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JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
[02493 / JG366A]
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by M. JONES verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 20 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
Writen: 6/20/09 Good gun overall! I bought this gun a month or so ago and it has been working fine after some very and frustrating confusing construction (my first bolt action sniper rifle). There were some problems at first i had been messing around with it while trying to put it together. Instead of putting the bolt in the right way i must have done something wrong because this little silver thing about the length of your little pinky finger, fell out of the gun also that little thing you have to pust up to make the bolt stay in properly wouldn't go up all the way but i fixed that by moving the bolt slowly outwards while pushing up. The main problem with this gun though was the scope rail!!!! I fixed that though it took a lot of work but i did it i had to sand down the tip of the screws with this little multi tool eltric thing. The mag! What A Piece Of Crap!!! I was trying to scope in my scope and i only shot like 80 bbs and i empty the clip again i fill it up with the crappy speed loader i put the mag in the gun i shoot one bb i pull back then push forward the bolt i squeze the trigger and it goes "pooff" nothing no bb so i try 3-5 more times and its the same ressult "pooff" nothing so i check the gun i pull out the mag and there are no bbs at the top so im like "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep" (as in bad word "beep") i go inside get a screw driver and i start taking it appart then all of the bloody bbs fly out into my face and the mag is fine again..............but other wise this is a great begginer gun and a base gun for some kick butt upgrades i recomend this gun but only buy it from airsoftgi, no go on airsplat.com. BUY the upgrades-Laylax springs and zero trigger! I would rate this gun 5 star but the mag and speedloader are a disgrace. Buy the SCOPE PACKAGE ITS A BETTER DEAL!!!

Great Scope its ilumanted
The stock is a nice feal its plastic but is like a rubbery-plastic
Great out of the box accuracy and fps
Great for begginers and people who want a "cheap" base gun
Light Weight
Not very exspensive

A little fidely at first for begginers to bolt action
Horrible Mag!!!!
Realy Bad Speed Loader
Scope rail needs some work if you want it not to wobble and the holes for the screws on my gun wern't all the way through 2 of them were only half way drilled.
by M. PRICKLER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
When I got this gun it was really good and performed great. After about a week or so, it started slam firing on me...So my Dad and I fiddled with the piston sear a bit (it was worn down for some reason, probably because I dry-fire too much) and then it was fine. .2g BB's are OK for this particular gun, but .25g BB's are more accurate,but slower, obviously. Make sure you don't leave it stock for TOO long, cause your friends guns will probably outdate yours in a little while. I am getting a new spring for mine, which will pop it up to about 500FPS or so...All in all this a great gun. Don't hesitate to get it if you are a sniper on a budget.

Pretty acurate with .2's
Light weight
Hollow stock

Piston sear
plastic tigger guard
by M. CAROLAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
this gun is ok, it wasnt as good as i though it would be but it is still a good gun. the one i got were you attach the rails the srews and holes were off so i could only put one of the 3 screws in, the mount doesnt move at all but still your sitting on one screw. Also i screwd in one screw to hard and it broke the berring so i cant even put a screw there anymore, but there are four holes for screws so it isn't a problem. It does have a nice feel, it is like plastic but rubbery, it is ok on accuracy, the scope that came with it is VERY nice. it has eleven settings of ulimanate craosshair and it has a pretty good range, though it accuracy couldnt go as far as its range but it is a good scope, also alot of people say its very quiet and it is. that is true it is quiet. alot of people say that the bolt is really easy to pull bakc and that half true. when you first get the gun it is a bit hard but after you use it it gets broken in, after that point it is pretty easy. it is also very nice how you can take off the orange tips, most guns you can but some you cant so im just saying you can on this gun. even if you leave the tip on its very small, on the pic it looks big but its not, also the front sight you have to put on so that not there ether. as for making the mag catch, that was very easy, im not saure why people say it hard, it probably was the easyest part in putting together this gun

good scope
ok range
strong fps for a stock gun
nice rubber fell
very sturdy
nice small removable oragne tip
very good for howmuch its priced, you would think it would be 250 dollars

ok range
screw holes are off
first rail berring broke
can be hard to use bolt at first but it gets easyer
mag needs a little anding on the pring top that pushes up the bbs but its an easy fix
by J. ANDERSON Date Added: Saturday 16 May, 2009
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
it is a great sniper but the first one i got had some problems. the bolt just stopped cocking the gun. i thought it was a simple problem of it not latching on. but then i contacted the seller and there was no problem. they sent me a new gun. though i think the got angry because they sent me a very bad scope. the first one was great but the second one didn't illuminate (kinda of a bummer).

