don't try
-you can use a sling and not have barrel wobble from it (I went MOUNTAIN BIKING with it slung over my back and its still fine - don't try at home)
-decent shim job

-plastic bushings
-gearbox has lower quality parts, though far better than clones like WELL
-none other have arisen at the time being ---_ HURRAY OVER A YEAR AND VERY FEW ISSUES!!!
by R. MILLER Date Added: Friday 26 September, 2008
For: CA M15A4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Sportline/Value Package)
Product Information:
Ok first of all anyone looking to buy this, do not listen to anyone writing a bad review......THIS GUN KICKS ASS!!! I am not kidding with an 8.4v 1600mah mini battery the rate of fire is unbelievable. I am an experienced airsofter and have been playing for a little over 8yrs now and I know a good high quality when I see one. Right now I have the Systema PTW and that is one hell of an AEG, when I saw this one online I just wanted to buy it to see if it was high quality like other CA or if it was a cheap replica. It is definately NOT cheap.

-High quality, high impact ABS plastic body, very sturdy
-Metal one-piece outer barrel to prevent barrel wobble
-High torque, high speed CA motor
-High ROF with 8.4v 1600mah mini battery
-Easy battery installation
-Comes with black flashider

-Plastic stock turns shiny after a little use
-Everything else is top quality
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 24 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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