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Marushin Five Seven 6mm Airsoft Gun
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by C. LOULA Date Added: Friday 05 December, 2008
For: Marushin Five Seven 6mm Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This was my first gas blowback pistol. I have had it for a little over a year, and it still works perfectly. It has a nice weight to it... About 1 and a half pounds. It disassembles quickly, too. The trigger pull is nice, only needing to pull it back a little bit. The safety will lock up a little bit, but lubricant will fix the problem. It is accurate to about one hundred feet, after adjusting the hop-up. The open breech design allows you to use 6mm paintballs. Caution: do NOT use .12 gram bb's with this, because it will jam up in the middle of a game. Only use high quality .20 gram bb's with this. The blue lettering is nice, and says "FN Belgium" on one side and "cal. 5.7x28" on the other. The amount of recoil is perfect: not too little, but at the same time not too much so you have to re aim after every shot. It holds 18 rounds, two less than the real steel. FPS is around 280 to 300 somewhere (sorry, I don't own a chrono). It is able to fire really rapidly already, just don't fire too fast, or it will jam; However, If you want it to fire even more rapidly, redwolfairsoft.com has a rapid flow valve to upgrade it. This is a very good gun, and I suggest it to all serious airsoft players. Good job Marushin and Thank you AirsoftGI!

perfect recoil
easy to disassemble and upgrade
can use green gas
can mount flashlights and lasersights
Just plain fun to shoot!

You need a large holster... it doesn't fit in the "universal" ones.
can't take .12 gram bbs.
Only holds 18 rds.
Plastic slide
by G. VOGT Date Added: Thursday 01 November, 2007
For: Marushin Five Seven 6mm Airsoft Gun
Beware, this gun comes with a double hop-up system, and rewires a modification to remove the second one before it is able to used at optimal efficiency.
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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