great accuracy
i use the aperture sight and they work great
i use .25 bbs and its accurate up to 200 ft.
(or at least thats the farthest I've tested)
not really heavy
works great when everyone else is using cheap guns
( i owned that battle!)

had problems with my first gun
front sight is literally taped on with good double sided tape
no bipod( i don't need one anyway)
by J. WALKER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. I have had it for a couple days and so far its really nice. i don't know what people are talking about when they say how hard it is to put the mag catch together. i found it very easy. its also a little scary when clipping the barrel to the stock because it requires alot of force. it consistently shoots accurately at around 200 feet stock. plus the scope is very nice. i was expecting a piece of crap which normally comes on airsoft guns, but this scope is awesome. over all this gun is spactacular and a must buy for any airsofter looking for a sniper.

nice scope(3-9 zoom and light up reticle)
good texture (doesnt feel like cheap plastic. it feels like stiff rubber)
fairly light
very accurate stock
many upgrades
extremely quiet
bolt is easy when lubed
hop up is easy to get to
amazing gun!

could use a bi-pod, but you can always buy one
plastic trigger and trigger guard, but you can upgrade to metal
by B. LEET verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 22 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
Amazing gun, amazing scope. I went outside after I assembled it (a lot easier than everyone's making it out to be, took maybe 10 minutes), and plinked my bird feeder from 50 feet away in the pitch blackness. Shoots harder than 400, though it will settle down to around there I think. Feels great, it doesn't feel plasticy, it feels like rubberized plastic. Good quality stock, and I can't get over the scope. 11 Settings of brightness in the illuminated reticule, and the 3-9 zoom is easy to cycle through. Easy to attach to the gun, only after some work. The holes weren't drilled right, and I had to have my father drill holes in the rail that came with it to get the screws to line up. After he finished, it was easy to get on, but I have yet to sight it in as again, it was dark when I got it assembled. Overall, great sniper for the money.

Great power
Great scope
Good feel
Nice metal parts
Mag clicks in easily, but you know it's in. You won't lose it.
Bolt is easy to pull

It almost actually seems light, but this is my first sniper rifle, and I am a strong person.
Other than that, nothing!
by A. CARSON Date Added: Wednesday 22 April, 2009
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
i got the gun 3 days ago and already my scope mount holes didn't line up and the scope mount broke. this gun isn't good with .20's so id suggest .28 or .3 are the best. the gun is easy to put together idk what these ppl r talking about. also my mags work amazing. i wish i wud have gotten a thompson instead but its a GOOD NOT GREAT gun

easy to strip
pretty accurate with .25/.28/.3

scope mount broke
scope mount holes didnt line up
.20's are terrible with it
at first my bolt pull was terrible so i put gun oil on it

all in all get an aeg cuz snipings not all the good or atleast get a aeg not bolt.
by J. HARDY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 19 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
This is great gun, when it works. It was great for the 6 months it was operational. I used .3g bb's and was capable at hitting people's elbows sticking out from behind a bunker at 100 feet. But, after the 6 months, it began to slam fire. The ironic part was taht I was making fun of my friends who had the tokyo marui VSR 10 because I thought theirs was going to break first. it has been almost a year, and their VSR 10's are still working just fine. I believe the problem is that the piston is stripped, so i'm gonna find a reinforced one and hopefully that will fix it for a while.


extremely accurate with .25g and above
nice scope
easy to disassemble
easy to cock

piston is cheap plastic
i found an aluminum piston for $40
by G. BUZZANCA verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 14 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
eh iffy gun, first sniper i got and wasnt that impressed so-so accuracy mag needs to be sanded down but good range and good feel isnt too heavy, great scope!!! also lots of upgrades and spare parts good gun for only $130

good feel
good price
great scope
lots of upgrades
good range

horrible mag
so-so accuracy
by B. FOREST verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 11 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG Full Metal BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK/Scope Package)
Product Information:
This gun is just flat out great! I've had a few sniper rifles in the past but this is the best. The stock fps isn't that great, but the bb goes strait for probably 140-150 ft and thats just with a .2 gram, the .25 are better and go further. The scope it comes with is very very very nice.
Oh and people complaining about the magazine catch learn how to read the damn instructions! its very easy if u look at the diagram and u wont need to sand the mag down.

-great accuracy
-nice scope
-smooth bolt
-sensitive trigger
-nice stock
-big empty space in the buttstock, good for carrying bbs and what not

-low stock fps
-easy to upgrade
-front site is held on by a fly paper like thing and is a pain to adjust
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