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CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[02911 / CM032A(BLACK)]
$133.00 $126.35
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by T. BOSS Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
its a good gun with a good fps, ive had it for two years and its perfectly okay. plus it looks really awesome.


Mags are a little more expensive
by J. RICHARDS Date Added: Saturday 02 November, 2013
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this about a half a year ago and had 3 games with it, and its still rocking. The things that should be metal are metal(save for the heat shield) , and the things that should be abs are abs.

Decent FPS
Mostly Metal

Battery compartment is a bit tough
by J. BRAZELTON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 11 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Awsome gun worth the but i havent got to use thiis gun sinse i bought it 2 months ago but i finally got out and played and It was AWSOME GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!

Good magazine
Long battery life

Stock for battery is a little tight but no big deal
by M. MEDINA verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 09 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
My first impression when i first got this was WOW. This gun is well worth the price and is built really well. It may be plastic, but dont be scared, the plastic is real durable and sturdy.They sent me the UK Arms CM032A but theres no difference between the 2. There are metal parts such as the trigger guard, rail, charging handle, etc. When you first pick up the gun it is heavy so i do recommend carrying a side arm and not entirely relying on it. I play in a CQB/Mid-long range engagements and raising the gun and maneuvering around things is hard so I think its best for a sniper. The rail was too far up for me. If you plan on putting a sniper scope it will be a problem as you will not be able to see through it. Putting Holo sights are awkward as well. Best bet is an acog or basic red dot. There is an RIS upgrade which i do recommend. As for shooting the gun, it actually performs better than my other guns accuracy and range wise. Small targets are easy to hit especially with the iron sights it has. I was able to shoot a tree branch off thats less than .25 in. Fps was around 350-370 for me. RPS is pretty good though it was not meant for fast rps. I used a 9.6v and the rps is good. The battery compartment would be the littlest complaint. Especially with the large battery they give you, space is limited. Though my 9.6v is a nunchuck, it is a bit of a hassle putting in and sometimes rattles inside the stock.

-Pulling that charging handle. :D
-Accurate especially with the iron sights. .2g work great
-FPS and RPS is Good (with 9.6v)
-sturdy and well constructed
-Great price
-feel is awesome
-hi-cap comes with winding key
-adjustable rear sight
-sensitivity of trigger

-battery compartment is a hassle
-select fire is tricky
-rail mount too far up for sniper scope (may need to but ris system)
-bolt catch worn out too fast. Dont play with the charging handle too much.
-mag a bit tricky putting in, gotta be put in a certain way

Still worth every penny though. Just my personal preference.
by R. REEVES Date Added: Tuesday 23 April, 2013
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great Gun just got it in today. I have been able to to shoot it and it was great! I would just say pick your color wisely it's a big decision. Its got a weird iron sight but you can adjust to it. I can't wait until i am in a war to use this amazing gun!

Iron Sights
Sling maybe good or bad ( I use mine for my shotgun for backup)

A little heavy but not too bad
FIre Selector it act weird going into full auto it take a little force but no much.,
by H. LUCAS Date Added: Saturday 19 January, 2013
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this gun is the most accurate gun i have ever had. if you have .20g bbs in the mag then it will shoot far and as accurate as a sniper rifle. no joke i used to have an L96 and it shoots as fast and as accurate. maybe even more accuracy and power. overall this is a great gun and you should buy it.

amazingly accurate
iron sites are awesome
texture on gun is cool
it comes with a quick wind tool for you mag

a little heavy
when you take out the mag 5 or 6 bbs fall out to
the body is plastic( but its good plastic so dont be afraid)
select fire switch is a little weird
by R. VANDEN BERGHE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 03 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got this as my first airsoft gun, and I must say, it is worth the money! CYMA did a fantastic job with this M14 SOCOM 16. As the owner of the real-life counterpart, the detail put into this airsoft gun is incredible. I recently went airsofting with my friends, and absolutely -wrecked- them with this gun (of course, they had rather low-end guns, so this testimony might not be valid for the professionals).

-Very realistic
-Quite Accurate
-Good ROF
-Good fps
-Looks excellent
-Might be a con for some, but the top rail is rather far forward. To me, this is a pro as it provides better eye relief.

-Stock battery not that great, I just bought a new one
-Don't use the sling it comes with, unless you want to drop your gun (I use an authentic M14 sling my dad gave me)
-Selector switch seems a bit fragile, just don't force it too hard
by E. SOLIVAS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 09 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my first AEG that I've brought from this site and simply put: I love it! When buying a scope for this though, I recommend you get a short scope. I brought a long scope not knowing it wouldn't fit the built-in mount. Good battery mileage, get it? Good capacity. Heck, I'm a novice airsoft player and I brought fear into the hearts of my opponents (we don't get much hi-grade airsoft equipment here, thereby I thank this site). And the price isn't that bad. But it does come with some cons. The battery, as most others would agree, is a pain to put in. Also, there are some sharp edges that can cut the wires in the battery compartment, but then again, nothing a little electric tape can't fix. And hop-up is a pain to adjust (well, since I'm a novice, that might not be a problem). I also got a sling included, however it broke easily. BUT... a friend left the same sling (except it was a different color) at my place and I've been using it for some time now.

One last thing: I love the cocking handle! All of us pull it and quote movie quotes haha!

-My favorite real-life gun!
-Built-in rail for scope
-Large mag capacity
-Adjustable sights
-Hop-up adjustable
-Pulling Lever
-Semi or Auto for versatility
-Good quality
-Stuff included (BBs, Sling, Battery) which is good if your not willing to spend more.

-Rail might be too short.
-Sharp edges in battery compartment.
-Battery's a pain to put in.
-"I have to wind my magazine?" (well this could only apply to beginners).
-My sling broke. (favorite color)
-Magazine can be glitchy putting in.
-Hop-up can be tricky to adjust.
by P. MONTANARO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 03 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is pretty good for the money. Its deadly accurate from like 80 ft. I am usually a sniper and this gun is very accurate and the semi-auto gives plenty of firepower and a 400 mag isn't bad plus at only like $10 the extra mags are very cheap. The gun has a very small battery compartment so the included 8.4V is a tight squeeze but if you just take off the plastic plate between the stock and the butt plate than its fits better. well worth the $145


very heavy
very small battery compartment even the 8.4V mini included is a tight fit
shipping took forever to the east coast
by B. AITKEN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032A M14 SOCOM 16 AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got my gun today,took 5 days but was ordered over the weekend so was expected, Had a battery
pre-charged threw it in after modding the butt of the gun to fit a bigger battery( Vary simple ) and to it out back first 5 or 6 shots were iffy but after that it was hitting in a grouping of a foot at about 65-75 feet away, With .25s, clocked in around 350-390fps, Vary nice hop-up works perfectly, Vary accurate at 60-120 feet( Farthest that iv tried at least ) RoF is high but i have a bigger battery so not sure what it is on a 8.4. The gun is all metal but the stock(vary solid plastic tho) The heat shield on top And the switch for fully auto and semi, Weight is nice feels real and looks real, around 9 pounds. All in all this is a great gun, I'm vary hippie that i purchased this its is sure to please and sting!

5 * * * * *
*Great build,vary solid
*Feels real
*Nice size clip, cheep for extras
*Nice bolt action
*Rail on top, red dot or holographic. a little far foreword for a scope

Depends on the person and the game.
But i haven't found a thing i don't like yet.
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 47 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next >>] 
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